Contemporary kitchen designs are one of the best solution on how to make an old kitchen look modern. Contemporary kitchen designs have actually won the hearts of many families as they give a stylish look to your kitchen. If you really get bored seeing your old messy kitchen, then this one’s for you. Try these creative ways to give a contemporary feel to your kitchen. With all the new ideas out in the market; using creative colors, modern appliances and innovative materials, you can actually change the look of your kitchen and make it say ‘Stunning’ by others. If money is what bothers you, don’t worry, this one time investment will actually benefit you in many ways. Secondly, you don’t have to spend much for these creative ways. If you plan on staying in your home for generations to come, spending a few for kitchen re-modelling will never be a bad choice for sure.

how to make an old kitchen look modern

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Change Your Flooring To Wood Or Resilient Materials

Flooring is one of those areas of your kitchen that needs equal importance when you remodel your kitchen. Changing your flooring to wooden finish or stone can actually boost the style value of your home. These days ceramic tile that looks like hardwood has become popular as well as travertine and slate.

Paint Cabinetry With Modern Colors

The main highlight of a kitchen is its cabinets and counter tops. Painting your kitchen cabinets with new and modern colors is a great option for budget homeowners. There are a plenty of faux finishes you can try while painting kitchen cabinets. Painting or staining and replacing cabinetry doors with new and modern ones are a great choice.

New Lighting Options

A modern kitchen is incomplete with its mesmerizing lights. While the use of kitchen lighting is very minimal, it is essential for creating ambiance, safety and versatility for your kitchen. If you have just one ambient lighting or a wall lighting, look for recessed lighting or ‘can lights’ to give a modern touch. Consider installing a dimmer switch for versatility in mood and illumination strength while cooking, or just relaxing for a midnight snack. Pendant lighting over a kitchen island, under cabinet lighting to illuminate counter tops and chandeliers are all popular choices for updated lighting sources.

Remove Upper Cabinetry For A Sleek Kitchen

A traditional / old kitchen had these upper cabinetries for keeping the house dishes and cookware. At those times they were the eye-catching spots of the kitchen, but now it has changed. If you want to increase the visual space of your kitchen, consider removing the upper cabinets and just leave the lower ones. This adds space for your kitchen. While removing the upper cabinets, you get more space to color your wall. You will be more surprised how modern your kitchen will feel once your upper cabinets have been removed.

Replace Old Metals With Modern Innovative Options

A kitchen with old metals give no visual treat. But as with manufacturers coming out with innovative and stylish designs, you can try any of the hot trends from brushed aluminium, chrome, stainless steel, copper and nickel in your kitchen cabinetry, pendant lighting and range hood options.

Set Up A Modern Seating Inside The Kitchen

When asked which is the most busy room of your home, you would undoubtedly have just one answer- your kitchen. Yes it’s the heart of your home as it brings the family together for family meals. To give a modern look to your kitchen, consider incorporating modern seating,. Whether you choose counter top stools and seats at a breakfast bar or you opt for a banquette or bench at a window side table seating can give a whole new appeal to your kitchen.

Replace Appliances With Energy Efficient Ones

As we are in the world of depleting energy resources, it’s time we need to start something effective at our home for a better future. Replacing appliances with energy efficient ones stylizes your kitchen and cut shorts your household expenses. Consider replacing plumbing fixtures as well. Installing low flow kitchen faucets can save water. Today you can see new styles available like the ‘touch-free’ technology and temperature sensor options that are available.

Adding Decorative Elements

We spend so much money to decorate our other rooms, but hardly spend money to decorate our kitchen. But the fact is your kitchen is a great place to add decorative elements. Setting up plant shelves on top of cabinets allows area for plants, artwork, sculptures and other decorative items. Add a vase of flowers, a fresh bowl of lemons for a shot of color.

Change Countertops To Innovative Materials

As mentioned before, counter tops and cabinets are the highlighting factors of a kitchen. They take a large portion of your kitchen. We have seen a lot of kitchens with granite, polymer and marble counter tops, but over the last few years, designers have come up with more creative tops. Concrete, tile, brick and aggregate options are now the most widely used kitchen counter top designs.

Enlarge Your Kitchen – Knock Down Walls

I have seen many kitchens with partitions to separate dining room and kitchen. This will actually make your kitchen look small. Opening up your kitchen and sharing the view with an adjacent dining room or living room will actually give a luxurious look to your kitchen. To make this idea work out, you need to consult a structural engineer or architect to see what possibilities there are for your kitchen.

Try using these simple yet creative ways to remodel your kitchen. Let your kitchen be an inspiring design idea for many other families.