Kitchen faucets come in amazingly different types. Different types of kitchen faucets can change the entire look of your kitchen. People who look for variety in kitchen buy the faucets that they feel is bets looking. Not many do pay attention to the real style of kitchen faucet. The style has a bigger role depending on the usage and of course the kitchen style. The different types of kitchen faucets are here, basic styles of kitchen faucets explained here:.

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  • Basin taps are the oldest model of kitchen faucets. They are mostly used in older model sinks. The style is to have individual smaller taps on the basin or sink. Each of the tap has cold or hot water coming out of it. People who love to keep their old sinks use this kind of faucets. The control of these taps and the short spout are one single unit. Different styles, models, and colors are available with this type of kitchen faucets.
    different types of Kitchen Faucets
  • Cold or hot water dispensers are basically the curved spout with its handle at the base. Here individual faucets are used for cold water and hot water. They are either fixed single or adjacent to each other. These faucets could be used only for the specified temperature of water. The cold water faucets may not tolerate the hot water through it and could be damaged. These faucets normally require only one hole in the sink as they are used as single faucet. Cold water dispenser faucet is usually used to wash the fruits and vegetables while the hot water faucet us widely used to get instant hot water for tea, coffee or other needs.
  • Double handle kitchen faucet- centerset and widespread: The centerset faucet is fixed at the centre and needs three holes to install. The spout would be at the centre with the two handles on either side. There would also be an additional spray handle which can be pulled out. The widespread model would also have the same number of holes would be fixed wider. The basic parts are the same.
  • Double handle single spout faucet: This style of kitchen faucet is single unit with a long curved spout with two handles foxed on either side. The hot and cold water would both run through the same spout. It needs a single hole to install.
  • Kitchen faucets with side spray: This style of kitchen faucets usually has the spout, handle as separate units in individual holes on the sink. In addition to these there would also be a spray handles that can be pulled out from its resting place. Here the sink needs three separate holes for each piece. The spout may be longer or shorter.
  • Kitchen faucets with water filters: This style of kitchen faucets suits well for the areas where the water is not so pure. The filter is attached to the faucet but underneath the sink. The water comes out of it would be the same as other filtering units. The handle is attached to the spout and is a single unit.
  • Pot filler faucets: The pot fillers are used to fill a large pot and is usually fixed on the wall near the kitchen hob. This faucet is foldable to stay parallel to the wall and out of the way. It can be unfolded and reaches all the stoves conveniently.
  • Pull down and pull out faucets are the most popular style of kitchen faucets. They ease the usage and purpose. The pull down faucets have a removable or pull down nozzle. It can be pulled down into the sink and is widely used for washing the vegetables and fruits. The nozzle would automatically retreat when released. The pull out kitchen faucets has a longer hose inside the faucet. The nozzle will also have different options for the water spray. The hose would also have better accessibility than the pull down nozzle.
  • Single handle single spout kitchen faucet requires only one hole to install it. Here the spout and handles makes a single unit. The handle could be turned on to either side to control the water temperature. Towards one side it would allow cold water to run through and to the other, hot water. The spout is usually long and curved.
  • Wall mounted kitchen faucet: As the name suggest it is wall mounted and would need necessary plumbing work done on the wall. It saves space in the sink and makes it easier to clean the counter. This faucet unit will have two handles on either side with the spout at the centre. The handles usually need separate holes while fixing, so plan the plumbing accordingly. The wall mounted kitchen faucet is usually done for the newly renovated kitchens.