How much we value for foods, kitchen and women?

Who don’t love to eat foods? Food is a form of motivation for our body. It’s true that some people live to eat. Without food they will become angry and many times behave like mad persons. Ultimately we all are working for our basic necessities, of which food plays an important role. Kitchen is a place where family and friends meet. Here, all kinds of memories are cooked and shared.

A marriage life involves equal sharing of everything. But, the prime importance is generally given to the preparation of foods. How many boys know cooking? And even if they know cooking to some extent, do they really help their wives. Same is the case with chefs, in hotels and all they will be preparing and serving delicious foods. Many girls usually wander how lucky their wives will be! No, not at all…. these people will be cooking in bulks in the restaurants, but in their homes the situation will be completely topsy turvy.Clever Ways To Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

What would you do to find clever ways to organize your tiny kitchen?

I bet, no changes have come up in a women’s life. We can simply say that many changes have come across her. But just wait for a second and see. Whatever be the circumstance, she is one who has to first step her feet into the kitchen. My friend had the same problem. She was a newly married girl, who was not having any sort of idea about how to cook? Or maintain a kitchen. Her husband also had no time to look into this matter. In the beginning she used to suffer a lot.

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But, later she realized the truth that first step should be taken through the better organization of the cooking area. She switched on to some clever methods for the organization. By doing so, she found a miraculous difference in her time management and everything. A better kitchen helps you to cook efficient food and eat much with less wastage. After all, kitchen is the heart of our home.

Here are the following Clever Ways To Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

  • Declutter: This is the foremost step to organize your kitchen or any room. Most of the people don’t feel to throw the useless knifes or expired items. Consequently, you will see an overfilled kitchen, where you will not find any required item in a proper time. Use the box method to keep all the kitchen tools not in use. Only keep the essential kitchen items in your cooking area. Remove all the bulk spices that have expired.
  • Switch to Space-Saving containers: Use only few kinds of food storage containers so that maximum space will be available. Square or rectangular containers such as Snapware Glasslock containers are the better option.
  • Use magnets: Organization of spices can be done effectively through the usage of magnets. Magnetic spice rack is worth to manage your spices. Magnets can also be used for storing knives. Besides, always go for a strong magnet.
  • Labeling: This is a great way to organize your kitchen. Accordingly, you can put labels on the top of jars. So, you can get them quickly whenever you want.
  • Bamboo steamer basket: Use Bamboo steamer basket for storing garlic, onion and shallots. Bamboo steamers with beneficial ventilation serves as a good environment to store onion, shallots and garlic. By doing so, you will able to find more place in your fridge for other veggies.
  • Add more storage space: Shortage of space is usually a problem for small kitchens. But no worries! You can build toe-kick drawers under the base cabinets.
  • Magazine folders can be made into Freezer Shelves: An amazing idea! to make freezer shelves, just by turning the magazine holders on their sides. This can be useful for the organization of flat-ish items.
  • Kitchen island: This will bring some added functionality and organization to the kitchen. Besides an eating area, this will prove as a great idea for extra storage, just by turning the magazine holders on their sides. This can be useful for the organization of flat-ish items.

Other simple tips includes

  • Proper storage of foods in fridge: Usually we don’t follow a proper pattern to keep the foods in refrigerator. But there are certain ideal spots for keeping the food items. For eg. dairy products should be kept on the upper shelf where the temperature is more constant and meat should be kept on the bottom side. Since the leaks from this wont contaminate other foods.
  • Hang Pans and Pots from the ceiling: Get more cabinet space by hanging cooking utensils from the ceiling. This will make your kitchen look funky and stylish.

Can be useful for everyone

These kitchen organizing tips are very easy and handy. It is not restricted to women alone and can be used by anyone. Especially for beginners who are entering the kitchen for the first time.