Kitchen remodeling is an interesting thing, if you really wish to give a new look to your old kitchen. Okay so you have made up your mind to remodel your kitchen. But before you begin the ‘tearing down’ process, make sure to bear in mind that kitchen remodels take good amount of patience, commitment and of course – moolahs. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a pro, there are questions that you need to ask yourselves. Here are five top questions I am throwing at you so that you can think it through before taking the big step.

Kitchen Remodelling

What is your budget for Kitchen Remodelling?

The first question you need to ask yourself is the budget. Let’s get it straight here. Without green bucks your plan ain’t going anywhere. An average kitchen re-modelling costs around $17,000. That’s some money for those on a budget. It is imperative that you plan wisely and come with a budget limit while re-modelling your kitchen.

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Restricting on a budget keeps both you and the contractor on a sync without going overboard when aspiring designs pop up. Refreshing your kitchen can get extreme if you don’t keep a check on your budget. Ensure that you have a pencil and calculator ready before taking up the tool.

What do I like about other kitchens or my current kitchen?

For those who love to infuse creativity inspiration comes in different sizes and shapes. Be it pinterest, your neighbor’s kitchen or your present kitchen, you can steal ideas and designs from anywhere. Before you begin with your remodeled kitchen, make sure you have a few concepts and ideas in mind.

Many still love the work triangle but the needs of Americans seem to have changed. More people are cooking at home and crave for that extra counter space. Concrete counters act as the perfect support for home chefs. Concrete counters are quite affordable and fall within the budget as well.

On the contrary, you and your better half don’t have much time to sit down for a relaxing dinner every night. A couple of stools will serve the need. While you may like the walk-in pantry at your neighbor’s house, if you have a small family, does it make sense to waste the space?

Grab ideas where ever you can but then ask yourself if the decision is right or needed for your dream kitchen.

How much space of this remodelled kitchen will I be using?

People tend to use their cooking area in different ways. Some families eat out a lot and spend little time in kitchen. Others need wide layouts and large islands to host family or friends gathering.

If you eat mostly at home and have children, then layout is a crucial factor. Open layouts are a good choice since you can focus on your kids while cooking dinner. Large islands also work in your benefit since it gives the children an extra space to finish their homework.

Large islands are great for hosting because it encourages the guests to stay at one side keeping them away from the cooking area.

If you don’t host much get-togethers and are cooking for three or less then you might need some privacy. This means you don’t need large entryways. In fact you can give more space to counters and appliances. You even have the liberty of choosing the location for stove or placing the sink.

How will my family survive without the kitchen?

Kitchen Re-modelling will take time and is certainly not an overnight job. As mentioned above, it needs patience and commitment both from your side as well from contractor’s.

Many people tend to work from home. Re-modelling will make the environment uncomfortable at times especially with the drilling, hammering not to mention making the indoor messy as well. This can add up to the stress.

I have seen many families who have to put up with the catastrophe. They eat out all the time and try to stay away from the whole renovation as far as possible. By the time the re-modelling is finished, people wish they had moved out.

To be honest, there are who have actually done it. Yes, they literally moved out and only entered the home once the process is done. In fact this is a good option because you are not only saving money but also giving the contractor good amount of space and freedom to finish the project faster. It also takes the burden of cleaning the home if you are occupying the home.

Bottom line, it all comes down to how long you and your family can function with out the kitchen. If you prefer to cook at home, things might get tough for you. This calls for a shorter time frame for refreshing the kitchen. Families who tend to eat outside will give their contractor a good space to work it up.

Nevertheless sit with your family and work out the plan before jumping with both feet for re-modelling.

What do you see yourself in the next five years?

You don’t need a magic 8 ball to take a peep into the future. However you need to plan for the future just like anything else in life. If you are planning to sell the home in the near future or desire to stay here for long term. This question plays a vital role because certain designs may not go well with the changing trends.

Ow you may have recently got married and are planning to build a family in the coming years. Then you need to plan accordingly. Make the kitchen more kid-friendly. Nowadays many homeowners are installing multi-level islands that are compatible for both kids and adults.

Just like everything else in life, give importance to re-modelling the kitchen as it is no different than your future plans.