Many people make kitchen design mistakes, which they think can change the look and texture of the kitchen. That’s what happened with me also. So hers’s my story.

If you ask me which room I love the most, I would say my kitchen. If this question was asked 10 years back, I would say my bedroom, because kitchen was supposed to be my mom’s room. She used to spend whole of her time cooking, cleaning and managing the kitchen. At times I can see her trying some innovative ways to change the look of the room. But I must say that among all other rooms, I found her kitchen to be the most liveliest room. She was the happiest when at kitchen. I never used to go there and help her in cooking. I didn’t even knew cooking and all I knew was to enjoy having momma’s specially made dishes. Today, life has changed so much. Being a housewife with 2 naughty kids and a busy husband, I have no time to even rest for an hour. John always complains saying that I have been fallen in love with my kitchen and not him. Hahahaha, not so, but now I really can understand what my mom used to be. John such a sweetheart takes me to visit my mom during the weekends. Today, I share a very special bonding with my mom, with much more care and love.

kitchen design mistakes

When it comes to kitchen I have a personal touch because I had changed a lot from what I was to what I am now. I would like to share some of the great ways you can make your kitchen look elegant by avoiding the common mistakes. If you look in the below paragraphs, you will see some of the mistakes that I had done while designing kitchen. After a couple of research and advice from professional designers, I came to know these are some of the common mistakes that everyone of us do while designing a kitchen.

Kitchen is one place that needs to look beautiful and functional. Kitchen is where lot of things happen – be it cooking, preparing a snack for your little ones, eating breakfast or serving a three-course dinner to your family and friends. This raises a double challenge of Do’s and Don’ts in kitchen. Here we shall see some of the common kitchen design mistakes that should be avoided.

  • Don’t obstruct access to the kitchen triangle
  • Not planning enough storage space
  • Going for poor lighting
  • Not having proper ventilation
  • Not installing a back splash
  • Choosing a kitchen design of your own

Straying away from the kitchen triangle: Obstructing the access to kitchen triangle is one of the common mistakes done by all of us. The kitchen triangle is the most efficient layout of your kitchen space. It involves spacing the three most used features of your kitchen – the stove, the refrigerator and the sink in a triangular layout to make them as easy to access from one another. Of the three, the sink is the most used and should have easy access to the stove and refrigerator as well as to your counter top workstations.

Sinks need to be installed in close proximity to the plumbing, but often these days, we can see kitchen designs with the sinks installed right above the plumbing in a poor location. I have seen many of my friends’ kitchen where the sink would be in one corner, refrigerator on the other corner and stove in the middle. Regardless of kitchen size or layout, the sum of all the legs in a work triangle should not be less than 10 feet nor greater than 25 feet.

Not planning enough storage space: Be your kitchen a small one or a spacious one, you should have enough storage space. This can be in the form of cabinets, drawers, pantries or any other types of storage system. Planning your kitchen without enough storage space can lead to many problems. A kitchen without storage space cannot help you to store dry foods, pots, pans, dishes and kitchen utensils. Ultimately what happens is that your cabinets will be overloaded with counter space being taken up resulting in cluttered kitchen space.

A beautiful kitchen with poor lighting: Kitchen is one room which needs to look elegant and lively. Adding poor lighting to the room not only ruins your kitchen design but also the atmosphere and kitchenware. You can make any room look awesome if you add good lighting. Generally, three types of lighting are needed – general lights, task lighting and accent lighting. Consider adding pendant lights over your kitchen island as well as installing lights underneath your upper cabinets to provide your counter space with plenty of light. Your kitchen room requires plenty of light to see what you are doing. A kitchen with bright lights can even create a mood of romance and love.

Poor ventilation: A ventilation in the kitchen is a must. You make different dishes – some oily, some sweet, or some snacks. It is uncomfortable when someone enters your kitchen with lingering smell of every meal you have cooked. Your kitchen should smell good. Don’t go for cheap range hoods. They simply circulate dirty, stale air while a good ventilation system will help improve the quality of your indoor air and kitchen as well.

Not installing a back splash: Many of us forget to invest on installing a back splash. This is one mistake that saves your money for the time being, but in the long run costs you a lot of time, money and effort. Imagine you cook everyday and the steam, high humidity and food splatter on your walls over the years. This is surely going to damage the walls nearby if you do not have a back splash. Consider installing a back splash behind the oven and extending it above the counters throughout the kitchen.

Choosing a kitchen design of your own: I know everyone might have their own kitchen design ideas. Each of us love to make their kitchen look unique and stunning. Checking out current kitchen design trends Google is a great way to get few ideas for your existing kitchen model. But remember that even the updated trend of today will become outdated within a couple of years.

Final verdict

If you avoid these above mentioned mistakes while designing your kitchen, you can definitely make your kitchen look more smarter than it was. Hope this article has helped you to get a clear picture of how your kitchen should be. Please share your thoughts with me, we welcome your ideas.