Stating the obvious, kitchen is one of the most unavoidable rooms while building a home. Let’s face it we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It is one of the center of attraction during gathering, celebrations and just for any anecdotes.

Cabinet Colors

Now I can only imagine how much re modelling can cost you. However you can cut down such expenses with slight refreshing ideas. For instance, changing the colors of cabinets can take off that old ragged look and give your kitchen a whole new vibrant look. That too at a little cost.

Here are six tips that you can implement while choosing the cabinet colors

What’s Your Kitchen Style?

Your kitchen style is one of the most crucial steps when you are deciding on a paint color. If you prefer a cozy country look, light colors such as gray, blue, white, pale green can complement the rustic theme quite well. Keep the decor simple with few vintage inspired cookwares to use as an ornament.

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Modern themes on the other hand look great with bold and saturated colors such as black, reds etc. They are compatible with streamlined accents or any bright decor.

Cabinets Must Go With The Wall Colors

For those who are short on their budget and really don’t want to go with kitchen overhaul, work with what you have in hand. For instance, if you have used warm colors on wall, make sure to choose the cabinet color likewise. Your hardware store will have color combos that will help you on getting the match for your wall.

Color Of Your Appliances

If you are using stainless steel appliances, here is the good news! Your appliances goes great with almost any color. But if you are having dark appliances, finding a cabinet color to match can be a challenge. Keep in mind that to match black appliances you can implement certain pops that are of contrast color all around your kitchen.

For instance, dark cabinets work well with dark appliances provided you have a light countertop with light wall color. Similarly, light colored cabinets can complement dark appliances if you own a dark countertop that matches with dark appliances. Once you start hunting, you will find it quite surprising that there are lot of colors that go excellent with black appliances.

Go Bold for cabinets

Your kitchen can be perfect place to welcome bold colors. As retro colors are back with a bang, indulge in red, blue, yellow, orange or purple. In fact they can be seen everywhere adding a cheerful yet contemporary look to the kitchen. Go with simple and sleek hardware’s that will be a cherry on top and the highlight remains on the cabinet colors.

If you do not want to indulge on overly-bold, you can opt for two-toned cabinets. They are less overwhelming by giving off only small hints of bright color. Try with barely-there color on the island while keeping the main cabinets neutral.

Neutral colors never go out of style

Colors such as beige, gray or white always stay in fashion. They are among the popular choices for kitchen cabinet color. Go with these neutral colors that allows you to add color pops with your accessories or any other cabinet hardware.

OR, you can try using basic colors by keeping everything monochromatic. This will give a rustic-inspired look. Once you want to upgrade your neutral kitchen, all you need to do is simply swap few accessories making this color an easy choice. It is also quite affordable (rather inexpensive) to maintain.

Use Quality Paint

Looking for a paint for your cabinets? Make sure you are investing in a quality paint that will take endure good such as washing, touching etc. Foods might splatter on cabinets or greasy hands can come in contact with paint. It is best advised to go with oil based or semi-gloss paints for your kitchen cabinets. Such paint types will wipe down easily and can take good punishments. While we are on it, make sure its a non-blocking paint so as to inhibit sticking or peeling once the cabinets close.


Its refreshing your kitchen does not squeeze out your savings. Regardless of whether you are DIY-ing it or hiring a pro to update your cabinet colors, the choice of going for the right colors is solely upto you. While bold daring colors deliver a touch of fun to your kitchen, simplistic and natural colors create a vintage inspired look. Your kitchen will always stay the heart of your home so ensure a good upgrade with stunning cabinet colors.