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Shower heads and accessories did not have much importance in the new homes until recent times. While we do pay more attention to other bathroom accessories, we either forget or neglect this one part that we use the most of all. Though it stays overhead, it deserves some style and design.

Alison Company has made many revolutionary changes in hand-showers that started in the year 1958. Alisons have made it possible to have style, design, colors, mounting options and shower accessories come with as many choices as possible for the customers to choose from.

All the Alsons showers and hand-showers and the accessories come easy to install. There is also option for custom configurations for some. The wide range of products from Alsons in the showering industry comes in fine finishes. There are choices in this finishing as well with the polished chrome, brushed nickel, bronze or chrome, polished nickel as well as oil rubbed bronze. If you are looking for shower heads and hand-held-showers, Alsons would be your best choice.

Alsons shower options

The showering experience with Alsons ranges in the categories of showerheads, hand showers wall mount, hand shower heads, hand shower hoses, shower arm diverters, shower arms & flanges, wall supply elbows, diverter/transfer valve, hand shower holders, hand shower slide bards and hand shower accessories.

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Alsons Shower


Alsons Showerheads

The shower head is through which the water comes out. With the design and technique the water comes out in different effects. These shower heads can be of any shape from circular, square to oval and conical also. Most designs of Alsons showerheads are popular and amongst them are the,
Delta Faucet RP53496SS Arzo Single Function 8″ Square Spray Face Touch-Clean Raincan Showerhead 2.5 GPM: This shower head comes from the Arzo bath collections with an 8 inch square as the shower head. The water comes out as a spray. The length of the showerhead is 2 ½ inch. The entire piece is made of metal with brilliance steel finish. This shower head can spray the water at a power of 2.5 gallons per minute at a pressure of 80 psi and has the capacity of 9.5L per minute at 552 KPa.
Delta Faucet 52685-PK Universal Single Function 6″ Diameter Adjustable Arm Raincan Showerhead 2.5 GPM: This shower head is round in shape with a movable handle that is fixed on the wall. The adjustable arm raincan shower head has 12 inches long arm. The arm may be adjusted up or down up to 18 inches. The water comes out in only one setting. The spray face has a diameter of 3 ½ inches. The product is eligible for a lifetime warranty from the original manufacturer for the finish, defects in material and workmanship.

Alsons Hand showers wall mount

The wall mounted hand showers are convenient to use as normal shower heads and can also be taken out from the mounting and hand held for more convenience. Here also the options are many and with many finishes. The hand shower designs are different with round heads, square, rectangle, and elongated heads etc. With various water outlet technologies, these hand-shower wall mounts makes some major changes in the showering experience.
Delta Faucet 58470-PN In2ition 4 Function Contemporary H2OKinetic In2ition Two-In-One Handshower 2.5 GPM: This hand shower is a 2-in-1 shower that can be used mounted or hand held. The shower has got 4 settings for the water to flow out. The shower arm has the mounting facility with about 60-82 inches metal hose that can also be stretched. The shower head uses integrated H2O kinetics when used in both ways. The H2O kinetics is the technology to control the speed, movement, and size of the water droplets to create unique feel than a standard showering. The water comes out with the power of 2 gallons per minute.
The shower head is fully plated with polished nickel with self cleaning spray holes. There are options to pause, massage spray, H2O kinetic spray, and H2O kinetic spray with massage options. The other feature is the Magnatite docking which keeps the water inside through magnetic power, when the shower is not in use. The product is also eligible for the lifetime faucet and finish warranty from the manufacturer.



Alsons hand shower heads

The hand shower heads will also hold options with many designs and styles. These shower heads can be chosen according to the needs and finishes with various technology to add attraction.
Delta Faucet 59434-20-PK Universal 5 Function Handshower Head 2.0 GPM: This hand shower head will suit most water hoses and comes from the Classic collection. The smart feature of this hand shower head is the WaterSense technology that can sense the person. This feature allows lesser water consumption. It reduces the water usage by 20-40% in the hand showers. This particular product does meet the EPA criteria for the WaterSense technology and has CAL green standards for water efficiency. Hose is not included in the package and needs to be purchased separately.
Delta Faucet 59456-SS-PK Palm 4 Function Handshower Head 2.5 GPM comes from Classic collection of Alsons with a lifetime warranty on faucet and finish. The main feature of this hand shower head is that it is ADA compliant for the disabled people. This is also a Palm shower that provides comfort and proper grip for the users. It is easy to operate even with a single hand and has got more mobility than other hand showers. It changes the spray modes with a push button. The modes can be changed from full body spray, fast massage, full spray massage and pause. The pressure of water flow is 80 psi with 9.5L/min at 552 kPa. The diameter of the shower head is 5 ¾ inches.

Alsons hand shower hoses

Choices are also given for the shower hoses, to choose the matching or suitable hoses for the individually purchased hand shower heads. Most of these shower hoses from Alsons are stretchable for convenience, especially in a tub. The most popular shower hoses are the,
Delta Faucet U495D-PB60-PK Universal 60″ – 82″ Stretchable Metal Handshower Hose that is available in 6 different finishes ranging from brilliant polished brass or stainless steel, polished chrome or nickel, champagne or venetian bronze. This stretchable shower hose elongates from 60-82 inches long. It comes with a hex brass nut and conical connector.
Delta Faucet U490R-70-PK Universal 70″ UltraFlex Black/Chrome Ribbon Handshower Hose can be 70 inches long with ribbon hose. The finish is polished chrome, with two chrome conical metal hose nuts.
Both of these Alsons shower hoses come with a lifetime warranty on the faucets and finish of the product.

Alsons shower arm diverters

The shower arm diverter for a hand shower is to combine the hand shower and the shower head.
Delta Faucet U4920-SS-PK Universal 3-Way Shower Arm Diverter for Hand shower w/Handshower Mount is the most popular shower arm diverter from Alsons. It comes with a brilliance stainless finish to add elegance and contemporary look. It is a 3 way shower arm diverter for the hand shower, made in brass construction. The ADA compliant flip level controls the water flow from one to the other. The hand shower holding part will swivel up and down with a click sound indicating it is held to the position. Installation of this product is easy and fast.

Alsons shower arms & flanges

Delta Faucet U6930-PB Universal 13-22″ Extendable Wall Mount Shower Arm is a non flange item with a finished look. The finishing is done in polished brass. The length of the extendable shower arm is 13- 22 inches. It is suitable for the overhead showers. The flange is attached to the shower arm and does not need a separate one for this. The shower arm can be adjusted up and down by 18 inches. It weighs about one pound.

Alsons wall supply elbows

It would not look nice to have the hand shower hose coming abruptly out of the wall without any fancy attachments. The attachments are called the elbows for these hand showers. Alsons wall supply elbows for the hand showers come in a few styles. The most popular among them is the square shaped wall supply with a drop elbow.
The Delta Faucet 50570-SS Universal Wall Supply Drop Elbow for Hand shower Attachment, Square connects the hand shower to the wall supply inlet. The connection from the wall supply is designed as a drop elbow with ½ inch each for the NPT female inlet and IPS male outlet. The size of the square is 2 1/8 inches with a 3 inch thickness at the bottom part. The product comes with a lifetime warranty as well. The unit is easy to wash and suits with the Alsons hand shower hoses. Many stated that it is easy to install without hassles.

Alsons diverter/transfer valve

The diverter valve diverts the water from the hand shower to the over head shower or to the tap attached. The diverters also come in stylish designs and finishes to match the other faucets inside the bathroom. The diverters are with 2, 3 or 6 settings with 3 or 2 ports.
The Delta Faucet T11853-CZ Vero 3 Setting 3 Port Diverter Trim comes with a metal lever handle with the cartridge included. A rough-in-valve is needed while installation which is to be purchased additionally.
Delta Faucet T11894-RB Linden 3-Setting 2-Port Diverter Trim comes with elegant dark color with Venetian bronze. The valve cartridge is included with a metal liver handle. It is ADA compliant with a lifetime warranty on the make and finish.

Alsons handshower holders

The hand shower will also need a holder when it is not in use. Even these hand shower holders come in different designs. There are just the hand shower holders or the same with connectors for the hose.
Delta Faucet U6300 Universal Delta ADA Grab Bar Hand Shower Mount is mountable on a hand bar. The grab bar hand shower has a stopper to fix the shower holder to the bar. With this it is easier to move the holder up or down the bar according to the convenience. This hand shower holder is also rotatable with ADA compliant features.
Delta Faucet U3001-PB-PK Universal Fixed Wall Mount Holder for Hand shower is an immovable hand shower holder. It is fixed on to the wall or to a shower arm, with the help of adhesives or concealed installation screws. The hand shower holder has life warranty for the make and its finish. The finish the hand shower holder comes in is Brilliance Polished Brass.



Alsons hand shower slide bars

The slide bars are used to fix the hand shower holders. These hand shower slide bars are 24 to 30 inches in length. It allows smooth moving of the holders over it.
The Delta Faucet 56302-PB Universal 24″ Adjustable Grab Bar Slide Bar for Hand shower comes with a stretchable metal hose that can be 60 inches to 82 inches long. The 24 inches bar is 1 ¼ inches in diameter. The design is convenient to mount the bar on either left or right.
Delta Faucet 55511-PK Universal 24″ Adjustable Glide Rail Wall Bar for Hand showers is mounted with the help of adhesives or with screws for installation. They are pin mount with concealed single screw on both ends. The rail is easy for gliding hand shower holder and is made of brass. It comes in a polished chrome finish.

Alsons Warranty

Alsons Warranty is applicable to the original purchaser. All lifetime warranty is for the products used for domestic usage. For the non-residential and commercial usage the warranty period is reduced to 5 year warranty period. The products that need repair or has to be returned are to be sent to the dealer or to the address,
Alsons Corporation
3010 West Mechanic Street,
MI 49242.
The customer service is toll free at 1-800-421-0001 from 8 am to 7 pm on Monday-Thursday. On Fridays the service is from 8 am to 6 pm. Service centers are also available in Canada.