2 Pack Sunlite Incandescent 40 Watt Prismlite Auradescent

Lighting is not solely about function, but it’s also about beauty, warmth, and style. Today, lighting is one of the most important elements of décor and functionality in any space. These days, the energy saving CFL or LED light bulbs or the variation in incandescent bulbs called the Auradescent light bulbs are popularly use. This article is all about the details of Auradescent light decorative bulbs, products, reviews and more.

What Are Auradescent Bulbs?

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Auradescent Light shows luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles. The Auradescent finish gives the bulb a shiny appearance. Moreover, one can also mention them as Decorative Bulbs because of its decorative shape that you can use in fixtures where the bulb is visible like sconces and chandeliers.

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What Are The Features Of Auradescent Light Bulbs?

  • This bulb features an auradescent finish that casts a soft rainbow-like effect on nearby surfaces and emits a warm light.
  • They come in a flame-like decorative shape and grooves bend the light for a unique effect.
  • They also come in a prism-like decorative shape that creates a look that simulates light passing though crystals.
  • These bulbs offers the same brightness as a traditional incandescent light bulb, but uses 28% less energy than regular incandescent light bulbs, helping you save money on energy costs.
  • These bulbs are of great use for decorative and special purpose lighting applications.
  • Auradescent is most commonly use for decoration in offices, residence, and commercial or in any special purpose lamps.
  • These bulbs fit in the fixtures like table lamps, floor lamps, enclosed ceiling fixtures and bare lamp sockets.

What Products Are Available For Auradescent Light Bulbs?

You will find many branded products with different specifications on the market. However, below mentioned are some of the best product details for your ready reference.

  • Sunlite 25W Auradescent Light Bulb
  • GE 40W Auradescent Light Bulb
  • Satco 60W Auradescent Light Bulb

Sunlite 25W Auradescent Light Bulb

Product Description – The Sunlite Incandescent 25 Watt Auradescent Flame Twist Light Bulb is one of the best 25 Watt bulbs. This 25 watt incandescent medium based flame twist bulb works with most 120 volt lighting fixtures, to provide 170 lumens of light output, and will last for an average of 0.9 years. This product price is at nearly $4.

Specifications –

Avg Rated Life 2,000
Brand Sunlite
Color Temperature 3,200
Diameter 1.85
Dimmable Yes
Lumens 170
Maximum Overall Length 4.37
Voltage 120
Wattage 25

GE 40W Auradescent Light Bulb

Product Description – The GE 40-Watt Auradescent Flame Tip Decorative Bulb add sparkle to your decorative fixtures. These GE Auradescent light bulbs provide a decorative touch in fixtures where the bulb is visible. This energy-efficient bulb features a flame/ candle shape. This bulb shape best compliment the fixtures such as vanity, pendant, sconces and chandeliers. You can also use them in your crystal or shiny metal light fixtures for a glittery illumination. This 40W medium base bulb is price for around $3.

Specifications –

Avg Rated Life 1,500
Brand GE
Color Temperature 2,700
Diameter 1.88
Dimmable Yes
Lumens 140
Maximum Overall Length 4.37
Wattage 40
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited


Satco 60W Auradescent Light Bulb

Product Description – The Satco 60w 120v Medium base Flame Twist Auradescent Aurora Light Bulb is Chandelier bulb with Auradescent Finish. This Auradescent 60w medium brass base flame twist bulb works with most 120 volt lighting fixtures, and will last for an average of 1500 hours. Its price is about $2.

Specifications –

Avg Rated Life 1,500
Brand Satco
Color Multi-color
Diameter 1.88
Lumens 120
Maximum Overall Length 4.5
Wattage 60
Voltage 120V

Auradescent Vs Incandescent

The traditional incandescent bulbs you loved are not really gone, but just got better. The Auradescent light bulbs are the same incandescent bulbs but with more great features. It helps you save up to 28% energy while saving your money on utility bills. Moreover, these Auradescent incandescent bulbs produce soft light which now comes in longer life and decorative shapes to place them all around your home. They are available in 15, 25, 40, 60, 75, and 100 watt. With Auradescent light decorative bulbs, one can say that incandescent beats CFLs.

Auradescent light decorative bulbs Vs Crystal Clear

The Crystal Clear light bulbs and Auradescent light bulbs are the same. As the name suggests, the Crystal Clear Auradescent light bulbs are transparent. They produce soft white light and have longer Life saving both your time and money. Select from your favorite 25, 40, 60, 75, and 100 watt bulbs.

The Crystal Clear energy-efficient soft white Auradescent bulbs provide warm, pleasing everyday light without harsh glares and shadows. They are perfect for all general purpose lamps as well as for decorative fixtures. Its clear glass design provides a decorative touch in fixtures where the bulb is visible. They are available in globes round shape or candle shape. These globes round or candle shape Crystal Clear decorative bulbs are perfect for illuminating pendant and vanity fixtures as well as for ceiling fans, chandeliers and to cover front or rear outdoor porch lights.

Where To Buy Auradescent Light Decorative Bulbs?

These decorative light bulbs are available online from many well known retailers like Wal-Mart, Amazon, CVS and more. However other retailers like homedepot.com, bulbcenter.com, bulbamerica.com and much more carries many brands. You can buy cheap as well as some expensive Auradescent bulbs which are much popularly use as decorative bulbs in open fixtures and lamps. Look for the best price across sites and save on the listed price. As well look for any special offers, discounts or deals like free shipping, buy one get one free and more.

What People Are Saying About Auradescent Light Decorative Bulbs?

You will find many positive customer reviews for this product. Almost every user of this bulb is happy with the soft glow and light it offers. People say these stylish bulbs have nice Design, are easy to use, easy to install and provides bright though soft light. Moreover, it has a great dimming feature as well. However, people only complain about its very short life. Read below what people are actually saying about them –

Seayousoon says her light bulbs approximately lasted for only 3 – 4 months. They improve the look of her bathroom fixture and cast a soft pleasing glow. Hence, ignoring its life, for the product performance she will buy them again and again.

MC bought 4 packs of this on sale for his new Bathroom vanity lights. The bulbs look fantastic in the bathroom and provide bright, but soft, not glaringly white like CFL light. However, within a week, one bulb blew out and two more in the subsequent week. He says the bulbs are pretty, but not of very high quality. So he suggests buying extra bulbs for quick replacements, or look for something more expensive.

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L. L. loves these bulbs for the light they show. Moreover, they don’t get too hot and looks pretty.

ResidentShopper says the bulb seems to capture a rainbow. He gets delighted with the tiny, subtle glints of unexpected color that displays within the general warm glow. He has installed them in the bathroom over the mirror and on the wall over a painting, and also in the kitchen on some hanging lights. ResidentShopper says they go anywhere and everywhere.


If you want your home, venue or office to look great then buy any of your favorite Auradescent Light Decorative Bulbs and lighten up your space as well as your life.