Now that you have a brand new kitchen the job is not done yet. There still are some minor details that you need to check into. It is these particulars that give the final look of the kitchen that you have newly made or freshly renovated.

Kitchen Makeover

The kitchen is not about the cabinets, island, sink, faucets, oven etc. They all are just the basics. It is the minor details that make a built kitchen into an inviting space to cook, dine, and have some good time spend over. Let’s jump up to those fine points on Kitchen Makeover.

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  • Worktop on Kitchen Makeover: The worktop is all ready with the chosen granite or the wooden panel. Don’t you think it is bland without anything to keep on it? Yes, you need to place some vases, or any attractive pieces that will add some interest to the area. it is also part of the texture and suits well for a rather large worktop. These items would also reduce the shine if the granite is too glossy. You want the kitchen to sparkle alright but you also want it to look that it belongs to you personally!
  • Appliances: Simply having the appliances over the counter will not do. You need to place then aesthetically. Plan the placement in the beginning itself so that it can give the final look. the said appliances should also be matching to the color chosen. Crowding the appliances to one area is not a good idea, unless it is an appliance station. In that case, flaunt them beautifully.
  • Sparkles in the kitchen are the responsibility of the lighting. The trick is to have the lighting at the right areas that can provide the light when needed and also in those areas that are not used frequently but you want to sparkle at night. A light inside the display cabin with glass door is one such. Having a small slit on the cabinet door of the shelf that has the lighting can add character to the kitchen.
  • Color accenting: The color that you chose is well enough. A monochromatic kitchen can also flaunt a few other colors in its utensils, dishes, curtains etc. These are the items that you can change regularly giving a different look for each season. Bright colors in summer and cozy dark colors in winter is not so tough to bring.
  • Placing your collectibles is also part of the Kitchen Makeover. There will be many items that you no longer use or use very less frequently. Have them placed in different ways that compliments the kitchen, the non used items could also be turned to useful décor pieces. They look good over the open shelves, a over the island, or even under the shelves.
  • The minor details like the kitchen towel, tea tray lining, cooking book arrangement etc might be of less important but they can also contribute to the kitchen Makeover for what it really is. Arrange the books in the best manner. You could even have them covered in the matching paper of cloth.

The finishing touches are everything that you might be doing at the last minute or for the coming days or weeks until you are satisfied. The cabinets and other major are just the skeleton of the kitchen; the real life is in these minor details and accenting.