I always imagined why the name “building “is used as a continuous tense while it is already been constructed and is put to use. But then the real fact is a building never gets completed individuals in it continue rolling out improvements with the progression of time and it never truly stops. Surmise that is the reason behind it. So settling in a new home is really a difficult task and arranging things promptly is more than visiting the outer space and coming back.

Built In Kitchen Shelves

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For ladies it’s similar to an endless assignment and they continue organizing until things show signs of improvement verging on close to flawlessness. Being a lady myself I think that it’s hard to oversee space inside my kitchen as my spouse continues moving his work place across the nation (his job is so demanding that at times I get irked a lot but I make sure we all stay together) and I have to conform on rented flats that truly don’t suit or impart space to my kitchen stuffs..

But after a long battle he finally decided to start his own business and settle down. A dream home was the next thing in my mind. I was keen to get a perfect kitchen which does not look like a jam packed room with all the clutter around. As I already had bad experiences with probably numerous kitchens which I have been used to while shifting places, I wanted mine to be a better one that gives me easy access to things around.

So here are a few built in kitchen wall shelves that I implemented to make a great kitchen hangout where I spend most of the time. If you also love to stay organized and want to do minimal work then start configuring areas where you can probably fit these into. So here goes the list of ideas for your kitchen.

So start with your ceilings and sides of the door

Ceilings are those places which most of the people forget to utilize and they just end up building racks and shut it down by stuffing boxes and useless stuffs. The area just above your door and around the room can be a perfect place to set a built in shelf which can accommodate a lot of things like utensils that you use rarely (when you want it ask your hubby to get it for you), extra cutting boards and probably anything that isn’t put to use frequently. You can also see those side shelves which are really a beauty and if you want to get a different feel then you can actually convert into a chest of drawers so that you don’t have bother how neat it looks.

Make your kitchen islands more interesting: Most of the islands inside the kitchen have an area that can accommodate a stool which probably is of no use according to me. So get that space cleared and set a built in shelf with pretty simple racks that can hold electronics like microwave oven and a few small racks that can hold cookbooks or other things which you will be wanting inside. You can also do the same with a table inside your kitchen which can actually save a lot of space.

Display your window sills with attitude: Building shelves around and in front of your windows can actually save a lot of space and help to silhouette the best of your glassware and classy utensils. If you already have allotted a space for expensive pieces then consider keeping spices and other items that needs sunlight to stay fresh. I keep most of my spices and those kitchen items that needs to stay clean off pests. As you all know pests run away from light and there is no place better than this for the same.

Don’t leave your corners to be free to set Built In Kitchen Shelves: The funniest thing about a kitchen is how much ever space you have it isn’t going to be enough so the more the better. So I have managed to get all the corners to have built in shelves with doors so that I can stuff most of the items like cleaning stocks, brooms, brushes and all those without being scattered here and there.

The most interesting thing about a built in shelf is that it is a space saver and does not eat up space like those shelves which protrude outwards. They just stay there and help us manage all our stuffs with ease but one thing you need to take care of is cleaning. These shelves needs to be dusted and wiped regularly as it is easy for pests to run around and hide inside them.

When I built my kitchen I made sure that I don’t leave any creek or crevice unnoticed that might later be hiding place for these little bastards. Those rented apartments which I used to stay had plain walls with totally nothing where I can load my stuffs and I wasn’t supposed to even pierce a nail. Finally my dream home has come true and my kitchen looks brilliant. You don’t have to be an expert to design a kitchen and you can call over someone who can build according your ideas and wants. I hope every woman on this earth finds the right idea for her perfect kitchen.