Rivers Edge 4007200 Antique Lures Memory Foam Cushion Mat

The kitchen is the most used space in any home. It is also where you are most likely to spend much of the time inside the home as well. The floor of the kitchens is usually hard floor. The hard floor is not a good surface to stand for longer. The kitchen mats are the easiest solution to add some comfort on the kitchen floor.

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The kitchen floor mats are made of rubber, foam, vinyl etc. The memory foam is the best material of all as it is softer than others and safer also. The Rivers Edge Products have many options for this kitchen floor mats. The top 4 of these memory foam kitchen mats are mentioned here.

Benefits & Features Of Using A Memory Foam Kitchen Mat

  • The hard surface of the floor can hurt the feet easily. The memory foam adds some cushiony effect and makes it easier on the feet.
  • It can be used in kitchen, bathroom or anywhere you want some softness under the feet.
  • Most kitchen floor mats are stain resistant and washable.
  • It has inner foam and exterior with a water proof protection.
  • It can be washed with mild soap and water. Some are even machine washable.
  • The kitchen mats are also one of the cheapest way to add some character to the kitchen.
  • These light weighted mats do not fade that easily and can stay strong for a long period.
  • The kitchen mats relieves pressure under the feet and make the standing comfortable. It prevents sore legs and fatigue.
  • It can repel water and does not become sticky with grease or oil.
  • Use it anywhere in the kitchen, near the counter, sink or the food preparation areas.

Top 4 Memory Foam  Kitchen Mats By Rivers Edge Products

Rivers Edge 4007200 Antique Lures Memory Foam Mat 31.5 x 20 in.

The mat is memory foam with soft feel. The mat has high absorbency with the microfibers added in it. The mat is machine washable. It does not take longer for it to get dried. It has a drying rate of 30-60% faster than other mats.

These memory foam mats can be used in kitchen and baths. The mats are provided with an anti-skid feature on the bottom to keep it in its place and make it non-slippery.

The size of the mat is 31.5 x 20 inches in width and length. This is one of the larger sized mats. The mat is made with unique designs on it. The color does not fade faster and it also has longer durability to help you stay comfortable on it.

Rivers Edge 4007205 Nut House Memory Foam Mat

This is a cute memory foam mat that can be used anywhere. It makes an excellent holiday themed kitchen or anywhere that you prefer. It is most suitable for the kid’s room or bathroom as it has the snowy scene with squirrels and nuts. They are going to love this one.

The mat is made of memory foam and microfiber. The memory foam adds comfort and softness while the microfiber added can absorb excess moisture and keep the surface non-slippery. Place it in front of the basin to absorb the wetness. The mat can dry faster.

It has anti-skid feature to keep it in place. This works great for kitchen also, to have it before the cooking counter or near the sink. The mat is machine washable so no worries if there is any grease or oil spilled. The mat measures to 31.5 x 20 inches in width and length.

Rivers Edge 4007196 Cabin And Ducks Memory Foam Mat 31.5 x 20 in

This soft foam mat has the scenery added to it. The river, duck, and a cabin make a nostalgic feel. It suits well for a barn kitchen or a farm house kitchen. It can also be used as a front door mat. T

This memory foam mat is machine washable and suits practically anywhere. The construction of the mat is soft foam inside and microfiber outside. The foam is soft and cushiony in feel. The microfiber is ultra soft and has higher absorbency rate making it suitable for anywhere you want to absorb excess moisture. The mat can dry faster than many other mats.

It is provided with an anti-skid bottom making it suitable for bathrooms, kitchen etc. The size of the mat is 31.5 x 20 inches. It definitely adds some character and color to the kitchen floor.

Rivers Edge 4007195 American Flag And Deer Memory Foam  Kitchen Mat 31.5 x 20 in

It cannot get anymore patriotic than having this mat inside the home. The memory foam mat is cushiony on the feet and soft to touch. The mat has anti-skid bottom to have it placed in any slippery floor and stay safe.

The inner core of the mat is memory foam with an outer ultra soft microfiber in the making. The microfiber absorbs excess moisture and keeps the feet dry. The mat is machine washable and easily drying. The mat is fairly big in size at 31.5 x 20 inches.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the kitchen mat or the bathroom mats mentioned here are soft and cushiony. You don’t need to think twice before you purchase it. It is machine washable and easy to keep it hygiene. It makes a cheaper makeover for any space in your home. It doesn’t cost much and is a fair deal. Being a customer myself, I highly recommend these to anyone who wants some cushion under their feet while standing for longer period of time.