DIY Bedroom Lights Using Beads Chandelier

All girls will have lots of beads and beaded necklaces. Make use of the old ones by hangng them around a ring and attach the same with a lighting set up. This makes a stylish chandelier for the girls’ room. Try to have glass beads than regular plastic ones. Alternatively, one may string puffed gel beads for the same. Also find some starry, and other decorating ideas.

DIY Bedroom Lights


DIY Bedroom Lights Using Butterfly Pendant Lights

Butterfly pendant lights are the easiest of all. Get a round or drum shaped pendant light. Stick as many as butterflies on to it in any shape or design you like. The butterflies may also hang down from inside the light pendants with some crystals in between.


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DIY Bedroom Lights Using CD Case Lamp

The old CD cases can be recycled to make lamp shades. Open the cases and stick two of them to make a square shaped piece. Insert the pictures of your girl’s favorite characters to make it special. This way they can also have different lamps by just changing the pictures from time to time.


DIY Bedroom Lights Using Cloudy Lamp

Cloud lamp is another option for the girls’ room. Get a small pendant lamp and glue lots of cotton over it to cover completely and give an appearnce of cloud. When the lights are up it gives a cloudy light. Little glass beads or droplet shapes can be hung on the same to make a rainy cloud.



DIY Bedroom Lighting Ideas USing Frilly Lamps

Girls love frills don’t they? Make the lightings wear some frills over them to glam up the girls’ room the easiest way. The best way is to use the old tutu skirts and wrap it around the table lamps. Or, stick around some frilly lace on to the table lamp shades or pendant lights.




Hello Kitty Night Lamp For DIY Lights In Room

To make this Hello Kitty string lights,  you will need a night lamp with a shade and some Hello Kitty tissue paper. Carefully remove the picture layer from the tissue and cover the lamp shade with the help of glue stick. To cover a larger lamp shade you will need more such tissues. You may also paint Hello Kitty on to the round wall sconce and attach a bow to it.

hello kitty string lights


Starry String Lights

Attach some stars on to the string light bulbs or get a starry string light. Hang them from the ceiling on the walls or behind the bed of your little princess. Make a large cloud to stick at the top to make it look like a real starry night and clouds.