Bespoke kitchen is the dream for many where they get a say in each and every aspect. Right from the design to selecting the materials or every nuance could have their personal touch. Does it really give you the freedom you want in the designs and or all the procedures as you think?

 Bespoke Kitchen

I would say it does. But at the same time it would be foolish to think that you get to decide all that is needed for the bespoke kitchen design and its making, unless you are the one who is making it. The best way to put in is that you will have better say in this type of kitchen design than you get from other readymade kitchen.

What makes the difference?

The main difference is that you will get the freedom to make any stray or uneven space in the kitchen for your benefit. You will be able to add a personal touch here and there. You will not have the freedom to do so in other types of designing. If you have a design in mind, there are all chances of fulfilling this into reality with the bespoke kitchen than you have with other types.

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The freedom with bespoke kitchen design is that you need to compromise less. Oh, compromise you sure will, but to a lesser extent. You will also get the freedom to choose any type of kitchen layout to go with. You want a one wall kitchen, you bet you will have. If you are fond of an L-shaped one, make it into reality. Finally, you get the chance to make your kitchen functional in the same way as you have dreamed of. If that is not freedom I don’t know what is.

The real freedom is in the specifications

I for one am against having standard sized cabinets all around the kitchen. What if I had wanted a bigger or smaller than usual cabinet? A mix and match kitchen with all sizes and shapes would be better to have real space utilization. Here the design is molded to accommodate the available spaces, whereas in other kitchen types, the space is molded according to the design. Rest assured that no space is left behind to be filled or paneled.

The real challenge in cost

Yes, cost is what ultimately matters reach to. This is also where the problem is. The cost of a bespoke kitchen could be unpredictable. Unlike the pre-existing kitchen the cost is difficult to estimate in the initial stage. The cost could be met amicably if you have wood and other items that can be reused. The choices and styles are endless with bespoke kitchen designs and the cost would vary accordingly.

My advice to those low budget people who have standard sized kitchen is to go for the ready made ones. It would be effortless, time saving and budget friendly. Ultimately, the kitchen or the room intended should have the potential to be turned into a bespoke kitchen. If you have some open area or a large kitchen this is your best option. The standard kitchen might look the same even after all the efforts to make it look different.