It took a simple ‘I do’ to change my life forever. Though a new bride, I felt someone had a revolver up my head. This meant taking up new responsibilities and owing up to every decision taken. here I shall be sharing some different kitchen layouts. 

different kitchen layouts

Contemporary Kitchen

I moved to a new neighborhood with my better half. Though shopping was on the list, the prime importance was creating a ‘home’ for us. While furniture, mattress, bedding required little time for choosing, kitchen turned out to be a challenge. Let’s face it. That’s where all the good stuff begins. From tea time talks to throwing a birthday party, kitchen is the centre point to dive in for innovative cuisine challenges.

A decade ago, customizing a kitchen costs more than the kitchen itself. But as technology began to evolve, computer enables us to cut, drill and customize your kitchen in a jiffy. This takes out a good percent of labor cost making things easy for us.

After hunting for the right partner who specializes in building stunning kitchen, its time to fan out the layouts. We wanted to keep in tone with the budget but at the same time craved for an “Wow” type of a kitchen at heart.

Many of the kitchen types include shelves, storage compartments, work space etc. There are different types of kitchen designs used. We went to the customized one that was in par with the budget level that was set. However, for your info, I am jotting down few of the insanely famous kitchen designs.

  • Farmhouse layouts: deliver optimum comfort and relaxation. If you have uber spacious kitchen, then farmhouse will deliver wide sinks, smooth flooring and innovative kitchen counter. This layout is a definite stand out for those for who love comfort.
  • Traditional layouts: this one has an old flavor in it. In fact, they speak the profile of their customer themselves. Prominent features of traditional layout include raised cabinets or antique cabinets and other such decorative ideas.
  • Modern Layouts: These in-style kitchen cabinets provide you with sleek and stylish designs that are coupled with authentic cabinets. Not much ornamentation to talk about here though. Modern kitchens are naturally beautiful that surpass other styles.
  • Rustic layouts: not a hit among majors but are loved by few. They tend to deliver a unique look to your kitchen. Vintage appliances takes you back in time and the classic timber designs makes your kitchen look like a piece from the days of yore.
  • Contemporary layouts: offers you with in-trending styles and designs. They have a lustrous touch to them and are absolutely user friendly. Contemporary designs are much more flexible when it comes to both their form and structure. Their unique sense of style delivers a fantastic end result to the user.
  • Transitional layouts: here comes a blend that includes both conventional and contemporary styles. A middle way kitchen design, transitional layout implements the much needed flexbility as well as a customized kitchen design.
  • Craftsman layouts: are still very much in demand. This is mainly because it is one of the most ancient kitchen layouts that was initiated during early 20th century. Throw in bit of rich texture, simple designs and you have your own tailored craftsman layout.

different kitchen layouts

NOTE: The less, the better. You don’t want much crockeries and utensils piling up your sink and your kitchencountertop. Use only what is necessary to save yourself some “ME” time.

Bottomline, consider user friendly features that offers you trouble free cooking but also looks adds an artistic value to your home.

Got any questions? You know what to do.