Epoxy Coat for Residential & Commercial Purposes

Epoxy floor coat comes with 100% solid Cycloaliphatic epoxy. You can use Epoxy coating for garage floor, basement floor, patios and industrial purposes. The garage floor is the shabbiest part of the house. Apart from having 1 or 2 cars parked on it, the floor is also exposed to harmful elements. You can see gasoline oil, anti-freeze, extreme temperatures, road salt on your floor. In addition, your mech tools, machinery and equipment’s for repairing, can lead to premature deterioration of the floor. By all these ways, your garage floor gets damaged.

Commercial Garage Floor Coating

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Does your garage floor look messy? Are you looking for the best garage floor coating? Then this one’s for you. Epoxy coat can add life and beauty to the floor. It can also keep your home safe from fire and other accidents. Not just that, you can save money. Epoxy floor paint has a long history of 35 years. The company has a strong relation with its customers. Providing excellent quality products, Epoxy floor coatings stand unique in the floor painting industry. Their home floor and industrial floor coats are well-known in the floor coating industry. Although there are many options in garage floor coating, we are focusing here only on Epoxy coating for floors. In this article, you shall come to see:

  • Epoxy floor coating
  • Epoxy coat for homes
  • Epoxy coat for industrial purposes
  • Epoxy coat benefits
  • Epoxy coat choices
  • Epoxy coat installation guide
  • Epoxy coat reviews
  • Epoxy coat FAQ
  • Conclusion

Epoxy Floor Coating

If you are in need of some high quality garage floor paint, you have come to the right place. There are different types of Epoxy floor paintings available to freshen up your space and floor. Epoxy coat comes with top quality items. To make your process and purchase easier, the company offers convenient packages for their different products. Epoxy coating kits come with tools that you will need to beautify your floor space. These include rubber gloves, disposable buckets, reusable gallon containers, measuring sticks etc. Along with these tools, you will get an instruction booklet and DVD. This guide will help you easily install the coating on your floor. Be it office floor or residential floor.

Epoxy Coat For Residential Purpose

Whether you need to just freshen up your garage room or several rooms, the company provides separate packages for you. You get options to select your favorite color. There are different colors, like gray, taupe and beige. All these classy colors will look great. They will suit any room. The company also offers custom colors for those who want unconventional color themes. These colors include bright red, blue and safety yellow. Epoxy Coat for Homes will give you the perfect garage floor within your budget.

When it comes to safety, Epoxy home floor coatings are good to use. These paint options are microbial resistant. Epoxy coatings persists mold and mildew, keeping your room fresh and clean. You won’t have to worry about the irritating smell of the paint. Epoxy floor coatings for residential purposes give you the strength and durability you need. If you need to add an extra layer of protection to your surface, buy Epoxy coat for homes.

Epoxy Coat For Commercial/Industrial Purposes – commercial garage floor coating

The Commercial epoxy garage floor coating takes care of your offices, warehouses, stadiums etc. While Epoxy floor coats are popular for personal home use, it is equally effective for commercial purposes. With Epoxy floor paints for office purposes, you get endless possibilities to beautify your work floor.

The Epoxy commercial garage floor coating gives a professional look. It provides a sleek and smooth finish to your space. By doing so, it improves the aesthetic appeal of the floor. Turn your old concrete floors to showroom quality with wide range of Commercial Epoxy floor coatings. Finding enough coating to cover a large area is a tedious job. Epoxy floor paints provide commercial epoxy garage floor coating kits. With these commercial floor coating kits, you can get the work done within your budget. The Epoxy Commercial floor coating kits come with everything. From rollers and brushes to drums of the coating, you get everything you need. One gallon covers 250 square feet. Epoxy commercial garage floor coatings provide quality equipment’s. This helps you to complete the project within short time.

Epoxy Coating Benefits

The benefits of Epoxy Coating are many. One benefit is that Epoxy Coat applied for one time is equal to 5 coats of paint in thickness. Epoxy Coating has 10x the durability of most water-based products. The cost covered is only 1.5x. With Epoxy Garage floor coating, you get a great coat of protection for your floor. This is even and equal to 5 coats of paint.

Epoxy floor coating would be a great help for securing the floors of homes and industrial warehouses as well. Following are the benefits of Epoxy floor paints:

  • Safety: Compared to other floor paints, Epoxy floor coatings are 2x more safer. It contains less than 100 grams/ liter of VOC. This makes it non-flammable. There will be no irritating smell. Lesser accidents occur as the high gloss floor coat provides brightness by 300%.
  • Aesthetic: The dull and boring look of your garage floor can be changed with Epoxy floor coatings. They provide beautiful designs and patterns with the use of decorative chips like quartz, granite and others. Epoxy floor coatings are UV fade-resistant and discoloration seldom occurs.
  • Eco-friendly floor coating: Epoxy garage floor coatings are environmental-friendly. There is no special waste disposal needed during cleaning and application.
  • Zero maintenance needed: With Epoxy garage floor paints, you can easily clean the floors. Just simply wipe the dirt, dust or debris on it. There is no need for special cleaning solutions. You can use ordinary soap to clean once in a while.
  • Easy to apply: Coating Epoxy floor paint on old concrete floors is easy to do. A big advantage is that Epoxy floor coat is self-leveling. This means that the product will give an even, smooth surface without much effort from the user.
  • Flexibility: You can use Epoxy floor coating for any floor surface. Be it metal, concrete, wood etc. Even if your floor is uneven or broken, Epoxy coat will strengthen the damaged floor.
  • Cost effective: Although Epoxy’s floor coats are a bit expensive, they are still the wise choice. For the price you pay, Epoxy coat is worth it.

Epoxy Floor Coating Choices

Unlike many other floor coatings, Epoxy floor coating has many options. Depending on your specific needs and preference, you can choose your favorite one. These include:

  • Self-dispersing epoxy floor coating: it is an impact-resistant type. Ideal for garage commercial floors with high traffic and machinery.
  • Self-dispersing epoxy garage floor coating with quartz sand: ideal for heavy duty environments. The sand provides non-slip properties.
  • Mortar epoxy coating: this is one of the most durable epoxy type. Adds strength to the underlying concrete of the garage floor.
  • Self-leveling epoxy coating: ideal for scratch-resistant floors.
  • Graveled epoxy coatings: this floor coating enhances the beauty of the floors. Gives a showroom look to your floor.
  • Epoxy anti static floor: used for testing facilities or rooms that use electrical gadgets.
  • Epoxy terrazzo floor coverings: this is the best option for those who want a bunch of creativity.
  • Epoxy flaked floors: gives both safety and beauty to the floor. This is the best choice you can make for safety and beauty of the floor.

Epoxy Floor Coating Step By Step Instructions – How To Install Epoxy Coating On Your Floor?

The most important phase of your Epoxy design project is the careful preparation of the floor. The time you spend on this will give you a beautiful finish.

  • Step 1: Sweep or power blow the entire floor. This helps to get rid of dust and dirt from the surface area.
  • Step 2: If yours is an old floor, it might have contaminants which must be removed prior to coating use a diluted greaser and hot water mixture to remove contaminants. Scrub those areas vigorously. Oily areas should be concentrated and repeated if necessary.
  • Step 3: Add acid granules floor prep solution into 5 quarts of cold water, in a plastic sprinkling can or plastic pump sprayer. Mix and dilute the solution. This will yield sufficient premix to cover up to 500 sq ft.
  • Step 4: Clean a 10′ x 10′ section are a time. Apply the premix evenly over the surface. Do not expect any foam. Scrub the premix into the surface with a stiff bristled broom. If the floor has a sealer, diamond grinding will be needed.
  • After you have applied floor prep solution, double rinse the surface with a water hose. Scrub while rinsing to insure removal of all loosened material. After the surface has dried, check for any glossy or oily areas by applying a few drops of water. If water does not absorb quickly, clear the affected areas.
  • Step 6: Allow the floor to dry completely before coating. A power blower can be used to help in evaporating the remaining water. Once your floor is dry, rub your fingers on the concrete. Check your fingers for a film. If there is no film, you are prepared to apply the Epoxy coating.
  • Step 7: Rinse and dry the large mixing bucket with a clean rag before mixing. Install the supplied mixing tool into a high speed drill. Apply protective plastic onto a 10′ x 10′ area., where mixing is to be done.
  • Step 8: Mix Part “A” of Epoxy-Coat in its original bucket for 2 mins. If more than one kit is being used, batch mix all Part “A” resins together for color consistency.
  • Step 9: Into the large cleaned mixing bucket, pour 1 part by volume of Part B Epoxy Coat.
  • Step 10: Into the same mixing bucket, pour 2.3 parts by volume of Epoxy Coat Part “A” RESIN.
  • Step 11: Mix thoroughly with the mixing tool for 3 mins. Pay close attention to mixing all around the buckets sides. Raise and lower with the mixing tool.
  • Step 12: Immediately pour all mixed contents in a line on the floor. Do not leave any mixed coating in the bucket. Starting from the farthest corner of the room, pour mixed content. Use the kit brush, cut in the perimeter walls or any other obstruction that may be hard to roll. Do not apply the coat beyond the garage door as the UV rays will tan the coating.
  • Step 13: Using the kit squeegee, draw the epoxy from the back wall with the squeegee until there is no more wet epoxy to draw back. Continue to squeegee pulling this product right down the line until complete.
  • Step 14: Use the kit roller perpendicular to squeegee application. Roll the Epoxy until even and consistent.
  • Step 15: Continue the next section by completing step 8-13 until floor is completely coated.
  • Step 16: After the second section is rolled, go back to the first section and re-back roll it completely.

Epoxy Coat Reviews – Customer Testimonials For Epoxy Coat Garage Floor

The customer reviews on Epoxy garage floor coating is pretty good. You can see many positive customer reviews saying that the product has changed the entire look of their room. Here are some of the Epoxy Coat customer testimonials, taken from the official website and amazon.

  • Scott Hotaling says “ Epoxy is one of the few times in my memory that a product is exactly 1005 as advertised.” he did the diamond grinding for the floor before the coating. Epoxy coating applies easily, cures quickly and is extremely durable just as advertised.
  • Peter from Norcross, GA said the instructions were easy to follow. The floor came out better than they imagined. He recommends the Epoxy coat for his friends.
  • Clark from Palm City, FL had given positive reviews about Epoxy coat. As a part of his garage renovation project, he applied Epoxy coat. This turned out great.
  • Jeremy E says “ I want to take the time to thank you for your great floor epoxy. It’s the only brand we use on the concrete floors we pour. It looks so good applied to the floors we do. So thank you for the best brand on the market.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Epoxy coat offer residential warranty?

Epoxy-coat provides warranty for residential coating materials, against peeling for the lifetime of the floor. If it’s an original purchase, you shall get warranty. The warranty registration certificate is completely filled out and mailed or e-mailed back within 10 days of purchase.

Can I use Epoxy-coat for surfaces other than concrete?

Yes, you can use Epoxy coat for concrete, wood floors, tile or metal surfaces. Make sure the surface is not exposed to UV.

Do I have to prepare the surface for new or uncoated concrete?

You have to remove contaminants before coating Epoxy paint. If it’s an industrial, institutional or commercial floor, shot-blasting or diamond grinding is preferred.

Can I use Epoxy coat for indoor and basement floors?

Yes, Epoxy coating is safe for indoor use. There are no VOC emissions and fumes.

Can I use Epoxy-coat over an existing coating?

You can use Epoxy coating over existing coats. Simply make sure the existing coat is cleaned, sanded (80-100 grit) and bonding.

How many square feet will a full Epoxy kit cover?

Up to 500 sq ft at 9.7 mils Dry Film Thickness. 240 square feet for 20 mils Dry Film thickness.

How to apply Epoxy coating over wood surfaces?

Simply remove sealers/ contaminants/ nails/ oil from the floor surface. As long as the wood is clean and has a texture to it, the epoxy will adhere to it.

From where to buy garage Epoxy floor coating?

You can buy garage Epoxy floor coating from Epoxy website or Amazon.

What is the Epoxy garage floor coating return policy?

The company accepts returns only within 90 days of purchase for damaged products.


Epoxy garage floor coating has already been established itself when it comes to quality and integrity. If you are planning to redesign your floor with Epoxy coat, check for certain factors. Consider the type of garage floor, price, personal preference on colors and design.