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Faucets in-home, is a venture by Featuresinhome, a professional manufacturer of faucets. The faucets here are good quality at affordable prices. It motive is to make the necessary faucets available for each and everyone. There are all types of faucets here for your home- kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets for the tubs and sinks, shower faucets and the fancy items like touch less and LED faucets as well.

customized a grade brass concealed bathtub faucets

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  • Kitchen Faucets
  • Features of kitchen faucets at Faucetsinhome
  • Classical Golden Rotate 360 Brass Kitchen Sink Faucets
  • Vintage Antique Bronze Rotatable Victorian Kitchen Faucets
  • Bathroom sink faucets
  • Simple Brushed Gold Square Shaped Bathroom Sink Faucet
  • Vintage Antique Brass Three Hole Cross Handle Bathroom Faucet
  • Bathtub faucets
  • Antique Polished Brass Porcelain Decoration Bathtub Shower Faucet
  • Designed Waterfall Wall Mount Bathtub Faucet For Bathroom
  • Shower faucets
  • Modern 10.5inch Pressurized Slim Top Shower Faucet Concealed
  • High End Thermostatic Exposed Outdoor Shower Faucet System
  • Touchless faucets
  • LED faucets
  • Bidet faucets
  • Vintage Two Cross Handle Wall Mount Bidet Faucet
  • Other accessories
  • G3 deck plating: Stainless Steel G3/4 Deck Cover Plate
  • The bottom line

The faucets are easy to install, look beautiful and elegant, and can grace anyone’s interiors. The choices in color, style, and materials are also there.

Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen faucets are the most used items in a household. The frequent washing of the veggies, fruits, and utensils can go on forever. This frequent need requires a quality faucet that can look elegant and at the same time ooze quality also. Faucetsinhome offers several stylish kitchen faucets.

Features Of Kitchen Faucets At Faucetsinhome

  • Style: The kitchen faucets here are available in different styles. There are designer faucets, luxury faucets, antique, contemporary, vintage, and modern faucets. Each style stays true to the word and looks what they offer for.
  • Material: The body of the faucets is made in stainless steel or brass. Brass faucets have more choices than the stainless steel ones. The handle of the faucets are made in stainless steel, zinc alloy, or brass. The spool material choices are ABS plastic, ceramic or brass. One can choose their preferred material for faucets from the options given.
  • Features: Each of the kitchen faucets displayed and offered here have unique features. One may select the feature that suits well for their kitchen. There are filtering, water efficient, bridge faucets, touchless faucets, rotatable ones, faucets with pullout spray, waterfall type. Rain shower faucets and the faucet that has the hand shower included with it. The faucets may also be wall mounted or countertop, sink faucet or pot filler, the options are all and many.
  • Hose: The kitchen faucets have the long spout and some have double connections as well. The faucets have its hose included in it to get the water in. the length of the hose also have varying measurements. The available hose types are the ones that can deliver to 2 faucets and those that have one delivery. The length varies from 60 cm, 50cm, and 40 cms.

These kitchen faucets with numerous choices and options are fitting in the kitchen, bar or even the bathroom. Here also the choices are different. Not all faucets are fit for bathroom and not all the faucets displayed here are meant for kitchen only. The most popular choices of kitchen faucets here are these.

  • Classical Golden Rotate 360 Brass Kitchen Sink Faucets: This is the classic looking kitchen faucet with an arched spout and a single handle. This is a single hole mount for the sink fitting. The single handle can control both the hot and cold water flow. Obviously the faucet is fit for both cold and hot water to run through it. It is made of brass with a polished golden color to finish with. The handle is made of zinc alloy and the spool is ceramic. The spout of the faucet can rotate 360 degrees. This faucet is fitting for kitchen with a delivery hose running along 60 cms.
  • Vintage Antique Bronze Rotatable Victorian Kitchen Faucets: This is a Victorian styles kitchen faucet with a rotatable spout. The spout is not the traditional arched. It has a small spout with less curvy arch. This is a one whole center set installation. The single handle controls both cold and hot water. The spout is rotatable to 360 degrees. This vintage design faucet has refined copper casting and antique bronze finish to it.

Most of the kitchen faucets here have its own preferred type of hole for installation. For the unsuitable ones, it can be made suitable with the help of a deck plate and additional accessories like a hand shower or a soap dispenser to fill in the extra hole son the sink.

Bathroom Sink Faucets

Bathroom is another of the most visited rooms in a household and projects the character of the home. The faucets for this room must also be selected carefully, especially for the guest rooms. The options and features are all almost the same as the kitchen faucets but with one or two additions.

  • Features: The featured bathroom sink faucets here have filtering option, with a bridge, touchless, rotatable, pullout spray, waterfall, rain shower, hand shower inclusion etc. you can sort the faucets according to your needs. The additional options are LED and thermostatic. There is also a faucet with a side spray.
  • Material: The faucet body is made in ceramic, stainless steel, or brass. The faucet handle is made in crystal, stainless steel, zinc alloy, brass, or ceramic. The spool is made wither in ceramic or in brass.
  • Finish: The bathroom sink faucets are available in 11 different finishes that makes the room look unique. The finishes available are, electroplated, brushed, rose gold, antique brass, painting, silver, Ti-PVD, polished nickel, nickel brushed, polished brass and antique copper to go along with most of the bathroom designs. The style of the faucets can be all the usual types, high end models and cheaper ones as well.
  • Handles: The number of handles for the faucets are also many. There are single handled ones, faucets with 2 handles, one with 3 handles and a few that are handle free, obviously touchless!
  • Installation: The installation holes would also differ with 1, 2, or 3 holes. The installation types are wall mounted, widespread, vessel type, center set or shower system. Options are also there for the cold and hot water switch.
  • Hose: The hose length can be 40, 50, or 60 cms that have delivery one or two. There also are hoses that have delivery with 2 inlet hoses and 2 connecting hoses. The minimum length available is 20 cm also.
  • Room fitting: The bathroom sink faucets are not always meant for bathroom only. These faucets can also grace the restaurants, lavatory, bar, bathroom and also kitchen, depending upon the style and type.

The popular bathroom sink faucets here are the Simple Brushed Gold Square Shaped Bathroom Sink Faucet, and Vintage Antique Brass Three Hole Cross Handle Bathroom Faucet.

  • Simple Brushed Gold Square Shaped Bathroom Sink Faucet is the most sorted after bathroom sink faucet. It is simple and elegant. This single handles faucet is installed on a single hole. The faucet is made of refined copper casting and finished din brushed finish technology. It is square shaped to suit the modern design. The valve is ceramic and there is filtering also. The single handle can switch from cold to hot water. The installation is center set with the hose type delivery 2, 60 cms in length.
  • Vintage Antique Brass Three Hole Cross Handle Bathroom Faucet: This is a 3 hole wide spread installation type. The faucet is antique brass with 2 cross handles. Each handle is designated for each temperature type- cold or hot. This faucet is fitting for bathroom and the hose type is delivery with 2 inlet hoses and 2 connecting hoses. The finished color is almost brown to give the antique feel.

Bathtub Faucets

Bathtub faucets at Faucetsinhome are the most beautiful pieces of work. It has so many wonderful choices that can stand apart but blend well with any type of interiors. The bathtub faucets are available in different styles, finish, with many inlets, handles, installation types, color etc. If you have something particular you might want for the bathtub, you will find it here.

  • Style: Bathtub faucets here are of all styles. There are designer, luxury faucets, contemporary, antique, vintage, high end or cheap or the modern etc. What I best liked is that there are quite a number of choices for the contemporary and high end models.
  • Finish: The bathtub faucets come in the finish options of chrome, brushed, electroplated, silver, rose gold, antique brass, polished brass, antique bronze, oil-rubbed bronze etc. The majority choices are in the electroplated and chrome finishes.
  • Material: The bathtub faucets handles are made in, A grade ABS plastic, zinc alloy or brass materials. The spout is made in brass and the spool in ceramic.
  • Features: The floor standing models are the most available in the bathtub followed by the faucet set with the hand shower included. Most of the faucets have the side spray. The other features are filtering option, water efficiency, rotatable faucet, waterfall, LED, thermostatic etc.
  • Handles: The handle of the faucets could be one or many. Most of the faucets sets have 2 handles and the other ones with 3 handles. Bathtub faucet with single handle is rare but there for sure.
  • Holes: The number of holes required for the installation varies with the model type. It can be a single hole, 2 holes, 3, 4, or even 5 holes, depending upon the accessories included.
  • Color: The bathtub faucet colors are available in cognac, golden, brown, and silver, black and white.

Installation type is mostly floor mounted, followed by wall mounting. The other options are centerset, roman tub, tub and shower, and shower system.

My favorites – customized a grade brass concealed bathtub faucets

  • Antique Polished Brass Porcelain Decoration Bathtub Shower Faucet:I guess this is one of the most beautiful faucet, let alone bathtub faucet, I have seen! It is just prim and elegant in its antique copper and white porcelain color glory. It is a 5 piece set needing 5 holes on the bathtub deck to install it. The copper colored small spout lets out the water into the tub to fill it. The hand shower is set at the end. They are controlled by 3 handles, 2 for hot and cold water and the third one is for opting the spout or the hand shower.
  • Designed Waterfall Wall Mount Bathtub Faucet For Bathroom: This is a contemporary style faucet, coming in chrome finish. It is wall mountable with 2 holes. One hole is for the handle and the spout. The other is for the hand shower which is mounted slightly away. There is only one handle to control the water temperature. The spout lets out a waterfall into the tub. The hand shower is rectangle or square shaped that is connected to the handle with a long and anti-winding shower chain.

Shower Faucets

Shower rooms or shower areas are must in modern day bathrooms. The importance of these areas increases the significance of the faucets chosen for there. Basically it has a handle or handles for cold and water control with a long connecting pipe for the shower head. The shower head may be movable or immovable. With the difference in its size and portability there are many choices one could make with shower faucets.

Features of the shower faucets are rotatability, waterfall feature, LED option, rain shower- the blissful feel on standing under the rain, thermostatic feature, hand shower or not and the availability of a side spray. Most of the shower faucets have delivery 2 60 cm hose with them and some have none at all.

  • Material: The faucet body is made of aluminum, brass, or stainless steel material. The handle of the faucets are made in aluminum, crystal, A grade ABS plastic, stainless steel, zinc alloy, brass or ceramic. The spool material is either ceramic or rarely brass.
  • Style: The shower faucets comes in types of style from modern to vintage, high end to the cheaper options, or even the wholesale, discounted or those upon the sale. Most of the models are antique or vintage style. Modern and designer faucets are also much in demand.
  • Finish: The shower faucets come in a finish of silver, painting, brushed, Ti-PVD, electroplated, rose gold, nickel brushed, polished brass, antique copper, oil rubbed bronze, chrome or antique bronze.
  • Handles number are varying from handsfree, single handle, 2 handles or 3 handles. Most of the shower faucets have single handle to control both the water temperature. The number of installation holes also vary from 2-5. Most of the faucets need 3 holes or 4 holes.
  • Installation type has the options of wall mounted, shower only and shower system. Most if the choices are in the shower system that has the complete set. The faucets are also available in various color options like pink, beige, orange, golden, silver, red, blue, grey, green, brown, black, or white.
  • Modern 10.5inch Pressurized Slim Top Shower Faucet Concealed: This is utterly modern shower faucet that has the handles and shower head visible but the connecting pie is concealed behind the wall. There are 2 round handles one each for cold and hot water. The hand shower is rectangle shaped with a spout that lets out rainfall. The shower head is the highlight of this shower faucet. It is larger at 10.5 inches square. It has concealed pressured air injection technology for pressurized water. It also has thermostatic feature to set the water temperature. This could be installed at a height of 35-47 inches from the ground. Installation requires 3 holes, for the handles, hand shower, and the shower head.
  • High End Thermostatic Exposed Outdoor Shower Faucet System: This is an all-in-one shower system with the 2 rotating handles and a spout at the bottom and a hand shower and shower head ahead. The hand shower is connected with an anti-winding connector and is resting at the port of the connecting pipe of the faucet to the shower head. Te shower head is rather larger and this but allows pressurized water through it to give rain effects. The rotatable round handles, one for cold water and the other for hot water, have thermostatic to set the temperature of the water.

Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets are the fancy items that we often find in public places. It keeps the faucets clean and untouched. For looks as well as for hygienic purposes touchless faucets are the ideal. The touchless faucets can also have thermostatic feature in it. The water delivery be done with 60 cm hose that can have one or 2 connections.

  • Features: All touchless faucets are ft to be used anywhere from bar, bathroom and kitchen. Most of these are preferred in the kitchen mainly where the hands are too messy and a touchless faucet is more than welcome to it.
  • Material: The spool material of the touchless faucets is always ceramic in make. The faucet handle is made in stainless steel, zinc alloy, or brass. The body is always made in stainless steel or brass, the later mostly.
  • Style: High end models are the always preferred model for touchless faucets followed by the modern and contemporary styles. There is hardly any vintage design to this type of faucets.
  • Other features: Finishing of the touchless faucets are electroplated, antique brass, painting and chrome. Most of the touchless faucets are handle-less or some with a single handle. Installation is always single hole. The installation type would be wall mounting, vessel mounting, or centerset.

The touchless faucets are not fancy in design. They look simple but work on electrical connection to enable the sensors. Whenever the person comes near the sensor, it activates the water flow within 30 seconds.

For the touchless faucets the water hose may have to be bought separate for some. The thermostatic valve and other connections are done below the sink. Only the faucet spout stands out in the open.

Some touchless faucets work only on AC while others only on DC. Only very few are working in both AC and DC.

LED Faucets

LED faucets are the most fanciful faucets with colored LED lights gracing them that glows at night. Red and blue are the popular colors with occasional green color LEDs.

  • Most of the LED faucets have waterfall flow to it.
  • The faucet may rarely have rotatablility or pullout spray. Most are constant with water fall flow and LED light that highlights the flowing water.
  • LED faucets are ideal for vanity, bar, bathroom and also in kitchen to add variety.
  • The spool for the faucets is made in ceramic with the spout material in glass to project the water flow in colors. The faucet handle is mostly in brass or zinc alloy and very few in aluminum of ABS plastic. The faucets are always made in brass.
  • This style of the faucets is mostly modern and contemporary and designer. They are high end faucets that do not come at cheaper rates.
  • Electroplated or chrome finishes are the most seen. The number of handles may be 1, 2 or 3.
  • The installation holes may vary from 1, 2, 3, or 5. Most are single hole installation. The installation type would be widespread, wall mounted, vessel mounted, center set and roman tub types.
  • All of the faucets have the cold and hot water switch.

The best feature of LED faucets is that the color of the LED light changes from blue to red according to the water temperature, blue for cold, and red for hot water. This allows the person to estimate the water temperature. The LED lights works on battery power. It may take about 4 AA batteries in most cases.

Bidet Faucets

Bidet faucets are also available at Faucetsinhome. They are not as popular as other types. The choices for different types are available for this type also. Most of them are wall mounted, with single handle with cold and hot water switch. They require only one hole for installation and another drilling to install the handle rest.

  • Vintage Two Cross Handle Wall Mount Bidet Faucet: This is a bidet faucet with 3 hole wall mountable type. It has 2 cross handles to control the water flow, one each for the different temperature. The color denotes the water temperature each prefers. It also has a spray gun that is connected with the anti-winding chain. The spray head can be opened to keep it clean.

Other Accessories

Other bathroom and faucet accessories are also available here. The towel racks, dispensers, deck plates, curtain rods, handle bars etc are all for purchase. Being a faucets store, the most valuable accessory is the deck plates. The deck plates are mostly used to cover the extra holes in the sink that is already made in them. When you have the faucet type that requires only one hole for the installation, and the sink has 2-3, the deck plates come handy. It can be used to cover the other and retain the single hole. This makes it neater and non-fishy.

G3 deck plating: Stainless Steel G3/4 Deck Cover Plate: This is a stainless steel deck plate that can cover the 2hles or 3 holes on the sink. This allows the single hole faucet installation easier and neater. Place this deck plate on the deck and insert the faucet through this remaining hole.

The Bottom Line

The faucet shopping can be as tedious as choosing any other item for you. It takes time. The online faucets store offer you to save time and go through various options at the luxury of your home. You can always compare the items with other available items online. Faucetsinhome is a safe platform to purchase online and you will also get discounted rate as there are no middle men.