Confucius once said – “Everyone eats and drinks yet only few appreciate the taste of food”.

True, I say!!! To appreciate the art of cooking it is necessary to blend the senses with pleasure of food. But the core essence is the place where one shows off his or her skilled expertise – kitchen. If the kitchen is a catastrophe, nothing else will turn out the way you planned.

Feng Shui In Your Kitchen

Many Americans are today have began implementing Feng Shui in their daily lives. Some to boost their career, some to find romance in their life. Why not infuse Feng Shui in kitchen? Give it a shot.

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Though it might sound frivolous to some, Feng Shui is of prominent importance in the cooking arena as well. Feng Shui is basically a Chinese style of arranging items in such a way to create harmony in your home. Translated as “wind-water”, discipline of feng shui is rapidly gaining popularity all over the globe. Its not just another way of designing or “fancy”-ing your home. The adorable and practical feng shui symbols are a way to bind their wayward life and infuse certain amount of discipline and happiness in their life.

Currently, Feng Shui has taken over the kitchen market as well. Kitchen Feng Shui has become quite important mainly because kitchen has become a get together point for family and friends.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen take a look at some of the guidelines and interesting ideas that Feng Shui offers.

Kitchen Feng Shui Tips – Organization techniques

Many think that using Feng Shui means adding few plants, mirrors and crystal balls hanging from the ceiling. But its so much more than that. Its a lot about discipline and focuses not on adding to what you already have. Its about improving the quality of the existing content. A clean environment delives a harmony both in yourself and your family as well. This is what Feng Shui teaches you. Feng Shui advises you to get rid of the clutter in the kitchen, spring clean them regularly and organize it well enough to make things easily accessible to you.

Unnecessary clutter attracts stagnant chi. Get rid of them. You need to have only items that are to be used regularly. You will feel much easier to move around and get good amount of counter space to cook and clean. Of course, when I say get rid of clutter it does not mean to throw it away. If you do not use them regularly, say an ice cream maker that you use only once a year then find a suitable place for storing it. It might take up a valuable cabinet space in your kitchen.

The best thing about Feng Shui is the way you can organize stuff without adding much to your economy. It is currently one of the most affordable ways in the home improvement industry.

Kitchen Feng Shui – Materials

A Feng Shui designed kitchen calls for natural and actual materials that are found right here. Unlike modern designing that uses hard corners, metal or synthetic materials, Feng Shui represents itself by rounded edges, natural materials that have been used from thousands of years. If you are starting from scratch the Feng Shui way, you will find lot of suggestions on where the doors, water, windows should be placed.

Let’s talk about an example. Feng Shui speaks about using cork, wood etc. as kitchen floors or surfaces. Stainless steel or ceramic tiles can create a fast moving chi. This will not be ideal for you. If you are spending lot of time in kitchen, it might leave you feeling drained or tired.

Apart from slowing down your chi, owning natural wood surfaces in the kitchen not only creates a unique look but also feels cozy and comfy in the room. If you want wood floor in kitchen, make sure to have a good talk with your construction engineer on how to inhibit growth of moisture. As wood flooring are easily susceptible to water than other common kitchen floor types, take necessary safety measures beforehand.