Flashy Blinky Lights

Glow in the Dark Party SuppliesSureglow is one of the leading manufacturers in making Flashy blinky lights. All their products are safe even in the presence of harmful gasses and combustible liquids. Read on to know more on Flashy blinky lights coupon code, their products, reviews and much more…

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  • Flashy blinky lights
  • Flashing Silicone Bracelet, Yellow
  • 15.5” Premium 6 Mode LED flashing foam Baton – Rainbow
  • Flashing Star Sunglasses – Multicolor
  • Blinking Heart Badge
  • Blinking LED earrings -Pink
  • Flashy blinky lights reviews
  • Where to buy these Flashy blinky lights?
  • Flashy blinky lights coupon code
  • Flashy blinky lights – Frequently asked questions
  • Conclusion

Flashy blinky lights

Flashing Silicone Bracelet, Yellow

This Flashing Silicone LED Wristband is a perfect fashionable wearable that can be used with any outfit. It is designed using highly flexible silicone material making it easy to wear on most of the wrists. Similarly, it gives more visibility through pushing its imprint area to activate the multi-coloured LED lights. Thus, the band is best to wear on parties, concerts, and sporting events at night.


  • This Silicone bracelet lights up with on/off push button.
  • Comes in yellow, red, blue LEDs flash behind your logo.
  • Equally, supports your wear as a fun or stylish accessory.
  • Two CR927 Lithium batteries are included (they are not replaceable).
  • Above all, one size fits most

15.5” Premium 6 Mode LED flashing foam Baton – Rainbow

This 15.5” Multi-color light sticks are a fantastic addition to your glow party, festival, event or concert. It comes in six separate light settings for creating a spectacular, glowing, party effect. Besides, these LED concerts wands are foam covered and it comes with replaceable batteries. Each stick is made of white foam covering, green and blue LED lights.


  • Length is 15.5”
  • Batteries include 3 pieces of AG13 batteries that are replaceable.
  • Glow duration is around 12 hours of continual use.
  • Fast flashing multicolor strobe.
  • Flashing Green
  • Slow Rainbow Changing
  • Flashing Red
  • Flashing Blue

How to use?

A push button is present on the bottom of the LED light wand. It will turn it on and circulate through the 6 light settings. In order to replace the batteries, you may use a screwdriver on the bottom section of this wand. Open the battery container and replace the existing batteries.

Flashing Star Sunglasses – Multi-colour

Now, you can be a star by wearing this Flashing Star Shaped Sunglasses. These brilliant star glasses are an addition to your parties, on the town and as gifts. It comes with three different lights up modes. Each pair of these glasses features 4 green LED lights, 4 blue LED lights and 2 red lights. Equally, wires throughout the glasses are covered well and are never exposed. Thus, they are safe for all.


  • These glasses are having clear frames with green, red and blue LED lights.
  • Batteries are added and installed
  • You can also use the on and off button to change the mode.
  • Available in one quantity per case.

In short, these star shaped glasses are true attention getters. With so many colors in one pack, they promise you many jaw-dropping starry nights ahead…

Blinking Heart Badge

Are you looking for a romantic gadget? Then, surely this LED blinking heart will be the best item on your romantic or wedding event. The heart badge is made with ABS material and also can be printed with your own logo. It features red color with 2 pieces of AG3 red light batteries.


  • Size is 38 x 38 x 20 cm.
  • Working time is more than 72 hrs.
  • One color logo can be printed
  • Serves as perfect gift items for all the occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s day, Thanksgiving party and promotion.

How to wear?

It’s very easy to wear! On the backside of this heart, there will be a safety pin for attaching the product to your cloths.

Blinking LED earrings -Pink

These Blinking LED Pink earrings are an instant attention getter and friend maker. Equally, they are a great option for parties, promotions, trade shows and events. No matter what you call them super cool earrings, blinking LED pinks or Flashing body lights. Get them now!


  • The earrings are installed with two batteries.
  • Alternatively, the battery type is CR927.
  • LED color is Pink
  • The product is sold in increments of one.

Flashy blinky lights reviews

Most of the customers are happy and are saying that they have gone crazy for these Flashy blinky lights. Thus, there are only positive reviews for these products. They are absolute items for glow parties, costumed events or stunning highlights for your outfit.

Where to buy these Flashy blinky lights?

These Flashy blinky lights are available for sale online at sureglow.com and amazon.com. Sureglow is experts in selling such LED light up items, glow bracelets and much more. Further, you can avail certain discounts like Flashy blinky lights coupon code on every purchase made from here.

Flashy blinky lights coupon code

You can enjoy grand benefits with this Flashy blinky lights coupon code. Sureglow offers free shipping on all the order $99 with Fall99 Flashy blinky lights coupon code. Equally, 10-50% off on all the itemspurchased. A free 50-pack of glow bracelets on orders over $50 with FREEBRAC50 Flashy blinky lights coupon code. Further, you may login with your mail address or visit the product’s website for more information. So, hurry! Don’t miss this chance…

Flashy blinky lights – Frequently asked questions

Are the products safe?

Yes, these products do not emit any heat or sparks and are completely safe for normal use.

Are these Flashy blinky lights waterproof?

Yes, there is no need to worry as all the products can be used in the rain, pools, saltwater, and freshwater.

Is it possible to track my order status?

Ya sure, It is a simple process. You have to just click on the order status and it will take you to the order status page. On arrival to this page, you may enter your order number with the email address. Then click on the submit button for your order status.


Finally, all these products are cheap and eco-friendly. So, buy them at the earliest to brighten your night with all these fun glowing Flashy blinky lights.