Delta FlushIQ sensor toilet

Delta Toilets with FlushIQ Technology

The Delta FlushIQ Technology toilets are a smart move to make the bathrooms smarter than ever. This touch free flush system will work in many ways to prove it smart and intelligent. The four main benefits of these FlushIQ Technology Delta toilets are overflow protection, touch free, leak detection ability, and operate with the help of battery. These features are made to save water and time. Each of these technology works independently of the others. Let us get more into this FlushIQ Technology and see what these are all about.

Get inspired with the latest design and technology in flushing from Delta faucets. Read more about how flushIQ technology of Delta faucets work.

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Touch free flush work mechanism of FlushIQ Technology

  • Mechanism: The touch free flush system works by a simple wave of the hand. Wave your hand in front of the sensor located on the flush tank. The sensor captures the movement and triggers the flushing. This sensor is placed off the line to avoid unnecessary sensor triggering and is situated at the side of the flush tank.
  • Battery: The sensor system works on 4 AA batteries. The batteries are long lasting to stay for up to 2 years with normal use. The intelligent FlushIQ Technology will also indicate when it is time to change the batteries. The LED light on the sensor will blink in red color indicating that the battery is low. Once the red blinking starts, the battery may work for a maximum of one month before it stops working.
  • Manual flushing: If a situation arises, when the batteries are down, there are no handles attached to enable manual flushing. But in case the sensor stops working or face such problems, you may lift the tank lid off and press down the red lever for the manual flushing. This lever is heavy and may need some force. Using the manual lever is a onetime usage after which the flush tank will not be re-filled and you will need to replace the batteries before the next use.
    Once the batteries are replaced and this FlushIQ Technology Delta toilets works as normal, the lever will also be back to its position to use until next time.


The overflow protection system of Delta FlushIQ sensor toilet

The FlushIQ Technology has a sensor placed at the back of the bowl to look at the water level inside. In case the water level rises more than normal, this sensor will stop the flushing until the excess water recedes. The LED indicator will flash red and blue to indicate that there is an issue to solve.

The leak detection system of Delta FlushIQ Sensor Toilet

The leak detection of the FlushIQ Technology is also working on sensor. There are sensors inside the tanks to detect the water level. If the water level is reduced below normal and below the sensor, it will sense that there is a leakage and will flash yellow color on the LED outside, when it is flushed next time. This shows that there is leakage inside and need attention to correct.

Usually such tank leakage may go undetected and there would larger water wastage and money is also wasted paying the bills. With this leak detection method of FlushIQ Technology, only a little amount of water is wasted until the next flushing to know that there is a problem.