Tiny kitchen is always squeezy. You have less space as it is and it is difficult to get all your needy items inside without crowding them. Actually it is not hard to find the storage solutions. They are easy to find and does not cost much as well. Here are some clever ways to organize the kitchen for those who are struggling to find enough space.

Wall organization with pegboards: Starting with the walls, it has more potential than we think. Set up a metallic pegboard on the free wall, make it as big or small as the wall allows and paint it in matching colors, of course. Use this to hang the pans, scissors, potato masher, grater, and spoon caddy, anything that has a hookable handle. You can also have this pegboard mounted behind the kitchen door.


Stack them: It is nice to see the dishes kept one above the other beautifully but it takes more space to have them displayed such. A tiny kitchen can’t afford that. So sort the dishes and its lids separately. Then stack them according to the shape and size. Have the lids stacked separately. This saves you more space than you would expect. Having some stackable shelves inside or under shelf could also be used to sort the types.

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Utensil caddy saves space: The most convenient way to organize the utensils is to sort them in the drawer but what if you have not much space. Take those spoons and ladles out of the drawer and keep them in caddies on the counter or fix them up on the pegboard. The plates, cookie sheets, baking trays etc can also be organized in such way.

Cabinet doors: The cabinets are for storage and so are the cabinet doors. Nail in some nails on the inside of the cabinet doors. You can have the kitchen towels, measuring spoons, the lids, even the kitchen foil rolls could also be stored behind the cabinet doors. If you have a large cabinet, make use of a hanging show rack to organize things. Even small spice bottle could also fit right there on the doors.

Pullout racks is nothing new to a kitchen and I absolutely love its idea. But the narrow and higher pullout racks can fit in the space between the counter and refrigerator. Most of your pantry items could go there and save you space inside the cabinets. Al the bottled items that need not be inside the refrigerator stored right next to the refrigerator. You can have this kind of racks anywhere the space allows you to. Isn’t it clever?


Baskets everywhere: All those pretty baskets could grace the kitchen and increase your storage capacity. Instead of keeping everything simply in the cabinet use the baskets to organize things. They can be used to keep the small containers, unused lunch boxes for kids, water bottles, cooking books etc. It can also be used to sort things inside the cabinets. Just label them outside so that you know what is kept inside. It is easier to pull out a basket from the upper cabinet. Uniform looking baskets inside the cabinets gives a more organized look than having things kept randomly.

Magazine organizer reuse: The magazine organizers are not just for the magazines, it can be used in kitchen to store the foil, garbage can liners, water bottles of kids, lids, or for under the sink items. It can be used for the canned foods, potato or onion storage, anything that you feel is right. Just have it fixed on the inside of the cabinet doors, or simply keep them inside the shelf.

Hang the pans: Yes, do not waste you cabinets to have the pans, instead hang them. Use over head railing with hooks to hang the pans, woks etc. You could also use a pegboard for the same purpose.

Storage above the cabinets is not so popular. You can store the unused or less used items up above the cabinet space. Arrange them beautifully and uniformly so that it does not look a mess. Use baskets if you want to give the uniform effect. Equally effective is to store under the cabinets. Have some hanging shelves fixed under the cabinets for that extra space.

File organizer has other uses: Even if you could manage to store all your items in the tiny kitchen it does not mean organizing. I am sure you might have stored all the baking utensils together. So why not use a file organizer to ‘separate’ them and make it easier to take out one piece when you needed. It saves you time in sorting them.

Pot rail: A pot rail installed over the counter helps you hang all that can possibly. It not only saves space inside the cabinets, it gets the things handier. You can hang the regular using cutlery, mixing spoons, cups etc on them. Just run the rail all along the wall and get some hooks ready to use.

Magnets have a whole new idea of being useful in the kitchen. Fixing the magnets behind an old baking tray helps you stick the spice bottles on to them. The spice bottles should have a metallic lid on it. The magnetic strip can also be used to fix the knives on to them. It makes them easily accessible and safer. You can fix the magnetic board anywhere you prefer.

Under the sink is a space that is most neglected. This space could be used to store much more items that you would imagine. All the spray able items would definitely go under there, simply have a tension rod fixed so that those bottles can be hung. Place a magazine organizer on the cabinet door to keep the foils, garbage can liner etc. Get some caddy or baskets to keep other bottles like the dishwasher liquid, old bottles etc. Even a lazy susan placed under it would also do the job.