I had heard a lot about the DIY floating shelves that increase the storage space in kitchen. Mine is a small-medium sized kitchen, real old fashioned. Renovating it would cost be a lot and so far have not attempted it. The DIY floating shelves sounded attractive to me and I did make an attempt at it. Mine did come out just fine. I would call it pretty but I could still manage nonetheless.

DIY Floating Shelves

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Where did I have it?

The floating shelf was at the corner of the kitchen that didn’t have much space but would stay firm against the wall and also almost hidden. The drawer from my old dresser was lying around and I used one of the drawers as the shelf. I mounted it on the clean surface and I believe that all was done as it should be. I was so looking forward to use it to keep my blender there as it did take space on my counter.

To my great disappointment, the shelf couldn’t carry the weight of the machine and I had to drop the plan. When I placed the blender, screw that fixed the frame came undone. May be it was the wrong hardware or the weight didn’t fit well there. Either way the shelf was not to be used as intended.

Imaginations started floating

Naturally I figured lesser weighted items could go there. The shelf was wide enough, (10 x30 inches) so all my cook books could go there easily and got some free space inside as well. There were only 3 books so had more space on the shelf. I gathered all my plastic lids and had them kept in a bigger dish and placed it on the shelf. This relieved me of some more space. Now all my plastic boxes can be stacked one over the other. Now my cabinet looks organized, previously it had a stuffed look.

These plastic lids and books did not weigh much. I fixed the three mason jars I had under these. The lids were fixed with wood glue and the jar can be twisted and taken out. The rubber bands, spice packets from the takeaway go into these jars. I need to paint the jars in matching colors soon.

If the shelves could stand the weight you can also come up with such ideas that will save you more space. All those smaller items in the kitchen drawers can go into these jars. I you have larger jar, the better. But one must be sure that the jars are glued tight and will not come off.

I was motivated

I set out to make another two tiers of these floating shelves at the same spot. I followed the same steps as previous, but this time got the heavy duty items, just in case! Anyways, when the shelves were ready, I could clear our more items from my cabinets. I had to invest in some pretty baskets to have those items places neatly on my floating shelf, but it was worth everything. The only disappointment is that I still have my blender placed on the counter. I may have to make more space inside the cabinet to shift the blender in.

I was thinking of trying sturdier floating shelves in my nursery so that the toys would finally get some space above the ground and I no longer have to worry about tripping over them.