The classy looking farmhouse kitchen is never out of style. It is this popularity of farmhouse kitchens that has seeped into the modern kitchen designs. The modern farmhouse kitchen is a blend of the contemporary style with the rustic, wooden, dressy elegance of the farmhouse. You could design it in any way you want like, finish it with the accenting from the farmhouse style and you are done. Here are some ideas with which you can really pull off a modern looking farmhouse kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen

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Here are some of the farmhouse kitchen ideas:

  • Wooden floor to give a farmhouse kitchen look : One must start from the base level. Wooden floor is must. It doesn’t matter which style of wood you use, wooden it should be. I recommend using the worn out or distressed wood to give it a real look. Do not forget to have some wooden panels over head.
  • Island is a must for all farm houses. Make one as the space allows you to. The farmhouse island does not use granite top; it is mostly the butcher block. Since it is a modern farmhouse, the island can have both granite and the butcher block at the end.
  • Barstool is something that is part of farmhouse islands. Have some elegant looking barstools with while seating and white painted wood for the modern look.
  • White everywhere gives a farmhouse kitchen look: White is a universal color and has been travelling far enough. White is a color that suits both modern as well as antique kitchen designs. White should be the mandatory color for the modern farmhouse kitchen design. The cabinets, as many dishes all should be in white color. The curtains and blinds should also have the matching color in them. The least you could so is to have a white granite counter top.
  • Subway tile or the farmhouse kitchen tiles: backsplash and kitchen tiles are what you want in the farmhouse kitchen. Those small tiles will give an exact replica of a farmhouse right there in the urban kitchen. Make sure you have these tiles at least as the backsplash near the stove.
  • Mason or glass jars: It is a long time love affair between farmhouse kitchen and mason jar storage. Use mason jars to store your supplies. You could also go ahead and paint them in white to accent the design.
  • Open shelves: farmhouses have less closed cabinets and have many open shelves, either on the walls or as portable shelves on the floor. It is another must have part for the modern farmhouse kitchen. One open shelve per wall is not too much to ask for. The open shelves can be the place where you will be displaying your white dishes isn’t it?
  • White ceramic sink: A farmhouse kitchen cannot be complete without that white rectangular ceramic sink. You can experiment with the style in the faucets but not on the sink. It used to be old fashioned and is now back in business. There also are those steel colored sinks that are also fine for the modern farmhouse kitchen. But I would go with the white one.
  • Lighting: Antique lights are a necessity in farmhouse. It accents the entire the room. A glass pendant light would also be fine. The old fashioned pendant over the island is in my dream kitchen.
  • The dining table is mostly part of the modern kitchen as an extended accessory. In farmhouse kitchen ideas, the dining table is wooden, distresses wood at that. You could keep it in wooden color or paint it white to match the kitchen. Either way is nice to look at.