I am not a perfectionist but I am not messy either. I moved to a new apartment, arranged my rooms, kitchen etc. and then forgot all about it. Every once in a while I think of cleaning but then some other plans pop up and it fades away from my mind.

kitchen cabinet cleaner

Let’s be honest. Kitchen cabinets are one of the ‘taken-for-granted’ places in the kitchen. During the initial moving we crave to keep everything spic and span. But as the busy schedules call us, we tend to ignore it. Weekends are time to rejuvenate ourselves and we certainly do want to end up with a dust mop in hand.

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The transition for me began when my parents decided to move in with me. Things are going to change from now on. Strict schedules from my dad and my mom has always been a perfectionist. She goes out of her line to keep things clean and at times I feel she overdoes it especially the kitchen area.

So the weekend before my parents were arriving I was like a superman clone. Mopping, vacuuming and what not. Just when I thought I am done and wanted a coffee real bad, my eyes fell on the kitchen cabinet. How did I miss that?

The Coffee brought back my energy and I started with cleaning the kitchen cabinets. Thanks to splatter and spilling that left a greasy surface I have to start over. Now having metal cabinets turned out to be blessing for me since they are quite durable and not much of a difficult task. A bit of the trusted TLC and vigorous scrubbing did the trick.

And so continues the saga of cleaning the kitchen cabinets…I now try to keep my cabinets clean (not to mention my apartment as well) at least once a week.

Depending on the type of kitchen cabinets you are using, here are few ways to keep them durable and clean.

The best way to clean kitchen cabinets or any other cabinet for that matter is by using the good ol’ TLC. At times, warm water, all purpose cleaner (diluted) and scrubbing will work optimal. But the cabinet surface can get effected by such cleaning techniques.

Kitchen cabinet cleaner if you are having Wood Cabinets…

  • Use detergents: many homeowners use laundry detergent with water and blend them to clean the wood cabinets. Mix two cups of water with one cup of detergent. As wood is susceptible to water, do not over wet them. Apply the cleaning solution and clean it with a damp cloth. You can then wipe it again with a dry cloth.
  • Vinegar: If you are not a fan of using detergents on cabinets, mix vinegar and water to create a healthy cabinet cleaner. Vinegar works amazingly in getting rid of sticky films caused by greasy hands.
  • Baking soda: Have a hard stain that just won’t give up? Use baking soda. Create a paste by mixing it with water and then wipe it clean using wet cloth.

Kitchen cabinet cleaner if you are having Painted Cabinets…

Oil based painted cabinets are more durable than wood. They can handle good scrubbing as well. You can use the same products discussed above or go with all-purpose cleaner. You need not worry about the finish and will be able to scrub hard. This will get rid of the food borne bacteria and dirt. Just like wooden kitchen cabinets, the best way to get rid of stubborn stains is via baking soda and water.

However, if you have used water based latex style of paint, use caution when scrubbing. Worst case scenario, baking soda can scratch the surface area. At such times stick to warm water and a non-abrasive all purpose cleaner. Rub the surface gently.

Cleaning your kitchen cabinets if you are having Metal Cabinets…

Are one of the easiest surfaces to clean. All the above tricks work with metal except the baking soda. But like wood, make sure not to over wet it. Too much of damp over a prolonged period can lead to rust.

Bottom line…

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most used places. They are constantly exposed to dirt, grease, bacteria than any other area. So make sure you frequently clean the cabinets and keep your kitchen area clean for a healthy life throughout the year.