Lightwiki 6 Inch Warm White Modular LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Having single or just 2 lights in a room is an old-fashioned way of decorating a room. Layered lighting is the new fashion. It is adding many lights in various parts of the room. The lamps, floor lamps, etc are all part of this layered lighting. Lightkiwi under cabinet lighting is a popular brand for this type of lighting.

The most innovative layered lighting is the under cabinet lighting. Under cabinet lighting is adding light strips under the kitchen cabinets, or that in the wardrobes etc. The main idea of under cabinet lights is to have extra lighting in those hard to reach spaces. It also gives an elegant look to those spaces, with a warm glow highlighting those areas.

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Under cabinet lighting benefits

If the primary motive of under cabinet lighting is to light up those areas, the additional advantage is that it adds beauty to the décor. These lights are easy for installation and are suitable for almost all kinds of cabinets or shelves, whether inside or outside of them. This is the only type of lighting that is as good as universal in purpose.


  • Easy: As mentioned above, under cabinet lights do not require a vast installation process. It is simple and could finish sooner. Many of the under cabinet lighting, including Lightkiwi lighting, are DIY projects. It does not require specific skill levels to accomplish the tasks.
  • Highlighting: It highlights any area or space that you want to be the focus in the room. A focus in a room need not be an object; it can be a specific wall, design, or area, as in the case of a kitchen. These under cabinet light strips can serve the purpose easily and effortlessly. You no longer need any expensive piece of art to get attention. Simply light up the TV unit with these under cabinet light and you are done.
  • Ambience: Under cabinet lighting is always an additional lighting to a room. It increases the brightness in the room and also the overall vibrancy or the ambience as well.
  • Energy efficient: Under cabinet lighting in the kitchen would surely be lighting up the counter tops. This allows you NOT to use the overhead lights that uses more power and wattage. These under cabinet lights would give enough lighting to work on the counters. More importantly, it lights up the focal areas where you are most likely to work. This is an advantage for the elderly people and avoids accidents due to poor lighting. Under cabinet lighting can be installed inside the cabinets. That helps in lighting up the far corners inside cabinets.

Other Benefits

  • No shadows: This is the best feature about under cabinet lighting. No matter how efficient the overhead lighting is or how expensive it can be, it is bound to create shadows. Under cabinet lights do not create shadows that can mask the lights to the working area in the kitchen or inside the closets. This calls for safer food preparation.
  • Low budget makeover: Under cabinet lights might seem expensive if you are looking for LED lights, but that is nowhere near the other options to have a makeover to your kitchen or any room that you choose. Installing the under cabinet lights add some style to improve the interior value of the room.

Types of under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting are strips of lighting in either tube form or as simple strips. They can be fluorescent, LED or Xenon. The advantage of these lighting is to avoid excess heat up in those areas. These lights emit less heat and can light real cool.

The most popular are LED lighting that has better longevity than any other lights. They consume very less power and can provide cool lights. LED lights are available in different colors also so you have a better choice with colors in this light type. You can have strips, spot fixtures, tape-like or any kind, with the LED under cabinet lighting.

Lightkiwi under cabinet lighting

Lightkiwi is a leading LED light manufacturer. They offer affordable lighting solutions for everyone on a budget. The under cabinet lighting from Lightkiwi is easy to install and gives a professional touch. It gives an instant makeover to the kitchen. They are energy saving, saving you almost 80% of power than before. No need to worry about the light as it gives bright light.

Why choose Lightkiwi under cabinet lighting?

  • Lightkiwi under cabinet comes as a complete kit so that you can install it as soon as possible. All that you need for the installation are there is the package. There would be double sided tape or the mounting material for the installation.
  • It is suitable to use in any room, whether it is kitchen, pantry, garage, closets, or counters. It can also be used for bathrooms and utility space or anywhere you need lighting.
  • Lightkiwi lights are very thin that they can stay hidden. They are thin but can supply maximum light.
  • It can be used as highlighters behind the TV, parking lights etc. The Lightkiwi lights have detection sensor (not all lights have this feature) to use near the garage doors.

Lightkiwi under cabinet lighting – choices

Lightkiwi under cabinet lights are 6 or 12 inches long. It comes in different packs that have a different number of such lights in them. All of them are LED lights that emit cool temperature light that is bright. They are mostly complete kits with all that are needed. Then there is the LED light strip with changing colors and single LED puck lights. You can also avail the power supplies and other needed accessories as separate items. Let’s see some of those here.

6 Inch warm white modular LED under cabinet lighting- Basic kit (1 panel)

The basic kit of Lightkiwi under cabinet lighting is a single panel of LED light that runs 6 inches long. The panel is just 9mm thick, made of aluminum. The mounting brackets are provided; you just need to screw them in. this 6 inches LED light panel emits the light with 150 lumens brightness. The panel contains 24 LED bulbs attached to it. The total power consumption is only 1.8 watts.

The light beam emitted is at an angle of 90 degrees. The facility of a dimmer that comes with the kit allows you to reduce the brightness as needed.

Plugging into the power outlet allows you to have the normal lighting in the 110V power. In case you want to use the dimmer, the connection of the main panel will have to bypass through a junction box. The dimmer switch is incompatible to work on a direct power supply.

6 Inch cool white modular LED under cabinet lighting- Pro Kit (12 panels)

12 panels of 6 inches white modular LED under cabinet lighting is a professional kit to cover an entire room. Each of the 12 panels is 6 inches long. It is sturdy and made of aluminum. These 12 panels together are bright enough to have 1800 lumens. Each panel has 24 LED bulbs that work on low power. The total power consumption of these panels is just 21.6 watts.

These panels emit the beam of light at an angle of 90 degrees. There is also the dimmer switch provided to control these panels to reduce or increase the brightness of the emitted light.

What is in the package

  • This pro kit comes with 12 Lightkiwi LED under cabinet lighting panels of 6 inches long.
  • A power supply of 24 watts for the panels
  • A dimmer switch
  • 4-way splitter for the modular LED under cabinet lighting
  • Individual interconnect cables for each of the 12 panels. The cable is 3 ft long
  • 12 modular connector
  • 24 mounting brackets 2 each for each panel

12 Inch warm white modular LED under cabinet lighting – Pro kit 12 panels

The 12 inch warm white modular LED under cabinet lighting is brighter with more lumens to it. There are 12 panels to make the complete kit. The panels are 12 inches long and 9 mm thick. This aluminum made panels are, as usual, simple for installation with the required mounting brackets within the package.

The bright light from these panels is 3360 lumens from the 24 LED bulbs from each of them. The total wattage for these panels is 36 watts at maximum. The power supply is 24v that allows minimum heat distribution and better longevity.

The dimmer provided allows dimming of the brightness to suit the requirements. It is easy to control, with the only requirement is to have a junction box rather than a direct power supply.

In the package

  • 12 panels of warm white LED under cabinet lighting
  • 36 watts power supply that links to each of the 12 panels
  • Dimmer switch
  • 4-way splitter for the lighting
  • 3 ft long interconnect cable for each of the panels
  • 12 modular connectors
  • 24 mounting brackets

3.5 Inch cool white LED puck light

It is not just the light strips that fall under the category of under cabinet lighting. These individual puck lights are also among them. These puck lights from Lightkiwi are 3.5 inches in diameter with many LED light bulbs inside them. These bulbs emit warm white colored light to illuminate the selected cabinet area.

These puck lights are suitable inside or outside the cabinets. They can be used as spot lights inside the cabinets or showcases to highlight something inside them.

These Lightkiwi pluck lights are7 mm in thickness. This is also made in aluminum with the simple installation process. Each light can illuminate the area with its 280 lumens from the 42 LED bulbs. Each LED bulb here is Epistar 3528. They consume only 3 watts at maximum brightness. Even the Pluck lights from Lightkiwi are dimmable with the help of a dimmer switch.

The package includes 1 piece of 3.5 inches wide cool white LED pluck light, 4 inches of interconnect cable, mounting screws. The interconnect cable is mostly pre-installed for the individual lights.

Lilium 6 inch warm white modular LED under cabinet lighting panel

This under cabinet lighting panel is completely white. Here also the installation is simple process with the mounting accessories provided. The panel emits 200 lumens of bright light from 21 LED bulbs inside. They consume only 2.5 watts of power individually.

The advantage here is that the light beam is angled at 120 degrees rather than 90 degrees as in the case of other panels. This allows maximum illumination. The dimmer switch is available with this pack as well.

Lilium 12 inch warm white modular LED under cabinet lighting panel

This is 12 inches long panel with almost the same specifications as of the 6 inches panel. The only difference is in the number of LED bulbs used and the lumens. Here there are 49 LEDs lighting up to 400 lumens. Each bulb consumes 5 watts and emits the light beam with an angle of 120 degrees.


In addition to this individual pluck lights, a pack of pluck lights are also available. They are available in kits that have 3-4 pluck lights and their accessories in it. The light option could be warm or cool white.

The individual light strip panels are also available from Lightkiwi. In case one strip of a panel has any fault, you can easily get a replacement for purchase. Both the 6 inch and 12 inch panels are available.

Among the accessories is the Lightkiwi Q3977 hardwire kit for LED under cabinet lighting. This hardwires kit includes a 40-watt dimmable transformer, dimmable switch, and 6ft long interconnect cable.


There is also a difference in shape for the panels as in the case of triangular panels. For the bathrooms, waterproof panels are up for sale. Both these varieties are 12 inches long.

Complete kits

The complete kits are available with 3 panels, 4 panels, and as many as 9-12 panels. The kit may have the 6-inch panels, 12-inch panels, pluck lights or the Lilium panels.

  • Basic kit has only 1 panel in it
  • Premium kit is the one with 3 panels. These 3 panel kits include that of the popular Lightkiwi T1228 under cabinet lighting.
  • The 4 panels kit is the standard kit
  • Pro kits would have either 9 panels or 12 panels
  • Lilium Pro kit includes only the 9 panels while another variety has only 12-panel kits.

Lightkiwi under cabinet lighting reviews

Of the various reviews on under cabinet lighting, Lightkiwi under cabinet lighting ranks top. They are considered the high-end lighting, the top quality ones. It is the Lightkiwi T1228 3 panel complete kit that has managed to get into these top 5 ratings for under cabinet lighting.

The ease of installation, low power consumption, and economical price are the highlights of Lightkiwi under cabinet lighting. The neat finish, with a professional look, is admired by many users.

  • Jamie had the under cabinet lighting done within an hour’s time. She had done the wiring pre-done so it was way easier for her. For those are starting after the lighting has arrived may have to spend more time in wiring if they want to have the lighting inside the cabinets.
  • Richards is another happy customer who had a complaint that the wiring provided in the kit was sufficient for his needs. He suggests the connecting wires available online as a good accessory for these products.
  • Slade prefers these Lightkiwi under cabinet lighting over his old battery operated lights. He is satisfied with the clean look and light weight of the frame. The only complaint she had was that she was not able to mount the dimmer switch on the wall and had to hide it under the cabinet.
  • Mary had a tough time installing since there was no instruction manual along with the package. This makes it difficult to estimate where to install the lighting. There was also no information as to leaving some space for the connectors. Otherwise, she is happy and satisfied with this under cabinet lighting.


Lighting has its value and space in the interior decoration. These under cabinet lighting have a special elegance to it. To make it all easy for you, Lightkiwi under cabinet lighting offers many choices at a cheaper rate and that can also run for longer than many other brands. It is sure to keep you happy and satisfied.