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Use Lite Source lighting to illuminate your personal or professional atmosphere. A well engineered product, Lite Source comes in various styles that range from trendy to classic depending on your home and your preference. Read on to know more about how it all works for you. For starters, there are thousands of products to choose from.



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About Lite Source

Started in the year 1983 right here in California, USA, the company imported only from trustworthy suppliers. Through the years the company has evolved in such a way that currently there are separate branches for each of the product categories not to mention more than 183,000 square foot of headquarters for distribution worldwide. All the designs are manufactured in China and shipped from California.

Why to buy from Lite Source?

For starters, there are thousands of products to choose from. Ranging from ceiling lamps to wall lamps you can find everything of your choice right here. Yes, that’s right. This is your one stop online store for any lighting needs.

The website is absolutely user friendly by categorizing the products depending on their styles i.e. contemporary to classic. This is the starting step to the user to choose from the products based on their likings.

For instance, once you are in your style say, classic, you have several options such as:

  • Body color
  • Body material
  • Shade colors
  • Shade material
  • Lamp dimension
  • Shade dimension and few more to choose from

By punching in the options, you will be provided with the product that matches your requirements as that’s as simple as it gets.

Categories – Lite Source

Here are few of the categories in the vast selection of beautiful and affordable lamps.

  • Lite Source pendant lights: hanging mini pendant lights that are a stylish way to light up your space
  • Lite Source light bulbs: comes in various shapes, volts and types. From halogen bulb to incandescent to fluorescent bulbs you can choose the one that lighten up your indoors
  • Lite source chandeliers: can put a positive spin on your living room not to mention add a topic of conversation for your friends
  • Lite Source under cabinet lighting: useful for under cabinet purposes, you will find rare collections of cabinet stripe lights that are available in LED and Fluorescent base.
  • Lite Source TV stands: are you looking for TV stands? Here are two and three tier TV stands that are a must do in your indoor for excellent viewing. Currently there are two finishes – black and silver which you can go as per the suiting of your home.
  • Lite Source table lamps: For voracious readers, here are few table lamps that will help you to involve in the land of books without disturbing your partner. There are single and pair of table lamps for either side of your bed. Be it for kids table or for couples, these table lamps come with classy and contemporary styles that adds a trendy look to your bedroom.
  • Lite Source vanity lights: Brighten the room where you feel it needs more light by simply adding decorative and stylish vanity lights. From make up room to bedroom, you can choose the area you want to set the lights.


Reviews – Lite Source

The products of Lite Source have received mixed reviews from people. A general consensus say that they wouldn’t find a better brand than Lite Source but the other side voice that there are certain unreversible flaws that need to be noted by the company. For instance the body of the lamps are very fragile and do not stand rigid as claimed by the company. Another flaw is the bulb that needs to be tested before sending out for delivery as it tends to flicker after a while. Few users suggest that the body size as mentioned in the website and the one delivered to them are entirely different. For instance one user who bought a lamp 17.5” was delivered with 11” lamp while another who ordered a 20.5 inches tall was delivered with 12 inch lamp. This is another downside that the company needs to be vigilant about.

Lite Source lighting


“Nice lamp but…” – KateXgirl

I was looking for somethign contemporary and modern and this lamp is just what I wanted. However, I don’t think it is sturdy and I am sure that the first time it gets knocked over it will break.

“Much smaller than advertised” – MalibuGirl

I purchased this item thinking it was much larger but never knew I was in for a surprise and not a good one though. In the dimension of the website, it says 20.5 inches tall. It is more like 12 inches tall at best. It looks nice but is very small and I need something bigger for my space and hence I am sending it back. The lamp is also made in China and is not UL listed or certified. Another no no in my book.

“Smoke came out” – RMNYC

I got my lamp during 2012 winter time. Today morning smoke came out after I switched on my lamp. My cat who like to sleep around the lamp could have gotten hurt. I am going to find out how much it takes to rewire the unit. I do like this lamp but if people have ordered this lamp (mine was manufactured in 2011) make sure you proceed with caution.

“Great lamp” – Justbrowsing

We purchased two of these lamps and love them both. One has perfect lines going around and the other has choppier lines and you can tell they were hand applied making them quite unique. In a dark room, a single lamp can light up the entire room much enough to read. The only downside is its on/off switch that is fixed on the cord which means you need to go behind the night stand to switch it off.

“Giacomo lamp excellent” – DA

I have had this lamp for a few months now and I am loving it. It has an art deco feel. Each shade appears to be somewhat unique and I cannot ask more for my home.

“Loved the Lite Source lamp” – JJ Smith

Purchased the lamp for a bed side table as I wanted something that was just the right size while proving as a good light source for bedtime reading. Not only was it the right size but also provides a good lumens and looks great too. Am definitely pleased with this purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lite Source available at

Yes, Lite Source products are available at various online websites such as, at an affordable price.

What is the phone number of Lite Source customer service?

You can either contact the customer service via phone at (909) 597-8892 Monday through Friday or you can find local stores/showrooms near your area via this link.

Are there any Lite Source coupon codes or discount codes available online?

There are many websites that offer discount/coupon codes that works well in giving you a cut off price on the product you choose.

How are the reviews for Lite Source duality II torchiere lamp from users?

The product has received 3.2/5 star rating in from users who have purchased this product. Sadly, majority of users have voted against the product and apparently have noted lots of flaws with the product.

Are furniture available at Lite Source?

Yes, there are furnitures available at Lite Source but they are in limited source when compared to other propular brands such as Legion furniture.

Can Lite Source be used for medical purposes?

Medical replacement light bulbs are readily available at lite source. Right from operating bulbs to opthalmic/eye chart bulbs to medical surgery bulbs, you can find everything at

Where does Lite Source manufacture its products?

The products are manufactured in China but are packed and shipped from California.

What is the official website of Lite source?

The official website of lite source is

What is the Lite Source warranty?

All the products from Lite source come with one year warranty.