Madeli B911-20-002-WA Arezzo-20 Bottom Vanity Base, Wall Hung

Madeli vanity – Add elegance to your home

Shop madeli vanities that features crafted Italian designs that are a class above other competitors in the market. These stylish vanities completely change the outlook of your kitchen and bathroom. Hundreds of products are available at madeli vanity that are both simple as well as ooze trendy look motivating everyone to take a second look at your kitchen.

Madeli vanity


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About Madeli – why to buy Madeli products

Madeli is a 5 decade old company that is still giving many of its competitors a good run for their money. Keeping in mind the changing trends and perspective of users, Madeli has evolved itself in such a way maintaining a good balance between timeless styles and optimum performance of the product that are vitally important to you – the end users.

Well engineered products with easy to use features, the company ensures that homeowners can actually a good brand and quality product without burning a hole in their pocket. So what makes this company such a hit?

For starters, Madeli products are made out of high grade materials not to mention top branded and trademark hardware companies such as Grasshopper, Blum etc. the wooden furniture come with furniture grade plywood not to mention coated with solid wood veneer. If this is not all the product is safeguarded with multiple layers of polyurethane coating that is water resistant and ensures protection of your product for a good time in the years to come. Because of their bonding properties, they work excellently in wood, metals or other products and is an ideal material of coating to inhibit corrosion or wearing off issues.

All the products are inspected vigilantly by the AQET Teams (Onsite Quality Assurance Engineering Teams) periodically to make sure that only the best of the products reach the users.

Products & Categories

Currently there are three categories such as bathroom furniture, wash basins and kitchen sinks but there are hundreds of models for you to choose from. Let’s see few from the respective areas.

Madeli Bathroom furniture and its accessories

There are myriad selection to choose from the Madeli bathroom vanity designs. From single bowl to double bowl vanities, you can choose from the color finish that will go well with your bathroom. Size is one of the best options for those who are dealing with space constraints. Right from 18”-24” to 49”-72”, there are lot of sizes that you can opt for depending on the bathroom size. These bathroom vanities include sink plus cabinet (with multiple drawers and section) along with mirrors. You can choose the range depending on both the size and your budget.



For instance, the Bolano – 72” from Madeli offers you European style handles that features extra storage space and soft closing drawers. Basically counter top bathroom vanities, these cabinets are made out of refined wood, it is completed with polyurethane protected finish. This ensures long last along with exemplary features. You can opt for the color of finish – Walnut or Ash Grey to give it a contemporary look.

Madeli Wash basins & its accessories

Madeli wash basins come with different versions that become a classy furnishing feature to your home. Madeli has introduced X-Stone in the range of wash basins that speak volume about quality. Yes, price is definitely a matter when choosing the products from Madeli as they do not come cheap. But when looking at the features they offer you, it is a foolproof bet that you can make.



The X-Stone solid surface collection of counter tops and basins from Madeli has been manufactured to deliver superior quality and benefits. A well engineered collection, Madeli wash basins collection of X-Stone are non-porous and monolithic material. This means absolute resistant to mold, scratch, stain or mildew even after prolonged use. It is quite easy to clean and maintain the product. If that’s not enough, if in any case the finishing wears off, you can give a call to the customer service to fix the finishing at any point of your life.

The base of 65% organic ATH composition makes the X-Stone collection absolutely fire resistant and 30% lighter than any other counter top products in the market.

X-stone collection from Madeli also offer you tempered glass and stone vessels that feature creative designs for enhancing the look of your home.

Madeli Kitchen sinks & its accessories – Madeli sinks

There are four different collection with pretty good models to choose from. From gold to platinum to urban, you can choose the kitchen sinks that look great in your home. The kit includes everything you need in keeping your kitchen sinks durable and lasting. Right from bowl sink to basket strainer to bottom grids, you will find it right under your nose. It is sound proofed for stop the rattling noises inside and provide optimum benefit for you.

madeli sinks


Other kitchen accessories such as basket strainer, colander, cutting/drying board etc. are also provided by Madeli.

Madeli Reviews

Many people loved the product and have good words to share. Users opine that the product not only looks excellent but feels good too. Though the duration of usage is yet to be figured out as the reviews are just 1-2 years old, consumers seem to have loved products of Madeli and have given 4-5 out of 5 star ratings in various marketing websites.

On the downside, products of Madeli tend to be quite expensive that can be little difficult for people living on a budget.

“Totally changed the look” – Rein ensage

My mom got Madeli bathroom vanities to get our small bathroom redone. The tiled shower made it look bigger than it used to. The fresh paint, new shower head and the new toilet made out old bathroom look like a contemporary bathroom.

“Beautiful walnut color vanity” – Lissette, NY

The walnut color goes great with my bathroom. The hardware is sturdy. The adjustable pull out and self closing drawers with doors are of excellent quality. Overall, its a valuable product for the money I paid.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does the urban collection of madeli sinks come with strainer?

Yes, all the products under kitchen sinks are offered with pure stainless steel basket strainer to suit your purpose.

How are the reviews of madeli vicenza from users?

The bathroom vanity base of madeli vicenza have got positive reviews from people. Many consumers have appreciated the solid construction of the product while adding a contemporary style to the unit.

What is the prominent feature of madeli medicine cabinets?

The prominent feature of madeli medicine cabinets is its frame less body and a plain outside mirror. It also comes with interior mirror for an added visibility. The soft closing door from the branded company Blum protects the cabinets and its fragile glass mirror. Made out of solid wood it is completed with veneer finish polyurethane protection that not only adds beauty but also stays durable.

What are the colors available for Madeli Aversa?

The temepered glass vesself – madeli aversa is available online at two types – Clear Natural and Frosted Natural.

I live in Florida. Are there any madeli dealers in or near my area?

To check the madeli dealer near your area, punch in your zip code in the link – to do a volunteer check of madeli products.

Where can I find madeli installation instructions?

The installation guide for madeli products are available online. Choose the product you want to order and below the image are the installation guide in pdf format for your easy viewing.

Are there any negative madeli kitchen sink reviews available online?

There are not much reviews available online but from what seen about madeli kitchen sink, users are quite happy with the product delivered and have nice opinion to say about the product.

Does madeli products come with warranty?

Madeli gives one year guarantee for service if any defects arise right from the date of purchase. The X-stone collection of Madeli comes with 10 year warranty against defects from the original date of purchase.

Does madeli sell replacement parts online?

Yes, you can buy replacement parts online at the official website of madeli.