Not long after I finished my kitchen design, I happened to visit a friend’s house who was a bachelor (self-proclaimed of course at 45 years old). He hardly cooked but that was no reason for him not to have a kitchen. If you have not had a chance to visit a bachelor’s house, you probably have the idea of clothes lying around in the living room, unmade beds and the kitchen full of unclean utensils. But at 45, this Jake was different. He had a clean kitchen, a clean home and he seldom entertained guests.

I was one of the very few visitors to his place and I always had a pleasant time at his place. His place is a studio apartment and you hardly saw anything lying around. There were no newspapers. You don’t get to see a lot of books (though he seems to have read almost everything I mention). There are no Magazines. The television is in his bedroom and the living room is spic and span clean.

What I did not realize was that his kitchen was one of its kinds. You hardly get to see any utensils outside. It seems like he has no plates, no glasses, I can’t see any forks or knives, no spoons either. He mentioned the designer saying something about a minimalist kitchen design. That was new to me and what I checked was really impressive.

A minimalist kitchen is perfect for people who have very little cooking to do. There are just the basic necessities. A few measuring cups, a couple of pans and just the right set of glasses and plates with the other kitchen necessities to make a decent breakfast. Of course this is not something which you would want if you were going to cook every day and surely insufficient for people who are going to cook for 5!

But then the minimalist kitchen is just the right thing for single people. There is great space in the kitchen, very little that you can see and best of all; You just don’t feel that there is a kitchen while you are standing right on it.

But don’t be fooled by the looks. Professional designers have come up with a Minimalist designer kitchen which can house everything a cook needs but with nothing to be seen. I know it’s a bit of a trouble finding the right utensil at the right time if you need it. You hate to search through all the cupboards to find an can opener! But then thinking of the looks itself, I may really want to consider one of these designs in the future.