New England Arbors Sturbridge Vinyl Lamp Post

I had two wooden lampposts in my patio, however; they were rotting sadly after standing high for around 15 years straight. I badly wanted them back but I was reluctant to go for the wooden built. It was high time that I decided on something that looked better. I also wanted to invest in a piece that will stay permanently without much maintenance and replacements. Man, I got the stunning New England arbors Sturbridge lamp post. They have a classy look and all the colonial pride.

Sturbridge Lamp Post Review

I bought a piece from our trusted online giant the great daddy I was not sure how the whole thing would come and look like. However, to my surprise, the lamppost came in pieces in a well-packaged box. Prompt delivery and high-quality stuff as promised. It comes with an instruction manual that helps you to put together and install the whole lamppost. It has a majestic look when you look from the far or with a bare eye that is not looking for the details. If you go near and steal a look, you might get the plastic feel but that does not matter.

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I ordered another piece after the first one and some of my friends have ordered for the same. Everyone who visited my patio loved its appearance and said that it adds to the beauty of my house. This lamp post is weather resistant as it is vinyl make. The post includes a universal 3-inch collar mounting cap that allows you to install a lamp of your choice.

Features In A Quick Glance

  • Weather-resistant and UV resistant
  • Does not change color and remains true to its quality
  • Lamppost dimension: 5 W x 5 D x 72 H inches
  • 3-inch standard lamp collar mount
  • In-ground allowance 24 inches
  • Made of vinyl material and white in color
  • 20 years warranty period
  • Comes in a neatly packed box
  • Easy to assemble

Where To Buy New England Arbors Lamp post

You can buy this lamppost from various online portals like home depot, Amazon, and other affiliate sites. Buying from Amazon will ensure prompt delivery and service. The lamppost comes without the lantern and if you are ordering from Amazon, you can check for lantern varieties and choose your pick.

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Customer Reviews

The majority of the customers love the product quality and build. They admit that it is easy to clean and requires no maintenance in general. The Sturbridge lamp post essentially offers extra beauty to the landscape and compliments any setting. It also guides your footsteps when dark and adds a colonial touch to your outdoor garden.


The Sturbridge lamp post is a plastic make product and stands in front of the yard like a true masterpiece. It looks classy and elegant with the white polish. If you do not love the plastic feel then this is not for you. However, this lamppost has a great look and is lightweight. You can install it easily and is economical when compared to a wooden lamppost.