Newport Brass NB499-01 Brasstech Lavatory Drain

Newport brass is one of the wizards in the plumbing industry and provides you with whole new look of kitchen and bathroom fixtures at an economical price. Read on to know more about Newport brass, the company, reviews from users and many more. Here you can find a huge range of collection that will leave you confused but in a good way.

About the company Newport Brass

Founded in the year 1987, the company is more than two decades old and have hands on experience in the plumbing industry. Began by father and son duo, they started out small but the desire to grow made them devote their time for develop crafting fixtures that add a classic touch to every consumer in USA.

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In 2002, the big giant Masco Corporation acquired the rights of Brasstech, Inc. and are currently delivering not just faucets but also kitchen and bath cabinets, spas, showering and other decorative hardware to lighten up your home. If this is not enough, they teamed up with another big fish, GINGER in 2004 to reach out to cover the USA market wholly.

Collections – Newport brass

A huge range of collection that will leave you confused but in a good way, Newport brass delivers you hundreds of products that range from traditional to contemporary to universal. Be it for showering use or kitchen accessories, you will find it right under the nose of Newport brass. Here are a few of the categories and the respective products FYI.

Newport Brass Bath / Tub & Shower

Enjoy a luxurious bath at the end of the day with newport brass products that ranges from a variety of wall mount faucets with tub and shower sets that infuses a combo of brilliant technology and creative ideas put together. Derived from roman style, these accessories will ease down your worries as you kick back to a warm soothing relaxed environment at the end of your day. Solid body construction made out of sturdy brass that lasts a good life giving you the right satisfaction for your money. Few of the products include towel rings, toilet paper holders, robe hooks, grab bars, lights and many more.

newport brass reviews


Newport Brass Kitchen

Kitchen is a place where you can actually attain ‘inner peace’. If you love cooking and want to initiate an own sense of style in the kitchen, then newport brass delivers you few of the finest styles that will be a great place of hangout when your friends show up. With prep sink and kitchen faucets, you will be more than ready to indulge in some lavish cooking and a healthy lifestyle.



Few of the products in kitchen range include, water dispensers, faucet hole cover, air activated disposer switch and many more. Constructed with solid brass, these products are available at 27 different finishes that will go well with your bathroom.

Newport Brass Undersink Accessories

Do not underestimate and compromise on cheap quality products when it comes to under sink accessories. Be it for kitchen or for tub and shower, shower drain or garbage disposer flange are of prominent features that come with wear-resistant brass that stand the test of time. They are not only available at a great price but also last long than other flimsy products in the market.



Newport Brass Reviews – what people have to say

Newport brass have received mixed reviews from people. While a group that the product is working just fine without messing up, other group has to say otherwise. A general consensus claim that the cartridge needs replacement which costs a good amount. Another user claim that the customer service is quite poor and the company delivers flimsy products that are not really designed well and can turn tables anytime making the users face a loss for the amount they paid. Users in websites such as have given 2.5/5 star ratings for newport brass products. Other draw back is the brand – Ginger that merged with Newport brass but seems to have faded out of faucet business which makes it difficult to find the spare parts making it a headache for users who have purchased the brand.

Newport brass reviews :“Rip off” – AB, Texas

I will not recommend this company or its products ever. I have over $6000 of fixtures in my bathroom. They are less than three years old. When I needed to replace my shower cartridge which costs around $250 and the plastic diverter in the tub faucet was sheared. The part could not have cost more than $10. I called up the customer service in the hope of finding a replacement but they give me the part number and asked to find a local dealer. The dealer had the wrong part so I had to run to the customer service who said that they did not have the replacement part and it is better to buy a new faucet that costs $1300.

I asked about the warranty and there was no reply. I even addressed a not to the president of the company and still no reply. A poor product and a company who is not interested in satisfying the customers.

Newport brass reviews: “So far so good” – Jimmer

I have bought and installed this about 1.5 years ago. Till now there have been no leaks or drips. Now only time can tell if it really holds up. It looks really great and shines up the room.

Newport brass reviews: “Made in America with brass fittings” – Yoga Mommy

All the Koehlers in my new home leaked and had to be replaced. Newport brass is a true USA product and since the fittings are brass (not plastic like Koehler), they work excellently. They are quite expensive but really worth the price.




Frequently Asked Questions

How are the quality reviews of Newport brass kitchen faucets?

The opinions from users are quite mixed. A general consensus claim that the product runs good and has been running for more than 3-4 years without giving any trouble while others claim that the customer service is quite poor and claim that the original receipt is a must while claiming warranty which is difficult in some case especially when you are talking about a product that has been running for 2-3 years.

What are Newport brass finishes available for bathroom faucets?

You can choose the design you prefer that range from wall mount to widespread faucet and go with the one that meshes well with your bathroom style. There are over 27 unique finishes such as Antique Nickel, Antique brass, Biscuit, Flat Black, Forever brass and many more for you to choose from.

Where can I find Newport brass Chesterfield model and can I use it for kitchen?

The Chesterfield design from newport brass is best recommended for bath uses and comes with 27 different finishes. Made out of solid brass, the product is readily available online and comes with proper warranty. Make sure to read them before you order the product.

Can I check Newport brass shower head on any retail store?

Yes, if you want to check out the product before buying them out, you can simply punch in your zip code and find out the nearest showroom for newport brass dealers to check the product voluntarily for your own peace of mind.

Where will I find Newport brass bathroom faucets replacement parts?

You can either contact newport brass customer service or ask the nearest dealer to get a replacement part. Make sure to check the warranty before you order the product.

Where will I contact Newport brass customer service?

You can call the customer service at (949) 417-5207 or fill up a form where you can mention your queries and the customer service will contact you ASAP.

Does Newport brass come with discount codes or coupon codes?

Yes, there are many websites such as that not only offer you quality products of newport brass at a discounted price but will also carry additional warranty.

Is Newport brass products available at home depot?

Yes, you can check or lowes online if you want to check newport brass products.

Where will I find Newport brass installation instructions?

When you choose the product online, you will find the specifications and instruction guide below the image area. However, you will also be provided with instruction manual when it is delivered.

Where exactly is Newport brass located?

Newport brass has its wings in all the 50 states of USA. They are also available worldwide at more than 8 countries such as UAE, China, Bangladesh, El Salvador and many more.

Does Newport brass mirrors come with warranty?

Mirrors come with two years deserving warranty from the date of purchase. It is better to maintain the product properly by checking out the cleaning instructions.

Are all products of Newport brass made in usa?

Yes, all the products of Newport brass are manufactured completely in USA.

Where are Newport brass outlets available?

Newport brass outlets are available in all the 50 states of USA. All you have to do is type in the zip code and you can find the nearest newport brass location.

Where will I find Newport brass door knockers on sale?

Sites such as, carry door knockers of newport brass for sale at a reduction amount.

Can Newport brass quick ship the product to me?

If you want the product delivered as early as possible, then newport brass initiates quick shipping that delivers you products within 3-5 business days.