The definition of a dream kitchen varies from person to person. Some likes open kitchen while others prefer a closed kitchen with more privacy. Some like lighter colors and others would like to have darker shades. These are some of the dream kitchen must haves ideas.

dream kitchen must haves ideas

There are a few items in the kitchen that are must-have in any kitchen. There are many factors that make the kitchen look dreamy and stand out from the traditional ones. The modern kitchen has got a lot more than the traditional ones but the outcome could still be the same. Here are some general dream kitchen must haves that are not costly, to say the least to make your kitchen look awesome and inviting.

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  • Open kitchen: Open kitchen is the rage no matter what the floor plan and how the working triangle is placed. The open kitchen makes the room feel bigger. The advantage of the open floor plan is that it suits both the modern design as well as the traditional kitchens. With your existing closed kitchen, all you need to do is to remove the separating wall and have a small island placed in that spot.
  • Light fixture: The most inviting feature in a kitchen is its lighting. There are various options to have lighting done for your kitchen. The most popular one is the under the shelves LED strip lights. It provides a glow all along the cabinets making it look like something out of a fairy tale. While choosing a lamp, make sure that it gets all the focus when lighted. Choose the size of the light according to the kitchen size.
  • Open shelves: Do not cover up all the cabinets, leave one or two open. If that is not possible, install some floating shelves that are cheaper. Paint them in suiting colors to get the finish. Now you can place your pretty looking dishes in display. Top it with a flower vase to add colors.
  • Backsplash: The kitchen might look bland without a backsplash behind the hob. It is one of the mandatory must-haves for all kitchens. The backsplash is the centre point of a kitchen and without it, the kitchen would be the same as only other room.
    dream kitchen must haves
  • Island kitchen: A small island, no matter how small it is can add taste to the kitchen. It makes an extra work station as well as for storage. You don’t need to spend money on this, simply drag an old rolling cabinet to the centre. Decorate it as you wish. Fix some shelves around it to have a small herb garden right in the middle of the kitchen and you are done.
  • Dishwasher is another must-have in any kitchen. You like to hand wash the dishes? Fine, but the dish washer is convenient when you have guests and also make it perfect with all appliances.
  • Refrigerator is already there in the kitchen then why does it has to be in the must—have list again? Well, in a dream kitchen you need a modern refrigerator that can keep the things chilled and also have ports for water and ice separately to make it look cool. Choose a steel colored one for the elegance. This is something you have to invest and cannot come that cheap as you may think. The least you could do is to ensure that your refrigerator gas ample storage capacity and a well organized look inside. Think you can pull it off?
  • Appliance garage: Why haven’t I thought about THAT? You might already have all kinds of kitchen appliances but have you thought about an appliance garage where you keep all your appliances. You can keep them all in the same place and is also easy to manage. This is the coolest idea I have come across and I am already working on to convert one of my cabinets into this awesome appliance station. One for all, all for one!
  • Pantry: Not everyone can have the luxury of having a separate room for the kitchen items. The best solution is to make a specific space a pantry area from top to bottom. This should not be hard to do. You could even have some shelves fixed on the walls and have closing doors. A separate pantry will leave you more space inside the cabinets and organize them properly.
  • Bigger cabinet drawers: The cabinet drawers below should be wider and larger than usual. This way you have lesser drawers but the same space. Large number of cabinet doors could be annoying, don’t you think?
  • Stainless steel appliances have its elegance no matter which century we are in. the stainless steel appliances are the safer ones and is also easy to clean them. It is the time people opting for all steel kitchens for the shining finish. My definition if a dream kitchen has lots of steel. For those with a tight budget, there are tricks and tips to paint the cabinets in steel color to give the illusion.

I am hoping that you have got a fair number of ideas to make your kitchen look dreamy and perfect. Do not get disappointed with the cost of things you have to do. There is always an alternate way. It is up to you to find the right way.