Choosing color for the kitchen is a tedious effort. The chosen color should give an identity to the kitchen and must also suit with the cabinet color. The kitchen color is not just the color of the walls it is also applicable for the cabinets. In fact the kitchen color is the real combination of the walls and cabinets. The most popular kitchen colors that you would love to have in your kitchen are here.

popular kitchen colors

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  • Green is the color for a cozy and inviting kitchen. The lighter green is soothing and looks great with some yellow splash. It makes the kitchen brighter. Ideal choice for the kitchens in the tropical regions where there is plenty of light. The lighter shade keeps the interior cool. Yellowish green, sage green and olive green are the popular shades of this color. Green also is the color of a masculine kitchen. Green color also suits well with the wooden colored cabinets.
  • White used to be the most popular or default color for the kitchen. Gone are those days, and people prefer other colors as well. Yet, the white color is still prevalent. White color has its elegance and I am sure that you all would love that color. White is part of all kinds of kitchen designs, modern, contemporary or the olden designs. It is also the most popular color used in combination with red, yellow, green, blue etc. There also are different hues of this color.
  • Black is popularly used for the cabinets. Black is the color for the Edwardian kitchen designs. Many people opt for the all black look for the kitchen with hints of white on the walls. This combination is sheer elegance. It is also makes feel warmth and the kitchen is inviting. You want to flaunt the steel appliances of yours, go for black cabinets. The steel against black is what you really need there.
  • Grey is the color used for most of the monochromatic kitchen. The grey color can carry itself without any other color to go with. Grey color gets a boost when there are hints of other colors like blue, green, and yellow. Lighter shade of grey is what you really need no matter what the other combination color is.
  • Light blue is the clean, crisp and bright kitchen color. This is a color that goes well on both the walls as well as on the cabinets. It is also one of the most popular color choices to go with white and grey. These neutral colors neutralizes the too brightness of the blue if you want. The ideal choice for seaside kitchen, this lighter blue looks well in the contemporary homes also. Navy blue is also an adorable color for the kitchen used with white.
  • Yellow is the color of sunshine and having this color in the kitchen you are inviting the sun right into the kitchen. It look great in summer and during winter makes a brighter environment. Accent the yellow with green, white, or grey. Yellow kitchen is a look of a happy and soothing kitchen. It also makes the room look larger and is deal for small kitchens.