Ronbow 090924-B02 Lassen 24″ Strawboard Cabinet

Ronbow is one of the trusted global leaders in sinks and faucets. They provide high quality decorative bathroom hardwares. Ronbow sinks and faucets stand unique in the industry with their design and quality. All Ronbow products are manufactured with the highest quality hardwoods from sustainable forests.

Ronbow Sinks


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About Ronbow

Ronbow was set up with the intention to give a luxurious look to your bathroom with their wide range of products that are affordable. Yes, the luxury everybody wants and the affordability everyone needs. The result is a top world-class furnishing company delivering affordable luxury products to their customers. Why is Ronbow one of the successful manufacturers in sinks and faucets? Well here is the answer:

  • They are the manufacturers, not the middlemen
  • Ronbow always designs their products after listening to their customers.
  • They insist on using a variety of designers so that each product is designed and created with innovation.
  • Luxury kitchen and bathroom products at affordable price is why Ronbow has a large fan following even today.


Ronbow Design

Ronbow offers a dynamic and diverse design spectrum to fit any style – from ultra contemporary to old world traditional. Ronbow offers a wide collection of designs for interchangeable sinks and counter-tops made out of wood, stone and ceramic to match any home decor.

Ronbow has an extensive collection of styles that you can mix and match to your needs. Ranging from the traditional collection to the sleek lines of Contempo collection, Ronbow has everything you ever want and need.

Contemperory / modern style: Ronbow sinks and faucets are inspired by classic modern appeals. Their contemporary collections are chic, stylish and features clean lines. This collection is stylish, timeless and elegant.

Traditional style: Ronbow traditional style is inspired by old-world designs. Their traditional collection has classic elegance with luxurious practicality, complimented by functionality and detailed with European furnishing.

Transitional style: inspired by the contemperory luxury. Their classic clean lines and elegant styles are a perfect accent to your personal resort.

Green/sustainable style: Inspired by simple natural beauty, Ronbow’s green collection is crafted from durable, water resistant, eco-friendly strawboard. Enjoy your own private spa with Ronbow’s green style collections.

Modular style: Modular collection from Ronbow is designed to fit any space. The designs are refreshingly simple, and has an urban practicality that can be mixed and matched to provide a flexible functionality.[/restab]
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Reasons to buy Ronbow products

Ronbow is known for their quality bathroom sinks, accessories and hardwares. All products manufactured by Ronbow undergoes a thorough 10 step finishing process. This process ensures a long lasting product with a waterproof, ultra-heavy duty varnish.



10 step finishing process for ensuring quality

  • All surfaces are machine/hand sanded after which all dust particles are eliminated.
  • Pre-stains are evenly applied to provide base color uniformity.
  • Products of Ronbow are hand-washed and undergo a slow-drying process.
  • Chemical resistant sealer is applied.
  • Sealed surfaces are hand sanded with ultra fine sandpaper.
  • Catalyzed varnish and conversion varnish are applied.
  • Ronbow products are sanded with fine grit sandpaper
  • All dust-particles are removed.
  • All products of Ronbow are supervised for cleanliness and smoothness for all sides-inside and outside.

All pieces are carefully assembled and features

  • Perfectly fitting dovetail construction
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Full extension drawers
  • Soft closing drawers
  • Soft closing doors
  • Soft closing hinges
  • Soft closing drawer glides.

Why buy faucets and sinks from Ronbow?

  • Solid hardwood frames construction: All of Ronbow’s cabinets are made of solid wood frame for high durability. They use NO PARTICLE BOARD. Ronbow cabinets are known as long lasting cabinets.
  • Hardwood plywood: Ronbow’s patented Hardwood plywood panels come with the greatest dimensional stability. They are known for durability and endurance. Ronbow hardwood plywood panels have high tolerance to humidity and there is no swelling or sagging over time. Because the Ronbow cabinets are durable, you are not going to replace them in the future as you would if you bought a low quality product.
  • All plywoods used in Ronbow products meet CARB standards.


Ronbow Strawboard Cabinets

Ronbow goes green with their strawboard cabinetry. These cabinets are eco-friendly, strong and most importantly beautiful. Strawboard is a great alternative to traditional medium density particle board. Unlike the particleboard made of wood, strawboard is made of compressed straw from highly renewable byproduct. Strawboard is made using leftover straw from rice, wheat and barley.

These days more homeowners are improving their homes with renewed bath areas. Those who are renovating their homes also approach Ronbow’s accessories and products for enhanced style.

Why Ronbow Strawboard cabinets?

When considering the bath cabinet replacement expenses, Strawboard cabinet is a great alternative for an eco-minded customer.

  • Great strength – screws wont split the strawboard and it holds crisp dove tails and other joints.
  • Ronbow strawboards are extremely moisture resistant.
  • They are very stable, hence won’t crack.
  • Strawboard is developed from quickly renewed sources and is made using left over straw from barley, wheat and rice .

Ronbow products

Ronbow  Utility Sinks



Add a touch of beauty to your bathroom decor with the Ronbow sinks. The spectacular design of the Ronbow sinks perfectly synchronizes with any style of your home decor and gives it a stylish look. Ronbow sinks include above counter, self-rimming, undercounter and sinktop. Ronbow sinks are elegantly crafted using high-quality ceramic to ensure durability and sturdiness. It has a glossy black and white finish that gives your bathroom a vibrant look. Ronbow sinks are mildew resistant and ensures long-lasting utility. The stain resistant and scratch-resistant properties of Ronbow barthroom sinks make it easy to maintain. Ronbow sinks and faucets are non-toxic which makes it perfect if you have kids at home. Ronbow faucets and sinks require less maintenance and can be wiped off with a clean damp cloth.

Ronbow Vanity



Stylize your bathroom with wide collection of Ronbow vanities. Ronbow vanity collections are simple and versatile in design. They come with a large drawer and hidden drawer for extra storage. Ronbow’s full functional design is complimented with a matching mirror, medicine cabinet and wall cabinet. Ronbow cabinets are available in different finish options with a minimalistic drawer front to make the vanity look attractive. Ronbow collection of vanities include wall-hung collections, contempo collections, neo-classic collections, pacific-rim collections, traditions collection, vintage collection, green collection and modular collection.

Ronbow Vanity Tops



Ronbow vanity tops are designed with high quality hardwoods sourced from North America and Europe. This is why they are known as the leading supplier of bathroom sinks and vanity tops. Vanity tops from Ronbow include standard vanity tops, non-standard vanity tops and fitted tops. Each of these categories come with a wide range of models to fulfill the needs of each customer.

Ronbow Accessories



Apart from the bathroom sinks and vanity tops, Ronbow offers a      wide range of accessories to add beauty to your bathroom. Each of  these accessories fit any bathroom space – be it small or big.

Ronbow’s accessories include drawer bank, shelf bridge, drawer  bridge, linen tower, curio cabinet, overjohn cabinet, side cabinet,  wall cabinet, mirror, medicine cabinet, wall filter and adina bridge  wall.

Ronbow Hardwares



These include drawer organizer glass, drawer organizer wood,  motion sensor LED light, umbrella drain, grid drain, umbrella drain,  umbrella drain longer, umbrella drain overflow, mounting ring and  metal feet.

Ronbow Undermount Sink Reviews

Ronbow undermount bathroom sink adds beauty and elegance to your bathroom decor. The sleek design of this sink blends perfectly with any bathroom style decor. The Ronbow undermount sink is elegantly crafted with top-quality ceramic. The sink is therefore sturdy and durable. It has a glossy black and white finish that gives your bathroom a unique look.



Following are the customer reviews on Ronbow undermount bathroom sink:

Ronbow customer review 1: Terri and Apex who planned to renovate their master bathroom, ordered for 2 Ronbow bathroom sinks. They purchased a cabinet without a countertop on line. They loved the design and installed the sink with the 3 round holes opposite the fixture. Terri and Apex recommend Ronbow bathroom undermount sink for their friends.

Ronbow undermount sink review 2: Elana from Phoenix added that Ronbow undermount sink was well constructed and give a modern rectangular shape. It also had a nice smooth finish. The white color is nice and gives a brighter look. She loved the squared edges and the depth was perfect for not splashing. She said that the Ronbow undermount sink gave a feeling like you are able to wash your face without splashing issues.

Ronbow undermount sink review 3: Mary Kistin from New Orleans loved this sink because of its stylish look. She added that it was large enough to hand wash a few clothes.

Ronbow undermount sink review 4: Kimberly, who installed Ronbow undermount sink in her bathroom said that she loved the sink as it had a nice look and it had the perfect size for using in areas that have small space. What made her attracted towards the sink is its inside shape which is unique and not seen in many bathrooms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you buy Ronbow sinks from?

You can buy Ronbow sinks from their official website or from Amazon.

Are Ronbow sink prices high?

Buying a Ronbow bathroom sink is like a one time investment and its worth it due to the unique design and the elegant look it gives to your bathroom. So the prices when compared to other bathroom sinks are not that high

Are the Ronbow ceramic sinks durable?

All Ronbow sinks are made of high quality ceramic to make it sturdy and durable.

Where can I find online Ronbow sinks reviews?

Ronbow sink reviews are available online in various online marketing sites as well as in Amazon. All the users were very mush pleased with the sleek design and
colors offered.

Are Ronbow sinks available in Canada?

Yes, Ronbow has a worldwide network covering North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Oceania, Europe and Caribbean islands.

How to install Ronbow undermount sink?

For those who are looking for Ronbow undermount sink installation, this is for you:

  • Screw in the Ronbow countertop spacers into the holes provided on top of the cabinet.
  • Set your countertop on the spacers.
  • Position your sink over the drain hole on the countertop
  • Place a generous portion of plumber’s putty under drain cap and insert whole drain body inside the bowl and through the countertop.
  • From under the drain, insert the thick rubber washer and tighten the screws and metal nut. Remove excess plumber’s putty and now attach the p-trap to tailpiece.

Are Ronbow vanities waterproof?

Ronbow vanities are water – resistant, not waterproof. Like you treat any other furnitures at your home, you should treat the same way with your Ronbow vanity tops. Water if seen on the top should be wiped off as soon as possible or else the finish/coating from the top will fade away.

Does Ronbow sinks offer warranty ?

All Ronbow products carry one-year warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer.

What kind of material are used for making Ronbow furniture’s?

Ronbow furnitures are made of naturally variable raw materials.

Are Ronbow’s glass sinks durable?

Glass sinks from Ronbow are extremely durable. Using the everyday items in bathroom such as brushes, combs, plastic bottles, rings and small jewelry will not create any scratches in the sink. But heavy items such as drinking glasses or heavy perfume bottle dropped into your skin can cause damage to your Ronbow glass sink.

Will Ronbow glass sink break if I pour hot water?

Yes, running hot water into a cold glass sink can cause breakage of the sink.

Are Ronbow sinks made of ceramic? How should I take care of these sinks?

All Ronbow sinks are manufactured in the highest standards possible. To maintain its good look, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • Remove all the deposits with a non-abrasive soap and hot water followed by a clean water rinse. It is good if you dry the sink with a soft cloth as otherwise lime scale can build up on the surface.
  • The quality of your water can affect the looks of the sink. If its a hard water, there are chances that you can see stains on the sink. To remove any lime scale that is there on your sink, use a proprietary lime scale removing product such as CLR or Limelite.

How to remove oil, grease and finger prints from the sink?

Oil, finger prints and grease can be removed from the sink using a non-detergent soap and hot water.