Ruvati RVF1228CH Turino Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet

Ruvati is an American manufacturer of premium stainless steel kitchen sinks and faucets. Stylize your kitchen with the Ruvati collection of kitchen accessories. Ruvati kitchen sinks are made using heavy duty 16 gauge stainless steel whereas the Ruvati faucets come with ceramic disc values and exquisite brushed nickel or polished chrome finish.

Ruvati kitchen sinks


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Today, in almost all kitchens, you can see Ruvati products. All Ruvati products are designed for long lasting performance. All their kitchen and bathroom faucets and sinks are backed by the Ruvati Limited lifetime warranty. Ruvati sinks and faucet designs are inspired by Italian design giving them a classic look and timeless luxury. Ruvati sinks and faucets are designed to be functional enough for daily use as well as to make you feel the real luxury at reasonable rates. Not just the beauty, but the quality makes you fall for Ruvati sinks and faucets. All Ruvati accessories are handcrafted individually, supervised and inspected to meet the highest quality standards in the industry. The kitchen wares from Ruvati are made of premium grade stainless steel with sound guard coating to reduce noise. All the Ruvati faucets are made from solid brass and feature ceramic Sedal disc cartridges ensuring a lifetime of drip-free use.

Ruvati products

Ruvati Kitchen Sinks

Ruvati kitchen sinks are constructed on heavy duty 16 gauge stainless steel. These beautiful kitchen sinks are inspired by Italian designs, giving a classic look and luxurious effect to your kitchen. Ruvati kitchen sinks are made from premium grade stainless steel and feature sound guard coating to reduce noise.



Ruvati Kitchen Faucets

Ruvati kitchen faucets are made on ceramic disc valves and exquisitely brushed nickel or polished chrome finish. Ruvati faucets are influenced by Italian design and thus bring joy to both eye and the hand. All of Ruvati faucets are individually inspected and held to the highest quality standards in the industry. All of Ruvati faucets are constructed from solid brass and feature ceramic Sedal disc cartridges, ensuring a lifetime of drip-free use.



Ruvati Sink and Faucet Sets

Ruvati sink and faucet sets are designed considering the aspect of form and function. The Ruvati sink and faucet combo includes stainless steel sink, polished chrome faucet, sink bottom grids, basket strainers and cutout template. They come in Ruvati RVH7400 for sinks and Ruvati RVF1215CH for faucets. The sink is made using 16 gauge premium 304 grade stainless steel. The sink comes with limited lifetime warranty and the faucet comes with 1 year warranty.

ruvati kitchen faucets


Ruvati Kitchen Accessories

Ruvati kitchen accessories inlcude kitchen faucet hole cover, solid wood cutting board, sink basket drainer, kitchen soap dispenser, sink deluxe strainer, kitchen soap dispenser, solid wood cutting board, kitchen faucet hole cover, sink colander, sink colander stainless steel and kitchen faucet hole cover.



Ruvati Bathroom Faucets

The bold design of Ruvati’s Vessel sink faucet from the Voda collection gives your bathroom a true luxury look. The solid brass construction of the Ruvati faucets provide high durability and drip-free functionality. This tall vessel faucet will fit nicely to any bathroom, be it with any glass, ceramic or stone over the counter vessel sink.



Ruvati Sink Drain Installation

For those who are looking to install Ruvati RVA 1025, this one is for you. Following are the instructions on how to install Ruvati RVA1025 basket strainer:

  • Before installing the basket strainer, make sure that the surrounding area of the hole of the sink is clean and completely dry.
  • Use about a handful of plumber’s putty to create a ring of the same size as of the sink’s hole. Place the putty around the edge of the sink’s hole.
  • Place the strainer through the sink’s hole and press into the putty. Wipe away any excess putty above and below the sink with your fingers.
  • From underneath the sink, place the washer on the strainer and push it up the stem. Then do the same with the rubber washer.
  • Place the lock nut on the base of the strainer and tighten the screws up the strainer.
  • You can now place the basket in the strainer. The lid can be then placed on top of the strainer.

Ruvati Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Ruvati faucets are lead-free faucets and have been tested and found to comply with ANSI/NSF 61/9, the joint Canadian/U.S. The company buys sinks and faucets from Chinese manufacturers and sells them in North America under the Ruvati brand name. Users who tried Ruvati kitchen faucets were very much impressed with the style and design.

Ruvati kitchen faucet review 1: One of the user said that the finish was good, the faucet came with a white draw string sack with the name Ruvati on it. The user mannual was there along with the facuet which was very helpful.

Ruvati kitchen faucet review 2: Another user said that Ruvati kitchen faucets were easy to clean and use. The looks were good and the price was reasonble when compared to other kitchen faucets available.

Ruvati kitchen facuet review 3: The facuet also came with low water pressure unless the spray feature is used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ruvati RVH7400 be top mounted?

No, this sink cannot be top mounted. Ruvati RVH7400 is an under mount sink.

How to clean Ruvati RVF 1290 faucet aerator?

  • Tools required for cleaning Ruvati RVF1290 faucet aerator are bent nose pliers and thimble.
  • Remove your Ruvati faucet head by unscrewing it counterclockwise from the spray hose.
  • Once the faucet head has been removed, use your bent nose pliers to unscrew the nozzle cap from the base of the head.
  • When the nossle cap has been removed, place your thimble or some other long skinny tool through the spray holes and push. This will help you to pull the components of the aerator part.
  • Now that the aerator has been disassembled, you can clean the components by flushing them with water.
  • Once the parts have been cleaned, reassemble the components and screw it back into the faucet head. Then re-attach the faucet head by tightening the screws into the faucet hose in a clockwise direction.

Are there any Ruvati faucet reviews?

Yes, the reviews can be seen online in shopping websites like Amazon and in their official Ruvati website.

From where can I get Ruvati kitchen sinks coupon codes?

Amazon offers the best price and offers for Ruvati kitchen and bathroom faucets. Check for the best deals at Amazon.

Can I buy Ruvati sinks and faucets from Amazon?

Yes Ruvati is listed in Amazon. You can buy Ruvati sinks and faucets from their official website or from

Are Ruvati sinks good?

Ruvati sinks add beauty to your kitchen and bathroom with their wide collection of bathroom and kitchen accessories. Ruvati guarantees the quality you can trust and the functionality you will love.

Where are Ruvati faucets made?

Ruvati USA is a manufacturer of premium stainless steel kitchen sinks and faucets. All Ruvati products are handmade, individually inspected and held to the highest quality standards in the industry.

Are Ruvati sinks shipped to Canada?

Ruvati is a US based kitchen sink manufacturing company that provides quality kitchen sinks and faucets. Ruvati sinks are shipped to Canada.

From where can I buy Ruvati sinks and faucets?

Ruvati sinks and faucets are sold on many online sites like Amazon, Wayfair, Bluebath, Ferguson, Sears, Menards, PLFixtures, Tool king, Penstan and many more.

Does Ruvati faucets and sinks carry warranty?

All Ruvati faucets and sinks carry limited lifetime warranty for residential use. Ruvati accessories carry a 1-year limited warranty.