Schock sinks

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Give a royal touch to your kitchen with the exclusive collections available at Schock. Buy Schock faucets and Schock Sinks, decorate your kitchen to give them an elegant look like never before. The Schock brand is designed to create innovative kitchen products that meet the highest standards of quality and design.Schock Sinks USA

About Schock Faucets

Schock Faucets are one of the leaders of kitchen faucets and sinks. They invented the Schock granite sink 30 years before and approximately 75% of the granite sinks produced in the world today are manufactured by Schock. Schock is the only manufacturer to make granite sinks exclusively in Germany. Even after 30 years, 75% of all granite sinks are sold worldwide with the Schock technology. That means 2 million granite sinks a year from Schock.

Reasons to buy from Schock Sinks and Faucets

Schock faucets feature premium designs. They create extraordinary designs with their Schock technology. Schock premium granite sinks have won numerous awards from their exquisite designs.

When it comes to the selection of materials, Schock refines their materials and have set the standards. The Schock material is extremely tough and much harder than granite. This includes Cristadur and Cristalite.

The non-porous finish given for Schock Faucets leave no place for bacteria to settle.
Schock uses Lotus Effect technology – the ultra-fine nano structure of the faucet finds it impossible for the bacteria to stick on the material’s surface.

Schock products

  • Schock sinks
  • Schock faucets
  • Schock accessories
Schock Sinks USA


Schock sinks – Cristadur and Cristalite

Cristadur is one of the premium material of Schock. Cristadur is designed and developed for meeting the kitchen demands. Everyday use of sinks can fade away the brightness of the material, but with Cristadur, the rigors of everyday use vanishes without a trace – red wine, coffee and heavy plans leave no marks at all. Schock’s Cristadur is easy to clean, safe to use with food. With the hygiene protection system – ProHygienic 21 non-porous finish developed by Schock, prevents 95% of bacterial growth. This helps you to do your kitchen works more neatly and safely. Foods and liquids simply run off and it can be easily removed with a damp cloth using a little dish washing liquid. Schock’s Cristadur comes with a silky-smooth finish giving the material a delicate shimmer and a soft feel, thereby resisting to dirt and scratches. 85% of the materials used in the Schock’s Cristadur sink is quartz – the hardest constituent of granite. Following are the benefits of Schock Cristadur sinks:

  • Lotus effect
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Easy to clean
  • Stain-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant

Schock Cristalite sinks

The Cristalite sinks from Schock has reached the milestone in the granite sink market. Schock Sinks USA being the leading benchmark for worldwide granite sinks features Cristalite with improved properties. The workmanship and material properties are cutting edge. Compared to other leading brands, Cristalite is now considerably easier to clean. The material is tougher and shines with a new intensity of color. Following are the benefits of Cristalite:

  • UV-stable
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratch resistant
  • Conforms to stringent environmental standards.

Schock sinks and faucets USA – Benefits

  • The dirt simply runs off with its dirt-repellent effect
  • The Schock sinks and faucets leave the surface free of smells.
  • The material used in the sinks and faucets are safe
  • The ProHygienic 21 – non-porous finish leaves no place for the bacteria to thrive.
  • With Schock sinks, you need not worry about getting scratches or prints on the surface as the material is tough and impact-resistant.
  • Food stains will not stick on to Schock sinks.
  • Schock faucets and sinks are extremely durable.


Schock Faucets

Schock faucets add elegance to the design and function of Schock sinks. The faucets collection can be seen in amazon.

Schock has recieved mixed response from their customers. Some say that the sink has cracked after 6 months of use, whereas others say that the sink was extremely strong. Lets see some of the customer reviews on Schock sinks:

Schock sink review 1 – “Schock sink cracked” by Nathan. He bought a new house with a new kitchen and a black Schock sink. His wife just poured water from spaghetti into the sink and the sink just exploded. Water splashed everywhere on the floor.

Schock sink review 2 – “Fantastic sink that is extremely strong – highly recommend” by Batt. Batt who did a lot of research on the sinks concluded by saying that if a plumber won’t follow the correct instructions, there are chances that the sink can be damaged. Batt who personally had put heavy things on to the sink said that his Schock sink hasn’t cracked or broken. The best thing he liked about the sink is its durability.

Schock sink review 3 – “ Mine cracked after 6 months use” by Julie N. She installed a black Schock sink 10 months ago and have been using it for 6 months with no damage or defects until one day all of a sudden she found her sink with 3 cracks from the corner of the smaller bowl while cleaning it. She also added that the company replaced her cracked Schock sink with no complications. They just asked for a copy of the receipt from the retailer.

Schock sink review 4 – “Best sink I’ve ever had” – by Marta. She was very much happy with the black Schock sink she bought. It had undergone normal daily duties with many knocks and bumps and there were no cracks or chip in it. She loved the black color as it doesn’t show any stains. She could easily clean the sink and recommends it to many people.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it easy to clean schock sinks?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, Schock sinks are easy to clean and safe to use with food.

Where can I find Schock sinks in USA?

Schock sinks are available in USA through their site

Are Schock sinks shipped to Germany?

Schock is a German based company that manufactures granite sinks exclusively in Germany.

Are there any schock sinks reviews?

There are many reviews on Schock sink models available on amazon and many other online sites.

From where do you buy Schock sinks?

It is recommended to buy Schock sinks from their official website.

What accessories will you get when you buy schock sinks?

Schock offers sink accessories like custom-fit bottom-grid, color-matched strainers and flanges, draining colanders or a handsome cutting board to complete your rich sink area.

Does schock sink offer warranty?

Schock offers warranty to all Schock branded sinks to ensure that the sinks are free from defects under normal usage, protecting the original purchaser against defects in material or workmanship.

Are Schock sinks and granite sinks the same?

The special Schock production makes both Cristalite and Cristadur extremely tougher than granite. Schock sinks are made with 85% specially processed quartz particles, the hardest constituent of granite.

Where are Schock sinks made?

All Schock sinks are made at their state of art facility in Germany.

What makes Schock sinks unique from other granite sinks?

Schock material technology creates extraordinary designs, surfaces and colors. These sinks have received numerous design awards through its history.