Kwikset 800ANXLL-15-SMT-CP Arlington Single Cylinder Handle Set with Lido Lever Featuring SmartKey

Secure your home completely from uninvited strangers with Kwikset that are built with state-of-the-art lock design and smartkey features that will pose a real threat to burglars. With excellent installation and wi-fi feature for easy view and accessing, Kwikset is one of the topmost brands in manufacturing residential locksets all over USA. Read on to know more about Kwikset and its reviews, pros and cons, FAQ and many more.

Kwikset security solutions


Did you know that around 50% of through doors are unlocked. Home is where the heart is and any threats to your home can play with your peace of mind. It doesn’t matter if you are a home improvement expert or leaving the job to a professional, Kwikset can really help you to upgrade the home security system.

Products – Kwikset Security Solutions

Here are few products from the Kwikset goodie bag that can be added to your home improvement project. Though this might set your budget a little higher than expected, the benefits are truly worthy and won’t be regretted.

Kwikset Handlesets

Best recommended for front entrance, Kwiksets handlesets come with classy styles and optimum security that will complete the look of your door and provide a warm welcome to the guests. Some of the categorized handlesets include

  • Amherst
  • Arlington
  • Austin
  • Montara and many more


Walabot DIY comes with three modes that offers you solution to look up rodents, leaks, electrical wires etc. It magnetically attaches itself to your smartphone and the combination offers you see the location of wires, pipes easily.

Visit Walabot DIY Website

These Kwiksets handlesets come with deadbolt and single cylinder that range from bronze to brass finish. The models include the feature ‘Smartkey’ (re-key) that enables you to reset the locks easily which will help you in case your key gets lost. Though it is not a mandatory requirement while installation, it will certainly help in case of inadvertent loss of key and helps you to act quickly by resetting the lock’s cylinder by which you can work with new kwikset key.

Kwikset Deadbolts

Kwikset deadbolts are one of the prominent products that tightens the security system of your home. With dead bolts at your hand, your security is doubly heightened giving undesired burglars a good challenge to look out for. Deadbolts come with very many features such as contemporary smartcode, kwikset deadbolts, kevo bluetooth electronic lock, touchscreen and many more.



For instance, the touchscreen electronic deadbolt lock allows you to lock using wireless technology. Another patent pending feature is the side locking bar technology that inhibits entry using lock bumping or using the old pin and unlock method. With lifetime warranty on mechanical and finishing, you will find the products come with installation guide to help you cover up your home from hovering thieves.

Kwikset Levers

Styles that range from classic to contemporary, the door levers of Kwikset are available under various categories such as:

  • Ashfield
  • Avalon
  • Katara
  • Lido
  • Tustin and many more


The products are made out of bronze, nickel, brass and other elements that stand the test of time and ensure optimum quality without withering off in rough climates. These latches are quite adjustable and easily go with standard doors. Kwikset products have received quite positive reviews from home owners who are absolutely head over heels in love with the product.

Kwikset Bluetooth

Use your smartphone to open and shut your doors lock. Yes, that’s right. With the innovative technology at the palm of your hand, you need not fumble around with your keys anymore. Just keep the phone in your pocket or purse and with a single touch you can open the lock to your home. If you don’t own a phone (that’s a rare), you can always use a fob that happens to be the key to your home.



Do not worry about electricity bills as the bluetooth locks are quite easy to install and work without any power or internet connection. So lock away your home to the best security guard who will watch 24/7 when you have a weekend getaway.

Features and Benefits of Kwikset

Kwikset products has that ‘wow’ factor which makes it a class apart from all the other brands. Here are some of the features and benefits that will help you in getting to know the brand a little better.

  • Smart key (re-key) technology that will help you in resetting the lock within seconds in case you lose or misplace the key inadvertently.
  • Kwikset smartcode electronic locks that come with feather touch features
  • Wi-fi and bluetooth gives you access to open/lock your door locks using just your mobile
  • Specially cut keys that inhibit lock bumping
  • Completely security for your home
  • You can either DIY as home improvement section or go for professional help
  • Deadbolts that raises the level of security at home
  • Recognized by ANSI and UL for the quality of locks Kwikset provides
  • Lifetime warranty on mechanical and finishing issues
  • Can withstand five 75 foot pound blows, two blows from 120 foot pounds not to mention 5 minutes of sawing and at least 360 pounds of bolt end pressure


Pros and Cons of Kwikset

Pros – Kwikset

When you are looking for Kwikset products, it is a definite possibility that you won’t have to hunt anywhere else. The company is delivering some of the best products that give you a complete relief both quality wise and economically. Right from deadbolt to electronic smartlock, you will find everything that you are looking for right in the products of Kwikset.

All the locks have been tested, qualified and approved by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) that says a lot about the genuinity of the company in valuing the customer’s safety. ANSI grades the locks based on their functionalities such as operation, key torque cycles, pull strength, impact resistance and so on. The patent pending Smartkey of Kwikset is called for Grade 1 which is ANSI’s highest grade while Kwikset Kevo’s featuring deadbolt is ranked for Grade 2.



Cons – Kwikset

The downside, however, are only a few. For instance, while Kwikset offers you genuine products, they offer quite a lot than expected which can make it difficult for a person to choose between which is the best for their home. Another con side is the deadbolt key that can sometimes pose a problem during unexpected situations that require sudden escape from the place.

But that’s not all. The Kwikset app does provide you temporary e-keys for friends/family but only to those who are having iOS system on their smartphone as Kwikset Kevo does not work on other devices. If you want to connect your door security system connected to the phone just like any other routine in your life, the product does look quite promising but due to the limited device support and the price of the product, you might as well go back to the old fashioned lock and key tactic.

Kwikset Reviews – Reviews on Kwikset security solutions

Kwikset kevo and other products have received quite mixed reviews from users. While many people praise the quality and the innovative technology used to secure home, few claim otherwise. The easy to install feature was the most dominating feature as many users could easily fix it themselves without having to go for a professional help. The kwikset door knobs are quite praised when it comes to delivering a classy look for many homes. Some users even opted Kwikset locks for garage too apart from protecting their home.



When it comes to negative factors, there are quite a few who are really pissed off with Kwikset customer service. Many people say that the customer service is terrible and was not of any help. Another complaint from a user was regarding the machine screws that were not threaded correctly which hindered proper installation. The result was a return and a prompt refund which is a real degrade to the company when it comes to satisfying the customer’s requirements.

Here is what few have to say about the products of Kwikset

“Hard to install and does not give well unless it falls apart” – Jen. S

“The knob was quite difficult to install as the screws just need to be placed in the right position or else they can fall in the door knob. I recommend that you use a magnetic screwdriver if you want the screws intact till you fix it. I had to re-insert an inner screw as the knob is not as secure as claims to be and comes out loose quite often. I thought the screws have fallen out but they were intact and still loose. Kwikset you can do better if you want customers.”

“A great upgrade over regular locks especially for the money we pay” – Phil @ Amazon

My friend had suggested me about these locks and I checked out the official website of kwikset. Though I was finicky at the moment, I was forced to buy the locks when our neighbor real estate agent’s lock box was cut from the apartment door. I thought the product would be costly but it wasn’t expensive at all. In fact they are only a few dollars more than a simple pin and tumbler lock but offers much more greater security and convenience.”

“Poor quality lock cylinder and easily breakable” – Loreto1028

“The model is surprisingly available at Kwikset but I have advised my friends to stay away from the product. The fob died within 6 month of purchase. Though the app works it is very much slow and in fact the door is closing as I walk out of the door. Worst part is it takes multiple attempts to open and even runs to error even when my phone is only 6” inches away from the lock. What I did is get a mechanical key which partially solved the problem for my kids. I had high hopes when I saw the product but I guess i was wrong.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase the kwikset rekey kit?

The product is available at various online shopping sites such as, home depot etc. at an affordable price.

What is the kwikset warranty offered?

Kwikset comes with lifetime warranty for mechanical parts and finishing and 1 year electronic warranty for defects or workmanship issues. Note that the product repaired or replaced under this warranty comes with an additional warranty coverage of 90 days or remaining original warranty period.

How does the kwikset smart key reset work?

If ever you lose your keys, you can simply use the kwikset smartkey. By using smartkey from kwikset you can simply reset the lock cylinder so that you can use another key to unlock the doors. The smart security – re-key technology comes with various products that can help you to reset the lock.

What is kwikset auto lock and how will I turn it on?

Auto lock is a feature that will automatically lock the door in 30 seconds when you punch in the unlock code. If you want to switch on the feature, remove the cover and look at the bottom right where there are four different setting. Auto lock switch is no.2. Push the switch up to the ‘on’ postion and the auto turn lock is turned on.

How does the kwikset belleview work?

Belleview kwikset is beveled design that adds a dash of elegance to the traditional arch shaped handlesets. These handlesets arrive with various features and very many finishing such as bronze, brass etc. that give the handlesets an antique look. Belleview is also available at single and double cylinder handlesets.

What is kwikset bump key?

The house key bump key from kwikset is one of the most common deadbolt and standard door lock keyway that is available in the market. The kwikset bump key is a healthy tool that is used to open a lock with the KW1 keyway that comes with instructions on how to use the product and demonstration video that helps as a visual aid.

Where can I find kwikset key blanks online?

There are many shopping sites such as ebay, where you can find a box of key blanks at an affordable price.

How do I determine the door kwikset backset?

Backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the 2 1/8” diameter hole. Mostly seen, the backset will be 2 3/8” or 2 3/4”.

Where will I contact kwikset customer service?

You can contact kwikset customer support at 1-800-327-LOCK (5625) who are available Monday through Friday at 6.30 am to 4.30 pm PST.

How does the kwikset cylinder removal tool work?

Kwikset cylinder remover tools are available online and are often referred to as pickel fork. Note that you need to order it first to complete the process.

How do I remove a kwikset deadbolt with no screws?

First thing you can do is find the set screw that releases the inside handle. You can then pry off the trim plate, then the two screws under the trim plate and voila…the kwikset deadbolt is off the hook.

Where will I find kwikset deadbolt instructions?

When you purchase your deadbolt you will find the instruction manual inside the package that will help you to get through in easy steps.

Are there any positive reviews of kwikset door levers?

Yes, if you check and the official website of kwikset door levers, there are many reviews from users who are happy with the product. The product has received 4-5/5 star ratings online. However, few people complained that the locking mechanism tends to reset itself without giving any warning which can pose problems.

How long will the batteries of kwikset electronic lock last?

The batteries are meant to last one year. However this is based on the motorized deadbolt that is being cycled ten times a day. Typical battery life of kwikset products are 12-16 months based on the usage.

Where can I find kwikset electronic deadbolt manual?

You will find instruction guide when you order the product. However, for pre-information you can download it from the official website itself –

Is kwikset available at home depot?

Yes, all the products of kwikset are available at home depot, lowes etc.

How are the reviews of kwikset juno?

Kwikset juno chrome has received mixed reviews from people. While some opine that the product is quite worthy, some blame the lock and claim that it jammed without a heart and was unable to retrieve with a key. However, if you look at the ratio, the positive reviews are higher than the negative ones.

Where will I find kwikset kevo reviews?

Reviews of Kwikset kevo are available at various online websites such as, etc. and many more. While the product is unbelievably efficient, there are few downside to it. For instance, the product lock and key features work only in iOS phone and not on other devices thus posing a problem to many users using various OS smart phones.

What is two point locking single cylinder in kwikset montara juno?

The two point locking refers to (1) the deadbolt (2) the handleset that enables double security to your home. Montara juno is easy to adjust and comes with easy installation that can be fixed by you instead of calling for professional help. The handleset easily adjusts to fit the hole in your door but also protects your home and lock from lock bumping.

How does Kwikset touchpad keyless entry work for you?

The Kwikset touchpad technology is quite innovative and comes with state-of-the-art features for convenient keyless entry. It operates on 4AA batteries and comes with re-key technology in case you need back-up keyway.