Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Colors – Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Colors, lighting and mirrors can make the small bedroom look larger than its size. You just need to place them at the right places. All three factors can make the room look brighter as well, just they have to complement each other well. Let’s see what are the tricks and tips to make a small bedroom look larger, cozy, and inviting.

  • Ceiling: As for the ceiling make it pure white or a few shades lighter than the wall colors to make it look higher, which itself will make the room look bigger.
  • Dark colors are welcome: Colors can be deceiving as well as enhancing. It is time to get rid of the myth that dark colors make the room look smaller and one should use only lighter shades in these cases.
  • Neutral colors will also do. The beige, grey, brown or taupe colors are also the rage of the season.
  • Tricky painting: Paint the wall trims, beams and the moldings in lighter shade than the wall colors is enough to have an illusion of larger room.

Lighting – Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

As far as the lighting is concerned, one must really get rid of the lights from the walls and tables to that of wall lighting.


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  • Wall mounted bed lamps which are movable are available. Make good use of them to save much space around the bed.
  • Opt for wall scones and try as much as possible to avoid floor lamps.
  • Behind the bed/wall lights and spot lights can make a major difference and make the room feel well lit.
  • Get rid of the heavy drapes and get some light weight window embellishments.

Mirrors make Illusions – Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Mirrors play a bigger role in small bedrooms than we estimate. It helps to make the small bedrooms look bigger and also reflect much light to make it brighter. It creates an illusion of a larger and well lit room than it actually is.

small bedroom lighting ideas
  • Place a mirror on the closet door than making a separate dresser.
  • Opt for a floor length mirrors on the closet doors or near to the entrance will make it luxurious. Highlight a mirror with a small spot light over it, especially that is near the entrance. This will also help reflect the light and illuminates the room better.
  • A mirror against a window makes the illusion of another window and avoids a feel of suffocation.
  • A designer mirror over the bed will also work wonders.
  • Having said all these, there is one important point while setting up a mirror is that, NEVER place a mirror that reflects the clutter in the room and that shows the most crowded area of the room. This may make the room look smaller than in real.

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