Kitchen appliances are anything that uses some type of energy to simplify house hold jobs so that people like us can have some quality time out of the kitchen. Seriously I always surf the net to find ways that can simplify my work or I have an inbuilt cat instinct inside me to be inquisitive about things around me. I like to learn new ideas and improvise things in a better way so that I can manage my time well and give my brain some work.

Kitchen Appliances

I have often seen people using their brilliant brains to get work done easily by shortcut methods and I just love it to the core. Here are a few gadgets or appliances that you can actually use a bit differently and some nerds have already been doing these since ages that you are not aware of.

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A SIMPLE COFFEE MAKER can do better than just making a simple coffee. You can boil your noodles, eggs and even make a broth out of veggies or chicken whenever you need. Going to make soup and wondering where to get the broth instantly then just go get your coffee maker.

My kids love inflatable bath tubs and they swim in it most of the time. When I bought the tub I forgot to buy the air pump and my son was sad that he had to wait a few more weeks until it was delivered. Well as always Google is the only thing I ask for help and it gave an instant solution of using a blow hair dryer to inflate the tub. Want to know more then watch this video.

Another simple trick which I really love is using a hand blender with two blades to make water melon juice without the mess of cutting the whole melon. All you need to do is make two holes big enough to insert the blades of the blender and switch on it. You will have melon juice ready in few minutes.

Pressure cooker is yet another kitchen appliance that you can actually utilize to make condensed milk safely and easily at your home. Boil the milk in pressure cooker without the whistle and when the steam starts coming put the whistle and simmer it to the lowest heat possible. Allow it to heat for 30 to 45 minutes and you will start seeing the milk turn pinkish in color. You can increase the time to get thick condensed milk of your choice.

The fun part is such hacks are really useful at times and saves us from buying costly equipments. I have actually heard that some people actually use washing machine to churn milk and produce large amounts of butter in some parts of Asia. Really a cost effective way for those who can’t afford high end machines that do the same job.
Those who are reading this article can also post or comment such interesting ideas which they use or have seen somewhere else so that all can benefit. More ideas are welcome… Have a nice time guys.