Innovations and new technologies are constantly being cooked up into final dishes which are tastier than ever and put’s a man’s life at ease. Imagine while the coffee maker was under the design process people would have never thought it would become a common household item or it would make coffee making really easy. Likewise there are many designs and innovations brewing up in the laboratories across the world which will turn the face of the future kitchens.

Here is a list of accessories that might take away your senses and most of them are already put into use.

kitchen hub

Ripple faucet in kitchen hub

An amazing concept designed by smith Newnam in 2008 and it is really a wonderful innovation in the faucet industry. Here a metal ball does all the work of sending water using electromagnetic sensors attached to it. It senses the movements to control both the temperature and flow of the water. The faucet automatically turns blue when it supplies cold water and turns red while supplying hot water.

Holographic teachers

Those who do not know how to cook can get coaching in real time using holographic images of top chefs around the world. Isn’t it really amazing? Seriously I would surely make use of them on a daily basis. How about tuition fee?

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I don’t understand how on earth people get such brilliant concepts in their minds to make life so simple. Atomium is such an awesome concept that it actually makes food according to desired shapes using a printer. It constructs food layer by layer using tiny ingredients (at molecular level). All you have to do is show the appliance what you want to eat by making a simple sketch of it.

kitchen hub

Protective knives

This is again a superb notion which actually cleanses the food by killing microorganisms as we cut along. It actually emits ions to keep the food fresh and clean. This makes it easy to use the same knife for cutting everything from veggies to meat.


This appliance makes it possible to do a post mortem of the food stuff that you want to eat. It can easily check for the freshness, level of toxins and nutritional value present in the food. Great isn’t it? Truly a Great device for health freaks and concerned mom’s around the world.

Kitchen hub

I guess most of the housewives would love to have this as it is very common to forget what is in stock and not. Kitchen hub allows us to relax and it keeps the stock of the food items and the expiry dates. This will help wastage of food and save pennies.


Zimplistic rotimatic

This appliance helps to makes 20 rotis also known as Indian flatbread at one go. You can add all the ingredients at the top of the appliance and let it do the rest of the job.


Its great to sip a cup of coffee with some doodle over it and I personally love to decorate most of the dishes. Now this appliance can be handy for such uses as it helps to doodle on most of the dishes using your favorite spices and seasonings. It is a pen that uses coco powder, spices and other seasonings as ink so that you can draw your flavors creatively.


It’s hard to tell whether the meat you bought last day is fresh or not and we don’t have any sixth sense to find out the quality of meats that we consume. But this appliance does have that sensing power and it easily finds out the freshness level of any type of meat. I guess this is a must for every kitchen and in future almost all households will be displaying this small nose like device.

UV rechargeable sanitizing wand

Verliux is an appliance that can bid adieu to all the germs inhabiting the kitchen tops, sinks and other counters. You can chuck out mold, virus and bacteria and shut the doors permanently for them. You can save a lot of pennies which you spend on buying sanitizing liquids and kitchen counter cleaners. Moreover these liquids emit VOC’s so I guess this wand can do things better and is surely eco-friendly.

Conclusion: Man is continuously setting new milestones in the technological field and life is becoming easier than ever. Everything is so instant and I guess coming years would be exciting as we will get to see more concepts and designs. Who knows what is hidden in the futures pocket.