Autumn Brown Mother of Pearl Sea Shell Mosaic Tile

Are You Looking For Some Designer Tiles & Mosaics?

It’s true!! Tiles, are one of the most resourceful building materials preferred by everyone. They add life to your home. There are different kinds of tiles like Mosaics, Ceramics, Porcelain, Granite etc. available in the market for different purposes. Above all, Kitchen is the heart of our home, where food is cooked with love. Being the hub of any home a special care must be given to this area. Stone Tile Mosaics is a complete shop, which can fulfill all your mosaic and tile needs for the kitchen.Learn-About-Tile-and-Stone---Banner(1)


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Stone Tile Mosaics Backsplash

Mostly, people go for expensive tiles like stone or marble to use in the backsplash area. Backsplash tiles protect the kitchen walls against all the spills coming from the sink and counter area. Hence, it is always better to opt for a contrasting color to get a stronger effect. Here at Stone Tile, you will be able to find something stylish that can fit your bill.

Premium Quality Autumn Brown Mother of Pearl Sea Shell Mosaic Tile 1”x 1” (on 12”x 12” Mesh) features

  • Premium Grade Mother of Pearl Sea Shell Mosaic Tile is ideal for kitchen backsplashes.
  • First of all, this natural mother of pearl is very easy to clean and purely scratch resistance.
  • One sheet has dimensions of 12” L x 12”W x 0.08” thickness. They are naturally thin, very strong and durable.
  • You may not worry, as this Autumn Brown of Pearl Sea Shell Mosaic Tile is easy to install for various purposes.
  • It is sold by square feet rate only where 1 sheet = 1 Sq/ft.
  • Available in three colors: Autumn Brown, Deep Sea Black, Onyx, Turquoise Ocean Blue Mother of Pearl Sea Shell Mosaic Tiles.

Genuine Premium Quality White Mother of Pearl Natural Sea Shell Herringbone Mosaic Tile

  • There are 144 individual White Natural Mother of Pearl Sea Shell Mosaic Tiles on every sheet.
  • One sheet has dimensions of 11” L x 11”W x 0.08” Thickness.

Italian Bianco Carrera White Carrara 1×2 Marble Split Face Mosaic Tile on 12 inch x 12 inch sheet (1 square foot mosaic) features

  • This is a perfect classy selection of white colored natural stone that can be used for the kitchen backsplash. Likewise, it is suitable for both residential and commercial purposes.
  • Besides, the material is great for fireplaces, backsplashes, interior and exterior walls.
  • Material type is Bianco Carrera White Carrara marble. It has undergone through a cracked process to give a rough, even, contemporary look. This is done by chipping around the perimeter of the stone mosaic to make a hard projection on its face.
  • Stone Size: 1”(Width) x Random (1/8” to 3/4”) (Thickness).
  • Sheet Size: Approx. 12” (Width) x 12” (Length) mosaic sheet (1 sq/ft)
  • In conclusion, It’s very easy to install as mesh mounted mosaics makes installation easier and cost-effective.

Other forms include

  • Roman Marble 1 x 2 Marble Split-Faced Mosaic Tile (on 12” x 12” Mesh).
  • Nouveau Nero 1 x 2 Black Marble Split Face Mosaic Tile (on 12” x 12” Mesh Sheet).

Stone Tile Liquidators

Stone Tile Liquidators is a one stop shop, which satisfy all your flooring needs under one roof. Here, you can view a wide range of natural stone and man-made tiles that is shipped to Canada and all over the state. Meanwhile, it mainly specializes in natural stone products. Natural stone are great when compared to the man-made tiles. Similarly, they are resistant to wear tear and add an elegant look to your interior walls. Hence, it is generally used in various settings and applications.

Stone Tile liquidators locations

Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas Virginia.

Stone Tile Liquidators pros

  • It offers wide range of products like (granite, marble, slate, limestone, travertine, various types of glass and mosaic tiles) at a very competitive price.
  • Specifically, high quality (stone and flooring) products.
  • 60-day Money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Unbeatable customer service.

Natural stone tile menu includes: Granite, Marble, Slate, Travertine, Onyx, Rectangular, Quartzite, Rectangular, Limestone tiles etc.

Latest products include: Porcelain, Mosaic, Landscaping and Glass tiles.

Lets look at some of the best-selling products of Stone Tile Liquidators

Milas White 2 x 2 Polished Mosaic features

  • This is an exclusive white marble with tints of grey color.
  • Thickness ranges in 3/8”.
  • Milas White 2 x 2 Polished Mosaic is manufactured in Turkey.
  • Contains 10 pieces per box, coverage is 1 sq. ft per piece and 10 sq. ft per box.
  • Weight per piece is 4.5000.
  • In conclusion, suitable for both residential and light commercial interior floors and walls.

Tuscany Chateaux Pattern Travertine features

To illustrate, this Tuscany Travertine stone adds beauty to our home. Since, it is mostly used on the interior walls of the Kitchen floors, living rooms, dens, entryways and recreation rooms.

  • Thickness ranges in ½ inches.
  • Comes in variety of colors, finishes and patterns.
  • In addition, it is fairly non-porous, durable, waterproof and easy to maintain.
  • Coverage includes: min 48 sq. ft.

Bianco Catalina Polished 12 x 12 features

Granite is one of the durable building materials used in outside architecture and sculptures. In outdoor areas, it can be used on porches, decks, patios and walls. Besides this, it can be used on back splashes and kitchen floor areas.

  • Bianco Catalina weighs 6,0000 per piece.
  • It is hard and non-porous, making it suitable for all wet environment.
  • Coverage includes: min 50 sq. ft.

Multi Select Cleft 16 x 16 features

This tile comes under the category of Slate tile. In particular, this Multi Slate is making a major comeback in the construction industry.

  • Overall, it has a great texture and is also available in many textures.
  • Besides, it will not freeze over or crack.
  • In addition, shows non-absorbent and non-slip nature.
  • Natural Cut finish, weighs 6.8000 per piece.

Full House Water Jet Mosaic features

This is one of the most glaring mosaic created by water-jet cutting technology. They have specially fused high-tech water-jet cutting with exclusive designs and boundless color options.

  • Made in Turkey.
  • Size: 11 3/4” x 11 3/4” (marble stone type).
  • Thickness: 3/8”.
  • Full House Water Jet Mosaic 6.0000 weighs per piece.
  • Equally, easy to apply on kitchen backsplash and bathroom borders.

Pietra Cardoso 3CM Honed Limestone Slab features

  • Pietra Cardoso 3CM can be used on kitchen counter-top, full backsplash, fireplace surround, bathroom vanity etc.
  • Produced in Italy.
  • Slab thickness is 3CM where average slab coverage ranges between 38 and 55 sq.ft.
  • Average slab size: 90”L x 60”W – 110” L x 70” W.
  • 19.0000 weight per piece.
  • Average slab weight: 700-1050 LBS. (310-480 KG.)

Stone Tile Mosaics Mother of Pearl

Now, decorate your walls with this wonderful luxurious natural material named “mother of pearl”. This is a mix of certain minerals secreted by some mollusc’s and shellfishes to coat their shells (form of protection from parasites).

Genuine Premium Quality White Mother of Pearl Natural Sea Shell Micro Mini Brick Mosaic Tile 3/8” x 3/4” (on 12” x 12” Mesh) features

  • One sheet of White Mother of Pearl Sea Shell Mosaic tile has dimensions of 12” L x 12” W x 0.08” thickness.
  • Perfect for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls and floors.
  • In short, it is strong, durable, contamination free, best quality tiles.
  • Besides, each sheet of this tile is 1 sq. ft and is mesh mounted on high-quality fiber glass for easy installation.
  • Easy to clean and develops no scratches at all.

Pure White Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles features

  • These are naturally thin and easy to install in variety of applications.
  • Moreover, excellent for historical make-overs, modern wall and floor installations.
  • Sheet size: 11 7/8” x 11 7/8” x 1/8”.
  • Tile size: 7/8” x 7/8”.
  • Includes Matte finishing.
  • Available in different forms like Vintage Brown, Sky Blue, Dark Brown and Caramel Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles.

3 x 9 Cobalt Blue Glass Subway Tile features

  • This is a simple tile which gives a classy look to your kitchen, fireplace, bathroom or pool.
  • Of course, great for commercial and residential projects.
  • Thickness is 5/16” (8mm) with a glossy finish.
  • It is sold by 5 pieces that covers 1 sq. ft area.
  • 3 x 9 Cobalt Blue Glass Subway is highly durable.
  • Above all, Easy to install.

Customer reviews on Stone Tile Mosaics

Stone Tile Mosaics is a nationwide supplier of designer tiles and mosaics. It has many regular customers in the areas like New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. You can trust them as all the products are affordable and scratch resistant. 3 x 9 Cobalt Blue Glass Subway tile is one of the popular collection of Stone Tile Mosaics. On Amazon it has got 5.0 out of 5 stars. It’s deep blue color makes them beautiful in the interior decoration of your home.

“This is a wonderful tile, I would highly recommend Stone Tile Mosaics. Amazing customer service!!! I had a few tiles come in scratched and they replaced them…..

I am so happy with my new Stone Tile backsplash” says one of the regular customer”.

Stone Tile Mosaics coupon code discounts

Stone Tile Mosaic offers various discounts on different tiles starting from $7.25. Besides, it is offering 25% off on Italian Bianco Carrera White Carrara 1 x 2 Marble, upto 45% off on Natural Stone tiles. You can also sent mails to to get all the monthly updates about discount offers, coupon and promo codes.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get some sample of the above mentioned products for backsplash before purchasing them?

Yes, of course you can have the sample of these products.

What about shipping charges?

Stone Tile Mosaics offer free shipping charges.

Where should I call to clarify my doubts regarding Mother of Pearl Sea Shell Mosaic Tile?

There is a helpline number 877-920-8453 for this purpose. You can call here and all the doubts will be clarified by the customer service representative.

How to clean dirt from the marbles?

Don’t use any acidic or abrasive cleaners. Try to use a vacuum or a mop to clean the tiles. Food items like vinegar, tomato and citrus fruits can etch the marbles. So, don’t let them sit on the stone for longer periods.

Does Stone Liquidators ship its products to Canada?

Yes, all the customers who wish to buy from Stone Liquidators can get the products in Canada. But they should contact to the concerned customer service either by mail or by phone. The buyers are solely responsible for all the customs and duty charges for their order to these places.

How long will it take to get my order from

It will take around 1-3 business days to get your product.

UPS ground times are

  • 1-3 business days East Coast.
  • 3-4 business days Central.
  • 4-5 business days West Coast.

I would like to visit your showroom located in North New Jersey, What should I do?

It is mandatory that you should take an appointment before visiting by calling this no: 1-201-736-0823.


Tiles and Mosaics plays an important role, when it comes to interior decoration!!! Stone Tile Mosaics has an amazing collection of all kinds of wonderful tiles. So, if you are planning to renovate!! Buy them at the earliest and share your comments with us…….