Without doubt, kitchen is the epicenter of every home. Color has significant influence on our lives. Each color has it’s and ups in influencing our mood and mind. Choosing color for the most important room, kitchen is therefore bigger than ever. Though, the color choice is ultimately on the user, one should know the impact of each color in the kitchen.

Hardworking Kitchen

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A hardworking kitchen can perform well and netter with the right kind of positive vibe color. Here are some hints on the few best colors suited for the kitchen. The best part of colors is that it can work on any item. These hints will also help you revamp the kitchen at cheaper for positive change.

White is the most ideal choice for kitchen. If you can have an all white kitchen, it is the best. It is the color of purity and has got most positive effect on others. It is one color that can suit all types of kitchen accessories, from wall, floor, curtains, tables, chairs, utensils, appliances, and what not! Try to have as much white in the kitchen as possible. White makes a harmonious positive energy with the metallic energy. Leave at least one wall painted in white. White is the ideal choice for a small kitchen with lesser natural light.

Red is a vibrant color and suits best in the kitchen than in any other room. As in the case of white, every kitchen should have something or the other, red in color. No matter what it is, its your pick. If you are not fond of that color, just have a thin strip of it anywhere in the kitchen. This color gives you energy to work and bring the best in you.

Green is natural, healing, and appetizing color. Though it suits well for kitchens, it is tricky to pick the correct shade. Having green color in a hardworking kitchen will ensure that all your efforts will be fruitful. Since it increases the appetite, you don’t have to worry about leftover, he, he he! Olive green, yellowish green, pale green etc are the popular shades and is mostly used with off white, yellow, or white. It is better to go for brighter shades than the dull varieties. Green is best suited for cabinets, walls, and curtains.

Yellow, the color of sunshine brings the sun right into the kitchen. It is soothing in color to calm the people around. This is one color for kitchen that can be used in any shade you choose to. It is best suited for the contemporary designed kitchen. Color the center wall in bright yellow has the cabinets, preferably alternate ones in yellow. Couple it with white, green, or steel color. It also suits well for the backsplash tiles. The pendant lights, curtains, table cloth, kitchen towels, all could use this color.

Light blue: Blue is not a recommended color for kitchen but the lighter blue shade is accepted. Use it along with white, yellow etc. Keep this color subtle and stick to the curtains, table cloth, towels, few dishes etc. It is better to keep it low profile and not to use it all over. Color blue can reduce the appetite and you don’t want that to happen.

Brown is the color of stability. It is suitable for the cabinets, granite, or the floors, mostly. The table and chairs also would be fine in this color. Too much of brown will not be eye candy so pair it with white, cream, yellow etc. Farmhouses and all the olden design kitchen will look good in brown color.