“Kitchen is a place made for bringing the people together”.

We spent most of our precious time in the kitchen itself. Does anybody prefer to work in the dull, boring kitchen? Our mood will remain fresh and healthy with the perfect color of the kitchen. There are many kinds of shades available in the market. Choosing a right paint for the kitchen is a very time consuming and a difficult process. But don’t worry, there are certain colors specific for certain rooms. Also its important that you concentrate on different pieces of your kitchen. Like cabinets, counter tops and the appliances.

 Hottest paint colors for your Kitchen

World-class Hottest paint colors for your Kitchen

White: White is a wonderful color which can really energize a room. Nowadays, most people go for this color. You and your kids can play with color in the kitchen counter tops. Moreover, this is a good choice for people with extra-long kitchen with the dark granite top.

Apple green – Hottest paint colors for your Kitchen: Green is the basic color of the world. This adds light to our life. Apple green is a striking shade which will add energy to our kitchen.


Hottest paint colors for your Kitchen

Black:Would you like to do something different in the kitchen? Just paint your cabinet area black. The combination of white with black will look something more trendy and pretty.

Pumpkin orange is one of the hottest paint colors for your Kitchen: This warm shade of pumpkin will just add colors to your kitchen. The color looks good when used with dark wood cabinetry.



Chocolate Brown: Perfect color for light floors and cabinetry. You can add warmth to the kitchen with this rich cocoa brown color. Its best if you add this deep brown with some green or bright yellow color.

Gray: Many people are going for this color. Dark gray walls fits into the innovative decor, adding more reflective touch to your walls. Gray can be called as a versatile neutral color which looks amazing with mostly colors like (lavender, lemon chiffon, turquoise) etc.

Cream: Classic cream color works with any type of kitchen (from traditional to modern) kitchen. You can use this color, since it never goes out of style. Cream can work well with mostly colors like mint green, deep brown and cornflower blue.

Primary colors involves

Red: This is a perfect warm color for a large family eat in kitchen. The color stimulates the appetite. Red comes in multiple shades that can be applied both on the cabinets and the walls.

Yellow: Yellow is one amongst the warm colors. I am not suggesting you to paint every corners of this kitchen with this bold shade. Try to paint this color on one side of your wall. Moreover painting on the cabinets will add energy to the room.

Blue: You might be thinking whether blue will be good for my work area or not…. Usually people say blue suppresses our appetite. But this is something a false believe. When done in a right way blue will be an attractive addition to the kitchen.