Kitchen Cabinets by RTA Store

The RTA Store – Ready to Assemble Store is a kitchen cabinet manufacturing company in the US. Many homeowners have changed the entire look of their kitchen with RTA kitchen cabinets. Ready To Assemble kitchen cabinets are kitchen cabinets that give you the ability to assemble yourself. Their simple instructions provided in the box, will help you save money in installation charges.

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This article shall be covering:

  • RTA store – about the company
  • RTA kitchen cabinets
  • RTA kitchen and bathroom accessories
  • RTA sample doors
  • RTA bathroom vanities
  • RTA customer testimonials
  • Tips to check for quality RTA cabinets
  • RTA cabinet coupon codes

RTA Store – Company Profile

The was set up in 2009 in Hopewell Junction, NY. Its a family-owned business that has built its brand with trust and hard work. RTA aims at meeting individual customer preferences. They truly get to know each of the customer’s requirements and their needs. RTA store offers free kitchen design service. This sets them apart from many other kitchen retailers. RTA kitchen cabinets can be assembled by yourself, with the simple instructions provided in the box. RTA kitchen/ bathroom cabinets are cost-effective cabinets. They also provide accessorizing solutions for bathroom. RTA bathroom accessories add beauty and elegance to your washroom. Accessorize your kitchen with RTA kitchen accessories.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets – Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, RTA offers 2 kinds. Ready to Assemble and the Pre-Assembled. Ready to Assemble kitchen cabinets change the look of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets from RTA store add durability. Customize your cabinet designs with a cost that is very effective and reasonable. The assembling part is done easy. All parts are being pre-cut and holes pre-drilled. At the end of the day, its a stunning kitchen that you get.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets Benefits/ Features

Although there are many other kitchen-cabinet retailers, RTA kitchen cabinets stand unique in the industry. Following are the reasons why customers buy RTA kitchen cabinets for renovating their kitchen design.

  • Solid body: RTA kitchen cabinets are made of strong solid wood. Fine detailing in the construction can be seen. RTA kitchen cabinets are also beautiful than you expect.
  • Easy to assemble: As the name suggests, RTA kitchen cabinets are easy-to-assemble cabinets. The instructions given in the box are simple to follow. Even a 50-year old woman can install the RTA kitchen cabinets.
  • Cost-effective: Are you looking for a quality kitchen cabinet at a cheaper price? Well, then RTA kitchen cabinets are recommended. Compared to other cabinet retailers, you just have to pay half the price. Your installation charges are saved.
  • Customizing features: Because of the low cost for RTA cabinets, you can afford some of the design features you want. Like for instance corner cabinets, deep drawers and base drawer cabinets.
  • Good quality shelves: RTA kitchen cabinets are quality cabinets available at a price, you can afford. Some of these cabinets are heavier like book shelves and appliances. But the solid wood shelves from RTA last longer. It hold up beautifully for over 10 years.

Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

RTA Kitchen And Bathroom Accessories

At RTA store, you get a large variety of kitchen and bathroom accessories. A kitchen or bathroom is incomplete, if not given a finishing touch. The RTA bathroom cabinets stylize your bathroom features and looks. These include:

For kitchen

  • Back-splashes
  • Cabinet pulls
  • Cabinet knobs
  • Hoods
  • Storage accessories
  • Kitchen carts/ islands
  • Kitchen sinks

For bathroom

  • Towel bars
  • Soap dish holder/ soap dispensers
  • Tooth brush holder
  • Bathroom shelves
  • Bathroom sinks and faucets

RTA Sample Cabinet Doors

RTA offers sample cabinet doors for every kitchen finish they sell. All RTA kitchen cabinet doors are shipped free of charge and require only a deposit. Your deposit will be returned back when you return the sample door back to RTA store.

Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

RTA Bathroom Vanities

Same like the kitchen cabinets, RTA offers 2 kinds of bathroom vanities. Ready to assemble bathroom vanities and Pre-assembled bathroom vanities. RTA bathroom cabinets are perfect for DIY starters, who are looking for an inexpensive way to remodel their bathroom. Setting up RTA bathroom vanities will add beauty and elegance to the bathroom. RTA bathroom vanities are high quality vanities.

RTA bathroom vanities come in shaker, raised panel and recessed panel style. These include

  • White bathroom vanities
  • Off white/ cream bathroom vanities
  • Light bathroom vanities
  • Medium bathroom vanities
  • Dark bathroom vanities

Pre-assembled bathroom vanities also include the same style and finish as that of RTA bathroom vanities.

RTA Free Kitchen Design

With RTA’s free kitchen design consultation team, you get help for creating the perfect layout and see how it looks like. The designing team of RTA store will work with you via email or phone. They will bring you kitchen to life. Whether you have a very small space or that its spacious, the RTA designers will show you the designs that fit your budget.

Within 448 hours, you will get

  • A custom layout that is both functional and looks great
  • Photo-realistic renderings to see how it looks in your space.
  • An itemized list of what you need and how much it costs.

Tips To Check For Quality RTA Cabinets – What To Look For In A RTA Cabinet

Ready To Assemble cabinets for kitchen are a great way to save money for kitchen furnishing ideas. They offer value, quick turn-around time and classy features. Customization option is what makes the RTA cabinets unique. Before you buy RTA kitchen cabinets, check for its features;

  • Assembly: Avoid cam lock mechanism and dado assembly. This separates as wood expands and contracts.
  • Doors/ fronts: While buying RTA doors and fronts, look for a good selection of colors and finishes.
  • Finish: Avoid buying cabinets with spray-finish. Instead look for hand-wiped cabinet finish. This lasts longer.
  • Hardware: Before you make a purchase, check for he quality. Ask your dealer about reports of breakage. Are hinges self-closing?
  • Replacements: Domestic manufacturers can replace individual components. But importing companies take time to replace the parts.

RTA Kitchen Cabinets Customer Reviews – Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets reviews

The RTA cabinet reviews are limited on the internet. The official website of RTA store shows customer testimonials as videos. You can check for customer reviews on RTA kitchen cabinets at their website. Whereas some users had said that the kitchen cabinets from RTA were long lasting and strong. Even after using for 10 years, the cabinets still look new and fresh.

RTA Store Coupon Codes – Are There Any RTA Cabinet Promo Codes Available?

RTA coupon codes give you the RTA cabinets at a discounted price. Check here for RTA cabinet discount codes.

  • Get 30% off for RTA finish items with the coupon code “july4th30rta”.
  • Get 15% off for all kitchen and bathroom items. Use promo code “spring15”
  • Get 10% off for RTA sample cabinet doors with the discount code “sample10”.

Check the RTA store website for more details.

RTA Frequently Asked Questions

What does the online RTA kitchen cabinets reviews say?

The customer testimonials of RTA kitchen and bathroom accessories show a positive feedback. Users were highly satisfied with the new look and the price they offered.

Are RTA kitchen cabinets made in USA?

Yes, RTA kitchen and bathroom accessories are made in USA.

Does RTA store offer international shipping?

Yes, the company offers international shipping.

From where to buy RTA kitchen accessories and cabinets? Are there any RTA cabinets available for sale online?

You can buy RTA kitchen cabinets and accessories online from their official website.

I heard that RTA kitchen cabinets are cheap? Is it true?

Yes, RTA kitchen cabinets are cheap. If you are looking for buying cheap RTA kitchen cabinet kits, buy from their website.

Is there an instructions manual for RTA kitchen base cabinets?

Yes, un-assembled RTA kitchen base cabinets come with an instruction guide. The instructions are easy to follow.

Are RTA kitchen cabinets available for free shipping?

Yes, RTA offers free shipping for their kitchen and bathroom accessories. Whether you buy kitchen or bathroom cabinets or vanities, you get free shipping.

Does RTA offer financing for their kitchen and bathroom cabinets?

The RTA store offers easy and affordable financing on your order. They help you pay for your purchase over time through easy-to-understand monthly payments.

Are there any Youtube videos on RTA kitchen and bathroom cabinets?

The RTA Youtube videos show how to set up kitchen/bathroom videos.

Are RTA kitchen cabinets shipped to Canada?

Yes, RTA kitchen cabinets and accessories are shipped to Canada.