Kohler touchless kitchen faucet

Touchless Kitchen Faucets

Water is most used in the kitchens. With the touchless kitchen faucets, it is now easier to wash in kitchen. Usually the need to wash the hands frequently calls for dirty faucets. It will also be time consuming to clean the faucets regularly. The sensor technology can detect the hands near the sensor and the faucet is switched on to allow the water to flow. When the hands are taken off, the faucet will be shut off automatically. This will also save water.



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Though there are all kinds of touchless faucets, the touchless kitchen faucet would be longer and with a longer spout or an arc to allow more room for the vessels to be cleaned. These touchless kitchen faucets will also come with the options to allows hot and cold water, or pre-determined temperature control makes it all the more easier to have the kitchen look elegant and user friendly.

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor with Motion Sense One-Handle High Arc Pull down Kitchen Faucet:

The arc design allows maximum coverage inside the sink. This works completely touchless and also allows you to get the nozzle to pull down for convenience. The pull down will automatically retrieve back to its position and no need to use any force or button. This is a single hole mount with less hassles. This touchless kitchen faucet works on AC current and the adapter comes with the product.

KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet:

This touchless kitchen faucet gets into action within a few milliseconds. The sensor is highly capable and automatically works to On/Off. The most advantageous feature is that you can pre-set the temperature of the water coming out and will stay the same even if the faucet is turned off automatically. The arc end is just right for the kitchen sink and allows enough space for washing.

Kitchen Faucets Touchless


Moen 87350ESRS Haysfield with Motion Sense Pulldown Kitchen Faucet – Spot Resist Stainless:

The Moen motion sense pull down kitchen faucet works touchless. The touchless faucets are a blessing as kitchen work is messy and that grease and grime will not go to the faucets. This touchless kitchen faucet works on battery as well as on AC adapter. Working is simple; just get your hands near the sensor, the water starts flowing, and when the hands are taken off, the water stops.

Credits: http://kitchen.datavend.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Pull-Down-Kitchen-Faucet-Model.jpg

Credits: http://kitchen.datavend.net/

KOHLER K-13472-CP Gooseneck Touchless Deck-Mount Faucet with Temperature Mixer, Polished Chrome:

This touchless kitchen faucet is 7 –shaped with the sensors located near the base stand. The spout is narrow and works with infra red technology to sense the hands. The faucet operates with the help of 2 AAA batteries that lasts for up to 3 years. The temperature control option is available in this touchless kitchen faucet. It comes in polished chrome and vibrant stainless steel finishes.

Glacier Bay 67536-1027H2 Touchless Kitchen Faucet:

This touchless kitchen faucet comes in bronze finish and looks elegant. The touchless option saves time and also keeps the faucet from being dirty. It also saves a good quantity of water. It has 2 spray modes and the nozzle can be pulled down. It works on 4 AA batteries. It also comes with an optional soap dispenser. The high arc design makes good space availability. The water will be shut off automatically in 3 minutes to save water.

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