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A well designed kitchen is all about convenience and ease in handling the vessels. The pot filler faucets come most important of them all as it is very difficult to carry a large pot full of water from the sink to the burner. The pot filler faucets are the ones that are mounted on the walls near the stove that can be extended over to the pot and fill it directly over the stove.  The main advantage of most of the pot filler faucets is that it swing out and collapse back when not in use. Read more about pot filler faucets and the best pot filler faucets available in the market.



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The pot filler faucets are easy to install and needs only half in inch hole which can be drilled in no time and a plumber can do the rest of the job quite easily. The only thing to make sure is that it is installed at the comfortable height and never too low or near the fire. It must also be ensured that the fittings are perfect and tight and do not allow any amount of leakage. Here are the top 10 best selling pot filler faucets in the market, which helps you choose the right one for you.

  1. Danze D205012SS Melrose Single Handle Wall Mount Pot Filler, Stainless Steel:

    This is a swing spout pot filler faucet designed for cold water use. The spout elongates to 17 inches from the wall. This is mounted on the wall. There are two valves with the lever at the base as well as near the spout. It swings over the pot to fill the water and can be swung back to rest along the wall when not in use.



  2. 21″ Pot Filler, Wall Mount, Modern, Retractable, Double Joint Spout, and Polished Chrome:

    This pot filler faucet can be extended even to the front burners of the stove and not just useful for the rear burners. This double jointed spout will extend up to 21 ½ inches and can be retracted when not in use. It has more flow rate than normal kitchen faucets for faster filling.



  3. Delta 1177LF-SS Pot Filler Faucet – Wall Mount, Stainless:

    This stainless steel wall mount pot filler faucet is another popular faucet in the market. This dual jointed spout is swinging and can reach up to 24 inches long. It also comes in 4 more finishes such as arctic stainless, champagne bronze, chrome, and Venetian bronze. The valve closer to the wall can be used to adjust the water force to avoid splashing.



  4. 21″ Pot Filler, Wall Mount, Classic, Traditional, Vintage, Retractable, Double Joint Spout, Oil Rubbed Bronze

    This pot filler faucet is more suited for the classic kitchen and with the oil rubbed bronze finish, this pot filler faucet has two joints and two handles to control the water flow. The handles are also designed to look traditional yet trendy. The spout has a reachability of 21 inches when extended. It is designed to use only for cold water.

  5. Danze D205058SS Parma Wall Mount Single-Handle Pot Filler with Lever Handle, Stainless Steel:

    This single hole wall mount pot filler can reach 22 inches from the wall. It can be retracted completely when not in use. The spout is two pieced which folds conveniently. It is available in chrome and stainless steel finishes.



  6. 21″ Pot Filler, Wall Mount, Classic, Traditional, Vintage, Retractable, Double Joint Spout, in Polished Nickel:

    This is a vintage look pot filler faucet that can be collapsed to the wall when not in use. Designed in vintage with apt handles, this faucet spout extends to 21 inches and can be used for both rear and front end burners. The polished nickel finish adds elegance. It needs a single hole for installation and designed for cold water usage.

  7. Blanco 441194 Cantata Wall Mounted Pot Filler, Chrome:

    This is yet another sorted after pot filler faucet that is wall mounted but do not extend as far as the other faucets. This one has a shorter spout when compared to the others but the contemporary look makes it to many kitchens. This can be mounted near the stove and fits perfectly for a compact space.

  8. Hansgrohe 04218000 Talis C Pot Fille, Wall Mounted, Chrome:

    This wall mounted pot filler faucet has more reachability than other faucets. This elongates to 25 inches and operates with the help of two ceramic valves. This faucet is available in 4 finishes of chrome, polished nickel, rubbed bronze and steel optic.

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