Walabot DIY – 3D Imaging Device

Use Walabot DIY through which you can scan literally anything inside the walls. For people who love handling their own home improvement projects, Walabot promises to assist you in scan walls up to 4 inches thick and 10 cm deep.

Walabot DIY is a smart wall scanner that can see through your walls and help you find studs, rodents, electrical wires, water pipes etc. It is more than just a stud finder. Walabot DIY can be used in sync with your Android smartphone which will give you a 3D virtual image of what’s behind the wall. This is our Walabot DIY review.

Picture yourself hammering a wall only to notice that you have run through the water pipe inside? You can imagine what the mess would be like. For those who are into DIY home improvement projects, Walabot DIY is one of the first stud finders that have hit the market.

It is a product of Vayyar Imaging, the 3D imaging sensor company that first developed a technology to help people in the medical industry to screen breast cancer.

Let’s start with the kit. You will find

  • Walabot DIY Sensor
  • micro USB cable
  • Magnetic disc
  • Protective plastic sheet
  • Instruction manual

Features of Walabot DIY wall scanner

Walabot DIY sensor and its respective electronics come in a black plastic body and is almost the size of large smartphones. The density, however, is quite thick as compared to the sleek body of the smartphones. This is due to the backup battery which is encased inside. The back of the wall imager comes has a circular magnet that attaches itself to the back of your smartphone.

While there are three USB ports, you will only be needing the micro USB part. You can connect the smartphone to the DIY micro USB cable. Make sure to download the Walabot DIY smartphone app that will walk you through the setup process.


It is NOT compatible with Samsung Note 7, LG G4 or any Tablets. Also, Walabot DIY app for iOS is under creation and yet to be launched. So, if you are an iOS user and can’t wait, borrow any of your friend’s or family member’s phone and start scanning.

Simultaneously, you can punch in your email address at the official website of Walabot DIY so that you will be notified when the iOS app is launched.

Once the gear is calibrated, you can test it on any wall and check what’s inside. You will be able to see through objects, liquids, and materials. The Walabot sensor draws power from the handset via USB. Once you activate the app, you will have three modes.

  • Map Mode – gives you an overview of the wall and its structure. This will most probably be the first thing you are most likely to choose.
  • Images Mode – after Map mode, you can have a look at Images Mode which will give you a clear outlook of what you are seeing – be it rodent, stud, pipe or a wire.
  • Raw Mode – gives you raw signals which Walabot DIY is picking up. It also helps you to track down the actual path of water pipes or electrical cords. In fact, you can also see a live movement of rodents or pests (unfortunately, if it does exists).

What’s best – you can take a screenshot and keep it handy while making DIY projects.

The Walabot DIY imaging device for Android Smartphones works on any surface – concrete, solid wall or wood. The main motive of the company is to leverage this technology to as many users possible, especially many DIYers who need to look more behind the walls than the current stud finders in the market.
Walabot DIY for everyone

The device can be used by construction engineers and inventors who want Walabot to handle projects in their daily life. Use Walabot’s 3D imaging sensor by using your company’s API developer kit that will help you to track objects, movements and detect the surroundings.

Walabot DIY Reviews

Overall, the consumers are happy with the device. A user-friendly device, it is easy to track wires, metal pipes and so on without any hassles.

Of course, just like any other product, there are a couple of downsides. As mentioned earlier, the device is “right now” compatible only with Android and not with iOS. Another downside is the Walabot cost which is a bit on the expensive side as compared to other stud finders in the market.

Another point to note is that Walabot DIY works only if your phone battery has more than 50% charge. One user says that his phone got switched off (even with 48% charge). This is because Walabot DIY feeds on the smartphone battery. It is certainly a factor that needs to be considered when using Walabot.

Nevertheless, Walabot DIY Imaging Device is still one of the best-selling wall scanners for its simple yet realistic features which is an advantage for implementing in many DIY home projects.

Here are few of the consumer reviews for Walabot DIY Smart Stud Finder.

  • Wayne Day – “Far better than a stud finder, it finds objects not touching the sheetrock. Just as advertised.”
  • Terry Donoho – “Rebuilding my old garage which was wired in a haphazard way. Walabot has allowed me to trace out all the wiring and rewire it correctly. It is used on plaster wallboard walls. I will be using it to pinpoint wall studs and refasten the wallboard. The support team is excellent and fast in answering my queries for set up.”
  • V. – “Seems to work pretty good but there is a bit of learning curve which I am doing now. The app has built-in guide videos which have step-by-step instructions on how to use them easily. Definitely worth your buy.”
  • Justin B – “I am a techie guy and knows how it works. I used the device and it overheated my phone and killed the battery. I thought it was the problem with my phone. The magnet was not strong enough to keep it from falling off. You need to hold both the phone and the Walabot for proper readings. Not worth the money.”
  • Rich Allen – “It doesn’t work as advertised. I gave it a chance with multiple tasks but still wouldn’t bend. I am returning it back.”

Upgrade To Walabot Pro (Developer Kit)

If you want to take 3D image sensor to the next level, Walabot Pro (now known as the Developer kit) is best recommended. You will also find Creator and Starter Kits that will offer mindblowing features such as people tracking, fall detection and much more. It can also assist with blind avoid obstacles sense thus alerting you instantly.

With the company’s API developer kit, you can track movements, detect the surroundings, monitor the breathing, check speed etc. In fact, the company offers Open Source Licences through which you can create your own applications.

Walabot DIY In-Wall Imager Shipping and Returns

The company ships currently only in three regions – US, Australia, and Canada. Walabot DIY offers FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE in the USA (except for CA, IL, and NY). But then you can use Walabot DIY coupon codes that will help you to purchase this device at a discounted price.

The device comes with 14 days refund policy. So in case, you feel the product does not meet your expectations, simply return them and get your money reimbursed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Walabot DIY and Walabot Pro available on Amazon or eBay?

Yes, you can purchase Walabot DIY, Pro, Developer Kit for sale online at Amazon, eBay etc.

Where can I find Walabot DIY pack manual?

The instruction manual is available along with the kit that you will receive.

How should I download Walabot DIY apk for Android?

The official Walabot DIY apk for Android smartphone can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Can you name compatible phones for Walabot DIY imaging wall scanner?

Any Android Smartphones with OS version of 5.0 Lollipop, 6.0 Marshmallow with OTG is compatible with Walabot DIY. Even Android version 7.0 Nougat supports Walabot.

Which is the best – Walabot Vs Flir?

As per the manufacturer’s claim, Flir is claimed as “the sixth sense” for everyone. Flir One is a competitive brand for Walabot that offers similar features but in an altogether different technique.

The primary advantage of Flir One is it comes with a compact design and two powerful lens (camera) that literally scans everything. It comes with an in-built micro USB port that hooks on to your smartphone giving it a hassle-free look. This means you don’t need to carry an additional weight or a device to look inside the walls. Flir One imaging device is designed in such a way that it looks like a part of your smartphone.

Another feature of Flir One is that it comes another micro USB port to charge the camera’s internal battery. The battery charges within an hour and lasts for an hour or so before asking for another recharge.

Walabot DIY, on the other hand, is a bulky device that has a powerful battery that absorbs charge from your smartphone. However, Walabot DIY is not a thermal device, unlike Flir. Walabot DIY is a 3D-imaging sensor device that offers you the vision to see more than “just walls”.

When it comes to price, Walabot DIY is cheaper as compared to Flir One. This makes it a hit among many users who are on a budget prefer Walabot DIY to Flir One.

Flir comes with 30-day returns while Walabot DIY offers only 14-day return period. The primary advantage why many choose Walabot is because of the brand – Vayyar Imaging.

Walabot DIY comes with additional features such as adjustable sensitivity setting for optimum calibrations on a particular project. Different modes, hassle-free screenshot, better image clarity, and quality are few of the prominent features which make Walabot DIY stand out.

Did we mention that Walabot has received 10+ awards for “Best Tech”???

We do feel that Walabot website could have been much more informative as compared to Flir. Flir is very much informative and provides excellent warranty info, product manuals etc. online for easier reference. This is another downside of Walabot as it has little information which can make any newbie search other sites for reference.

While Walabot DIY works with Android smartphones only, Flir is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. This can make iOS users scream with joy as they can indulge in wall scanning using Flir.

Summing it up, we can say that both Walabot and Flir One are the best in their own way. The reviews for both of these brands are highly positive. Ultimately, it comes to the specs which you prefer. If you are looking for thermal imaging wall scanner with simple-to-use features, go with Flir or else buy Walabot DIY.

Pros and Cons of Walabot DIY Wall Scanner/Stud Finder


  • Comes with 3D imaging sensor
  • User-friendly features
  • Has three different modes of scanning
  • Can scan walls up to 4 inches and 10 cm deep
  • Has 14-day return policy
  • Free shipping anywhere in the USA
  • Good customer reviews


  • Is bulky as compared to other wall scanners
  • Uses up battery of your smartphone
  • Few find it difficult to hold both the smartphone and the device
  • Limited shipping policy (only to few countries)

The Verdict

So who should buy this device? If you are interested in renovating your home or DIY architect or construction, then you would definitely like Walabot DIY. But if you are an engineer or developer, you will benefit with Walabot PRO. Apart from much more features, you have the discretion to create many applications. From home improvement to measuring the speed of a baseball, there are more to Walabot than what meets the eye.

As you can see, Walabot DIY is more than just a stud finders ($20-$50). This unique device and its 3D imaging sensor clearly allows you to see more than what’s behind the wall at an affordable cost. The company is throwing in promo deal through which you can own it at a far less price than the original cost. When you add up all the features of Walabot DIY, it is definitely the best product to try on.