Planning to remodel your kitchen? Confused with all the color combos. I assume you are here coz you have checked out all the vibrant colors but still feel drawn to white. You probably need an assurance that owning a white kitchen will rock your place irrespective of persistence from people.

Elizabeth Cooper's Sag Harbor Home – Lonny Magazine

I am here to reinstate your faith in white. Yes, white still elegant irrespective of what many have to say. A timeless color that not only reflects light but also stands for peace, its powerfully efficient in making any smaller space feel large.

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White also imparts a clean and fresh feel which are classic words to describe an amazing kitchen. This is one of the reason why white kitchens are still a hit.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, then here are some ways to incorporate white to your kitchen.


Difficult to believe but quite true. White simply never goes out of style. In fact they are getting popular everyday. Need proof? The National Kitchen and Bath Association’s annual survey says that white is the most popular kitchens among many homeowners and designers.


Install an apron front sink (also fondly called as white farmhouse sink) and see how gracious it looks. It will be the point of attraction whenever your friends walk in. Sinks are an inevitable part of life. But farmhouses takes you back to the good old days making it a timeless piece infused in your kitchen.

Did you know that farmhouse sinks served all purposes from cleaning clothes to scrubbing pots, pans to even washing kids?

A classic design, farmhouse sinks are available in different dimensions. So make sure to check with your kitchen designer to find the right sink for your pantry.


Imagine layers of white – white cabinets with white countertops or take white countertops with white backsplash). You might have seen this in many kitchen magazines but it is a definite way to take white to the next level. You can suit your countertop material but white options are limitless. For instance, Carrara or Calacatta marble has been staying as a proud memento in many homes from thousands of years and it will look good on yours too.


One of the most cheapest ways to give your kitchen a quick refresh is by painting the walls. It can spruce up any room. While its easy to stick to white, you have to choose between the right kind of white.

I am not drunk. There are hundreds of choices in those tiny white thumbnails that can blow your mind. “Alabaster” is currently the color of the year 2016 as declared by Sherwin Williams.

A fantastic white that does not hit the face, it is the perfect color for walls and moldings. Here is an idea. Sample your desired ‘whites’ in a large piece of foam board. Check how it looks throughout the day with different amounts of light.

You can even move the board to various areas of your room. Be ready to be surprised as to how different the pain color looks in various areas.

Cooking Appliances

Are you fed up of wiping those smudges/fingerprints off stainless steel appliances? Recently there was an ad about Whirlpool’s stunning appliance called the White Ice.. Of course, there are appliances that accommodate the custom built cabinet panels and look great as well with your cabinetry.

Bottom line

White is currently the neutral that easily adapts itself to any kitchen style. Every color looks great with white so accentuate your colors just as your mood. Now this doesn’t mean that everything should be white. Go with hardwood floors, glass front cabinets etc. that are wonderful mix-ins to the white kitchen.