Bringing the home up to date with modern items is not difficult as you think. You may start low and spread it wide without spending too much. There are so many cheaper ways to go for a home makeover. It would of course need time to have it done slowly. Here are some simple but effective ideas that can change your home from old to modern.


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  • Start with painting the walls: Painting the walls is a must to update the home. I suggest going for neutral colors that allows you to play with colors with the accessories.
  • Play with colors: Yes, use any color in the freshly painted rooms. Throw in some colored cushions on the couch or add a colorful throw for accent. There are restrictions and limit for your imaginations to add accent to your home. The options are many, curtains, paintings, accessories, collectible, anything.
  • Open up the cabinets: if your kitchen has those old fashioned buttoned up cabinets, get rid of them. At least open up some cabinets to have open shelves. Adding some glass doors would also suffice. This gives an impression of a larger room. Open kitchens are the trend so get the separation wall a break.
  • Cabinet knobs have its value: Simply changing the cabinet knobs can make a quick makeover for the kitchen. Steel or chrome finish will have the modern touch than other finishes.
  • Backsplash: Adding a backsplash near the burner or the sink is another quick makeover. At the burner, have the backsplash till the ceiling or as high as possible. Funky colors would not suit here, choose wise here.
  • Pay attention to bathrooms: Though bathrooms may be almost hidden from the immediate view, it needs its share in the makeover process. Adding or removing the old tub with a modern shower area would be enough. If you can’t afford that, look at the mirror, medicine cabinet or the floor itself for a change. Even the slightest change could bring more difference.
  • Recycle the unused: If you have lots of dishes that are unused for a long time, paint them suitably and use as trays, or for display. You can even place them over the kitchen cabinets.
  • Lighting is important: Change the lighting wherever possible. Pay more attention to the entry way, patio, kitchen and bath mainly. Too many chandeliers could be boring, opt for semi-flush lighting instead. Replace one light in the living room with a floor lamp at the corner. Adding lights on the pathway outside will give a different look for the house. Add highlighters here and there and if possible under the kitchen cabinets.
  • Electric outlets makeover: Modern homes need lots of USB ports to charge the gadgets. Give the electric outlets a makeover by adding USB ports in the kitchen, living space and near the bed for easy access.
  • Say bye to tiles and hug the wooden flooring: Tiled floors are almost history. It looks good may be in the kitchen but not in the bedrooms. Replace the tiled floor with wooden boards to have a major makeover.

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