6 Kitchen Ideas Of Using Open Shelves

Having a kitchen with open shelves is not an easy job as you always need to make it look clean and well-arranged. Kitchen open shelves actually add beauty and elegance to the room but most of us cannot even think of its practicability. The trendy look is just awesome and modern when you get matching dishware collection to get along. A standard kitchen cabinetry is one that everyone like to install as its easy to maintain. 40% of the people believe that open shelves are practical additions to standard kitchen cabinets whereas rest of them think that they aren’t practical at all. Today, you can get a lot of kitchen design ideas to install open shelves that fits to your budget and space. If you are one among the 40%, then this ones for youOpen Shelves

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There are 3 ways to install open shelves in your kitchen. One way is to just install 2-3 shelves to just showcase your fancy dishware or vases. The second way is to replace half of your upper cabinets with such shelves. This makes your kitchen wall look more light and so that you can show all the beautiful things you have. The third way is to only use open shelves and not use upper cabinets at all. This is one way you can add elegance to your kitchen than making it look more traditional.

As mentioned above, people do not like to replace their kitchen cabinets with open shelves due to the fact that you need to always make it look neat and clean. But do you know why open shelves add more beauty than cabinets? Check out here:

  • Kitchen cabinets give a dark look to your kitchen as they hide the space of your room. Whereas open shelves help the space look more bright and open. Your kitchen will look more spacious and well arranged.
  • Kitchen cabinets hide all your beautiful tableware. Kitchen cabinets are always seen as a place for storage. Cabinets just offer fixed space. Its not easy to take glasses easily from inside the cabinets. Some might be even narrow. But when you go for open shelving, your kitchen storage space is increased and gives a modern look.bb89c546c2cebbf70b64b02ae25fdb21
  • Open shelves make it easy for you to take things easily at your reach, each time you don’t have to open and close the cabinet to take glasses, cups and dish wares. In addition, open shelves give a warm and welcoming effect to the guests. They don’t have to ask where things are.
  • An inexpensive investment. If you are planning for installing modern kitchen cabinets, the rates are not going to fit your budget. So if you love to renovate your kitchen, its better to go for open shelving ideas as they fit your budget and gives a more brighter look to your kitchen.
  • With open shelves it is easy to place the glasses, plates and bowls back to its designated spot. This in turn keeps your kitchen look well-organized.
  • For those who worry about the dust issues, I don’t think its a big deal as you are not going to place it long enough to accumulate dust. All the plates and bowls on the shelves are used regularly and so they don’t have time to get dusty. Its okay if you wipe it off once in a month.

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