If you wish to remodel your traditional kitchen this season with simply great kitchen designs for modern homes and family then you had stopped at the correct page.

Kitchen is quite a multi functional space in modern homes for the family. Today it not only serves as a place to prepare meals, but also an important gathering space in the home. It is hub of the home that has evolved from an exclusive space to prepare meals into a versatile room that share meals as well as entertain guests.

Great Kitchen Designs

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Consider this point that kitchen designs for modern homes must effectively blend functionality with personal requisites. Appliances like refrigerator, sink, oven and stove are crucial so you will have to select a great kitchen design that accommodates them as well as meet your unique set of needs. Look through below given pictures of some great kitchen designs for this season and get inspired to create a new look for your modern homes and family.

Functional and Modern

Organizing your kitchen components properly is always a challenge when looking for a great kitchen design for modern home. At times, you may feel a bit lost between all the stuff needed when preparing delicious and good-looking dishes. So you would require a design to fit all your tools and ingredients that are near and easy to grab whenever you want. This Functional and Modern kitchen design creates a versatile space to make your routine tasks easier. This design introduces new materials into different kitchen components, like a glass or modern Krion by Systempool countertops, fronts and shelves, and a functional design to store needed items, with pillars, tall cupboards and integrated domestic appliances.

Modern and Airy Kitchen

This great kitchen design is perfect to fit your modern home next to a beach. This all-white kitchen looks stunning against a picturesque beach environment. This design gives an airy and fresh air coming all through your kitchen and naturally removing cooking odors. The perfectly placed plant pots and a decorative object look elegant and add to its beauty.

Great Kitchen Designs

Shades of Gray in Home

Usually, light shades like gray is an unwanted color in kitchens. But this kitchen design looks great with a small burst of yellow in your modern home that reflects a bit more of your personality. Also, the conventional wall clock abides your family tradition. The integrated refrigerator settles easily in the corner while saving precious space in your kitchen.

Blue Paradise

Everything blue makes it a great kitchen design and ideal fit for your modern home. Normally, open shelves are not preferred, but blow up your pots and utensils with bright blue color to make a bolder statement. This color plays well with the plain white countertops, shelves and other appliances.

Ultimate Modern Blend of Steel and Wood

This is a great kitchen design that brings best of stainless steel and wood together into one for your modern home. Here the stainless steel and wood combines perfectly to give an ultimate kitchen for you and family to enjoy. The stainless steel counter-top with wood cabinets is perfect for this airy kitchen.


Bespoke kitchen Design

This bespoke kitchen design has black built-in appliances and features such as the marble effect quartz counter top, a black wood-grain effect open cabinet and concealed under-cabinet lighting that in combination creates a striking look. This interior design contains rich quality black gloss kitchen cabinets, open shelves, walnut flooring and a marble splash-back in the elegant kitchen.

Unique Splash Back

The unique brown glass splash back with white color looks great for your modern home. This is a perfect kitchen design that has integrated fridge and coffee machine. Starphire glass backsplash behind the cook top and the floating stainless steel shelf gives you a handy storage option with display for dishes. The integrated task lighting into the shelf adds to its beauty. Additionally, the mirrored wall above the shelf creates depth and reflects light. It contains corian countertops with a 39” counter top height instead of the standard 36” height. The island in this design features a warming drawer. Plus the small potted plants looks pretty giving a bit of green color.

Handmade Modern Kitchen Design

This handmade modern kitchen design had evolved into a great design for you and your entire family. The natural light passing from the roof lights onto the handmade wooden cabinets combined with smart LED backlighting within the kitchen unit creates a wonderfully bright and warm kitchen space. The combination of the natural wood, grey-washed wood with some yellow as well as the floating shelf that merges into the cabinets looks great. The French door frames allow plenty of from the outside and make the most for you to view that wonderful site.


I am sure that any of these 8 great and beautiful kitchen designs for your modern home will perfectly match your and your family needs. Or get inspired from these wonderful kitchen designs to remake the heart of your home i.e. the kitchen.

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