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Allied Brass P1026-BBR Prestige Skyline Tumbler/Toothbrush Holder

The size does not make any bathroom stylish or luxurious. It is all about the accessories that make the difference. Whether the bathroom is big or small, it is the accessories that make it look appealing. Allied Brass comes up with a bunch of stylish and antique designed basic bathroom accessories. These accessories make the new bathroom its style and make the old bathroom a quick makeover.

Allied Brass

The collection from Allied Brass makes the accessories suitable for any type of bathroom, size, shape, or colors. These accessories not only are style statements but also reduce clutter to give a neat look as well.

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Here we will see a few of those accessories and they are toothbrush holders, soap dispenser, soap holder, vanity shelves, mirrors, curtain rods, towel racks, shower baskets, and tissue paper holders. It is amazing to see that each of these types can have such variety in the designs and styles!

Allied Brass Toothbrush/tumblers holder

Allied Brass Toothbrush holderThe toothbrush holders are a necessary part of dental hygiene. In most households, the tooth brushes are kept in the same tumbler together. This is not a good idea as it may lead to contamination. The toothbrushes are better kept apart without touching each other. The toothbrush holder designs from Allied Brass have various designs that keep the toothbrushes in individual ports and allow drying it on its own. Some designs have toothbrush ports as well as a hole in the middle for the tumbler used for mouth wash. There are counter top designs as well as wall mounted. Wall mounted designs are much sought after, as they help save space on the counter and can also accent the wall.

Tumbler/Toothbrush Holder Retro-Dot RD-26-BKM Allied Brass: Allied Brass offers this design that has a ring like structure where the toothbrushes can be placed separately and in the middle is the tumbler holder. This two in one design is space saving and is also wall mounted. Its design is sleek and sophisticated to become a great accessory that add to the decor and keep the toothbrushes dry, clean, and hygienic.

This toothbrush holder design comes in various colors and finishes. There is antique- brass, bronze, copper and pewter, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, polished- brass, chrome and nickel, satin- chrome, gold and nickel and finally the Venetian bronze.

Allied Brass Soap holders

The primary purpose of soap holders or dishes used to be a simple platform where we can keep the used bar soap in the bathroom. The used soap will get enough air exposure so it gets dried easily and drain out the excess water from its surface. Over the period of time, the soap holders got quite a few makeovers and now have become an integral part of a wash area. These soap holders used to be part of the wall and they are mounted permanently. Now, after various designs, it is not just a wall mounted accessory.

Soap Dish w/ Glass Liner Universal S-56-PB Allied Brass: This soap holder is free standing and is a much sorted after design from Allied Brass. It is made with solid brass and finished with a polished look. The soap holding part is rectangular shape. There is also a glass liner which is removable for washing and cleaning.

The maintenance tips demand that the cleaning is to be done with a soft cloth and warm water. It is also suggested not to use any harsh scrubs for cleaning the accessory. It makes counter top accessibility to small sized soaps. The material it is made with is rust free and can maintain the look with proper care for a longer time. This soap holder material comes in 12 different finishes.

Allied Brass Tissue paper holders

Tissue paper holders are must haves in any bathroom and they also come in different styles and designs from Allied Brass. There are wall mounting designs and standing tissue paper holders. All made with sturdy brass and finished in different colors comes at an economical rate. They make an interesting addition to the modern bathroom with their sleek designs. The euro style, double post designs, or the upright wall mounted designs are all there from Allied Brass in various finishes.


Allied Brass Soap dispensers

We use soap to clean our hands and the soap should be clean as well. Liquid soap is the best option for hand washing. Having a soap dispenser will keep the container as well as the soap itself clean and hygienic. The soap dispensers will dispense only a little soap at a time, only as much is required. A very little soap will not do and using too much is also not as effective. The soap dispensers do that job well and dispense the right amount.

In the modern days, where each and every necessary item is made stylish, soap dispensers are also an exception. The soap dispensers from Allied Brass gives a very larger range in choices. They make an essential part of the bathroom accessories that also prevent the spread of disease causing germs.

Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Prestige Regal PR-60-PC Allied Brass: Wall mounted accessories has become a style statement. This wall mounted soap dispenser from Allied Brass comes in various color varieties in brass, bronze, copper, and pewter, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, chrome or nickel, satin, gold, chrome or nickel and venetian bronze. This is a part of the luxury and necessity. The easy to fill soap dispenser is easy to hold and use. The white colored, almost transparent bottle looks contrasting against any of the color of the metal finish. This is one soap dispenser from Allied Brass that is much sorted after.

Free Standing Soap Dispenser Dottingham DT-61-ABR Allied Brass is another popular soap dispenser design from Allied Brass. The wall mounted metal is made in solid brass material that oozes quality. The sleek design is good to look at and it also prevents spread of the germs. It is easy to use and refill. This can be used for soap as well as for hand lotion or hand sanitizers etc. The free standing soap dispenser can be taken anywhere and is not necessarily used as a bathroom accessory.

Allied Brass Vanity shelves

The vanity shelves are part of the bathroom organizing. A bathroom may have a vast number of bottles for various purposes. They can be used for keeping the cosmetics as well as a medicine cabinet. The Allied Brass has many choices for the vanity shelves. The most popular of them all is the three tiered glass shelf. The glass shelf is stylish and suits almost all kinds of bathrooms. This is highly useful for a smaller bathroom where there is not much space for a larger shelf.

16″ Triple Glass Shelf Mambo MA-5/16-VB Allied Brass is 16” long made with 3/8” thick tempered glass. The three tiers gives enough space for two people to use the same shelf. The three layers of glasses are supported on quality brass rods. The edges of the glass shelves are made smooth and are completely safe. Varieties can be availed in this design in the finish of the metal rod used. They are available in 12 colors to choose from. The wall attachment is provided at the top tier.

Allied Brass Shower/tub baskets

Shower baskets are always needed for all to have all the bathing liquids and lotions to be handy. Both men and women will have a vast range of grooming accessories needed in the shower and it is not easy to carry each and every bottle and find place for it near the shower. The best options are to have shower caddy or shower basket where you can keep all the immediately needed accessories handy.

Allied Brass BSK-30SR-SN Universal rectangular shower basket is a compact basket that can hold 2-3 bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Made with sturdy brass wires, it comes in 12 different finishes and colors. The ventilated design will drain water and does not retain it and avoid any mildew formation. The metal is rust proof and is easy to clean also. This light weight shower basket from Allied Brass is durable for a long time.

Double Rectangular Shower Basket Universal BSK-60DR-ABZ Allied Brass: This double tiered shower basket can hold more number of accessories. It is made with brass wires which make it easy to drain the water and clean it. The metal is rust proof and light weight.

Shower Squeegee with Smooth Handle Universal SQ-20-CA Allied Brass: The shower area is the moistest area of a bathroom and can easily support mold formation. To avoid this situation one must have a squeeze to push the water out into the drainage immediately. Helping with this task is the new stylish looking squeeze from Allied Brass with smooth metal handles. It makes it easier to clean the tiles and tubs. It eliminates the water spotting and helps clean the mirrors and glass doors as well. It can be hug on the wall as an accessory without disrobing the style or décor.

Allied Brass Mirrors

No bathroom is complete without a mirror, even if it is small. They are necessary for grooming and also just as an accessory. It is simply used for checking out every now and then by any people. Shaving, tooth brushing; mouth washing, etc are the other functions of mirrors. Allied Brass has lots of variety in the vanity mirrors, in its size, shape and presence or absence of a metal frame.

21 Inch x 29 Inch Oval Tilt Mirror Dottingham DT-91-CA Allied Brass: Frameless mirrors are the new trend and Allied Brass does not drag behind. This oval shaped mirror is tilting and can be adjusted by the person while using. The mirror is not that big but do add depth to a small bathroom or to the area it is fixed. The frameless design looks great in a light colored bathroom. This mirror can be used in a bathroom, wash area or as well as a living room or a corridor to make it look larger.

Curtain rods


Curtains make an accent in a room and are also useful to divide the  room. In bathrooms, the curtain prevents water from the tub or bath  area from splashing on to the floor. Time has come when style is part  of  the curtain rods and its escutcheon as well. From Allied Brass both  the curtain rods and the escutcheon are available to accent the  bathroom with different colors or finishing of the metal used.

Shower Curtain Escutcheon only Universal 1098-SCH Allied Brass  is made with solid metal brass, skillfully designed to make it a  decorative piece. This shower curtain escutcheon can be used inside  the bathrooms and in any room. They are easily adjustable curtain rod  brackets made with non-rusting brass. It makes an elegant addition to  any room and is available in affordable price with various designs also.

They can be assembled easily and is sticking to the dimensions mentioned on the products. Since it is the brackets that are visible once the curtains are drawn, they need to look sophisticated and Allied Brass has done a fantastic job in making the curtain rod brackets to look modern and acceptable inside any room anywhere.

Allied Brass Towel racks

Towel racks keep the towels fresh and readily available and handy inside the bathroom or wash area. The fresh towels may be folded and kept ready or they are half folded and hung at a reachable area.


Vanity Top Guest Towel Holder Universal GT-1-SN Allied Brass is used to keep the fresh folded towels. This has a glass tray where the towels are kept. It is compact and does not occupy much space and makes ideal for a small bathroom. It can also be placed near the bath tub or the wash area to find the face towels.

Allied Brass HTL-3-ABZ Universal 3-tier hotel shelf/towel rack is used to keep the used towel spread to let the air to dry it. Keeping the towel moist will promote mildew formation and will later spread inside the bathroom as well. This three tiered towel rack can keep both the fresh and used towels. It has a capacity of 5 towels at a time. Use this towel rack instead of simple hooks which will not let the towel dry soon enough.

Both the towel racks have metals in its and varieties are available in its finishing, in various colors from Allied Brass. Matte finish, antique, polished or satin finishes are all available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other facilities can I avail from Allied Brass while purchasing?

Allied Brass offers free customization for the wall and floor displays. The customer will need to pay only for the products that are to be mounted.

Is there a minimum order norm?

Yes, there is. The minimum order amount should be $90. Any amount lesser than this will have an additional $6 as service fee.

Are all Allied Brass products made in USA?

Yes, all the Allied Brass products are made in USA and comply with the standard requirements.

What about the shipping?

All products ordered before 3 pm are shipped on the same day. Depending upon the distance, the products will be delivered anywhere within 1-3 days.

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